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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Mark Coffey

Taped January 13, 2018 at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England

Quick results --

Ligero defeated Mark Andrews in a very good, fast-paced match with lots of cool spots. Xia Brookside managed to overcome Candy Floss, but both were attacked by a frustrated Rhea Ripley after the match. Toni Storm tried to make the save, but eventually succumbed to Riptide, just weeks before her scheduled title match against Ripley.

Joseph Conners defeated "Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman, while Joe Coffey managed to beat Ashton Smith. In the main event, WALTER beat Mark Coffey, further establishing his iron grip on NXT UK.

Full rundown --

- A graphic announced our main event of WALTER vs. Mark Coffey.

Ligero pinned Mark Andrews in 9:04 after C4L

They shook hands to hit things off and immediately battled for position. Both managed to evade each other for a series of moves, then had a roll-up battle but ended up fist-bumping.

Andrews hit a hurricanrana from the turnbuckle for a two count. In a cool spot, Ligero did a headstand on the apron, then hit a headscissors on Andrews, but he cartwheeled out. Ligero finally hit a somersault plancha from the barricade on the outside.

After some more back and forth, Andrews hit Stomp 182 and a standing corkscrew moonsault for another near fall. Ligero came back with a number of kicks, but Andrews turned a brainbuster attempt into the Stundog Millionaire.

After another dive by Andrews, Ligero came back with a pumphandle stomach buster for another close near fall. Andrews managed to roll through on a top rope hurricanrana attempt, then hit a reverse rana but jumped right into Ligero's knees on a Shooting Star. Ligero hit C4L for the victory. They shook hands once more after the match.

- A recap from last week's announcement aired, where Sid Scala announced the Grizzled Young Vets defending their UK Tag Team titles against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. We went across the big pond to get the reactions of Lorcan & Burch, who vowed to make the Vets' title defense their last.

- A graphic said Xia Brookside would be in action next.

- Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Pete Dunne as he entered the arena. Dunne said he was impressed by WALTER and would eventually meet him in the ring. He said that he did not fear WALTER and WALTER would find out why Dunne has been WWE United Kingdom Champion for more than 600 days.

Xia Brookside pinned Candy Floss in 4:31 after hitting the Brooksie Bomb

A battle of the youngest members of the NXT UK women's roster also was one of pink vs. blue hair. Both wrestlers shook hands early on and smiled before Brookside took over right away with a headlock, but Candy Floss locked in a headscissors. Brookside managed to escape from it via headstand -- before Candy Floss got another roll-up attempt.

Candy Floss eventually locked in a full nelson that gave Brookside some trouble before she escaped. Brookside eventually got on a wristlock that Candy Floss took some time to shake off. Candy Floss worked over Brookside's arm, but Brookside came back with a bulldog, a headscissors takedown, and knees to the back of the head.

Brookside then hit the Brooksie Bomb, her version of her father's Iconoclasm, for the win.

As Brookside went to help Candy Floss back to her feet, Rhea Ripley ran in and attacked both women, then locked Brookside in her reverse cloverleaf and started spinning her around until Toni Storm ran in for the save.

Just as Storm was gaining the upper hand, Ripley hit a headbutt. Ripley slammed Brookside head-first into Storm and hit Riptide on Storm, gaining some important psychological advantage for their upcoming title match.

- A video for the NXT UK tapings on February 22 and 23 aired.

- We saw a selfie video by Jordan Devlin. He vowed to defeat Noam Dar in Phoenix.

Joseph Conners pinned "Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman in 5:28 after hitting Don't Look Down

Conners immediately beat down the Wild Boar with stomps and kicks, but Hitchman came back with punches of his own before throwing Conners around the ring and hitting a senton as he was getting up on all four.

Hitchman went to the top, but Conners grabbed his arm and hit a sort of rope-assisted codebreaker on it. He beat on the Boar at ringside. Boar caught Conners leg off a kick, managed to drape him on the ropes, and hit a senton.

Hitchman threw Conners to ringside, then followed up with a splash off the apron. He missed a spear to the corner, prompting Conners to launch himself over the top rope with a DDT for a near fall. Conners hit a sunset bomb off the top rope, then another one into the corner, and hit Don't Look Down for the win.

- Gallus were shown sparring backstage. Joe Coffey said he'd dispose of Ashton Smith and Mark Coffey would beat WALTER. We'll see about that.

- A highlight video of Jinny aired. Radzi interviewed her backstage -- but she first reprimanded him about his face and told him to get better wardrobe to distract from it. She congratulated Toni Storm but said Storm was the one person to always get in her way and stop her from getting to the top.

Jinny said the real queen of NXT UK would be crowned soon. A match of Jinny meeting Mia Yim in Phoenix was announced.

Joe Coffey pinned Ashton Smith in 6:17 after hitting a discus lariat

Coffey immediately tried hitting a flurry, but Smith danced away and got a headlock on. Coffey threw him off and pounced him halfway across the ring to the outside. He then charged into Smith on the outside, sending him into the barricade.

Coffey locked in a hold that he eventually transitioned into a Cobra Clutch. Coffey worked over Smith's lower back and kept screaming "still mine" throughout the match, referring to "the Kingdom of NXT UK". He hit a number of uppercuts, followed by a pop-up uppercut that put Smith down.

Smith briefly came back with shots and targeted Coffey's injured eye, but Coffey hit his discus lariat for the win.

- Wolfgang and Mark Coffey came back out to celebrate with Joe on the ramp, which immediately led to Mark walking to the ring for his match

WALTER pinned Mark Coffey in 6:31 after hitting a powerbomb

WALTER stared at Coffey, who could not help but look worried at what the big men was going to do to him. He got a few shots in, then WALTER took the first step in making his chest bleed with a hard chop. He bent Coffey backwards over the top and pounded on his chest.

Coffey briefly beat on WALTER outside and hit a few more strikes before finally bending WALTER's arms back for a submission. Coffey kicked him in the back before planting a knee in his spine. WALTER used his dominant strength to turn the move around, prompting Coffey to cowardly flee into the ropes.

Coffey tried to whip WALTER out of the corner, but WALTER denied that foolishness. Coffey then tried a few lariats, but WALTER just shook them off. WALTER canceled Coffey's final shot, hit a standing release German suplex, and took the Scot's head off with a running boot into the corner.

WALTER bent Coffey backwards over the top rope as he chopped Coffey and nonchalantly stood on his face on the top. As Coffey tumbled outside, WALTER followed and slammed him into the apron.

Coffey briefly came back with a few lariats and an enzuigiri and even managed to cover WALTER for a pinning attempt. The Austrian then came back with a shotgun dropkick, followed by a big powerbomb for the inevitable victory.

Next week --

A number of matches taped during Royal Rumble Axxess in Phoenix will air.