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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Pete Dunne rematch

Taped April 19 and 20, 2019 at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland

Quick results --

Travis Banks defeated Joseph Conners in the final qualifying match for the number one contender's fatal four-way. Noam Dar beat Mark Andrews in a rematch from two months ago, when both got stretchered out. Dar, after a brief babyface run, fell back into his old ways, feigning a knee injury and beating Andrews when he let his guard down.

Rhea Ripley called out Piper Niven in a promo, and Nina Samuels talked about wanting to face Toni Storm.

In the main event, WALTER successfully defended the WWE United Kingdom Championship against former champion Pete Dunne in a great match. WALTER got help from Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, who seemed to form a stable with the big Austrian as the show went off the air.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with a video recapping WALTER's WWE UK title win at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Qualifying match for number one contender's fatal four-way: Travis Banks pinned Joseph Conners after the Kiwi Crusher (8:22)

Banks took Conners down right away with a waist lock takedown and kept working him over. Banks sent Conners to the outside, but got caught when he followed him out and was slammed into the steel steps at ringside.

From that point on, Conners took over, scoring a few near falls and submission attempts. Banks finally came back when he kicked Conner's legs out on a corner charge, then he followed up with double knees to the back of Conners' head and a dive to ringside. Conners came back with a springboard DDT and the two traded near falls in quick succession.

Banks finally hit A Slice of Heaven and followed up with the Kiwi Crusher for the win.

- Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Banks after the match and asked him about his chances. He talked about past scuffles with Joe Coffey and Jordan Devlin and said Dave Mastiff was really big. Banks said he'll become the new number one contender.

- Nina Samuels talked about Toni Storm, saying that Storm was an easy victim to manipulate, that it was easy to get a title match, and Storm was the newest cast member of the Nina Samuels Show. Samuels said Storm lost all control and talked about all the congratulations her fans had sent her.

Samuels said her crowning achievement would be the NXT UK Women's Championship. The two meet next week.

- Another graphic plugged tonight's WALTER vs. Dunne main event.

- We took a look back at the Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar match from two months ago, with Dar injuring his knee and both of them getting stretchered out. 

Noam Dar pinned Mark Andrews after the Nova Roller (5:50)

They shook hands to start the match off, with Dar backing Andrews into the corner before they arrived at a stalemate. Andrews missed a body press and Dar got a near fall off a windmill backslide. Andrews hit an enzuigiri, then Dar evaded a 450, after which Andrews slid under Dar and tried a Pele kick but got caught in an ankle lock.

Andrews hit the Stun Dog Millionaire, but Dar escaped to ringside. Andrews followed up with a somersault plancha, and Dar looked to have tweaked his knee again. Andrews hesitated, giving Dar some time to recover.

Dar said he was ready, but then collapsed screaming when he tried to put weight on the knee off a whip-in. Andrews and Dar talked and shook hands, but Dar then attacked Andrews from behind as he turned his back. Dar hit the Nova Roller for the win.

- Radzi interviewed the Grizzled Young Veterans as they entered the arena. Zack Gibson said he was sure every Scottish indie wrestler wanted a title match, but they don't make the matches and neither do the fans. He said they'd defend the titles whenever they felt like it.

- Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph were shown and talked about how people were really excited for the main event.

Rhea Ripley in-ring promo

Ripley came out and said she knows how everyone wants to see her in action, but it's not going to happen. She said Piper Niven is supposedly a big deal in Scotland, but to her Niven is a wannabe superstar that reeks of fear. She said when Niven steps into the ring with her, nightmares will become reality.

- Kassius Ohno found a cameraman backstage and took him to meet Johnny Saint and Sid Scala. He called Scala "Sid Justice" and "Savvy Sid" and asked for news. Scala said they were about to talk to him later. Scala said Ohno would take on Jack Gallagher next week. Ohno seemed happy about the match.

- A split screen showed WALTER and Dunne preparing for their match backstage.

- A graphic plugged Storm defending her NXT UK Women's title against Samuels in next week's main event.

WWE United Kingdom Championship match: WALTER retained against Pete Dunne with a powerbomb (16:33)

WALTER came out to just a white Titantron that turned black once he walked to the ring, which was a cool look that underlines his no-nonsense approach at wrestling and disdain for showmanship.

There were dueling chants as the match started. WALTER backed Dunne into the corner right away. McGuinness noted that WALTER had taped some fingers together, musing whether it was because he likes throwing chops or if he was cautious about Dunne manipulating his finger joints.

Dunne started working WALTER's left arm, getting the big man to the mat. WALTER escaped and threw a big chop, but Dunne managed to duck. WALTER took Dunne down off a side headlock, with McGuinness comparing his style to Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, and Terry Gordy. Dunne got in a dragon screw, which hurt WALTER's knee and the champ went to ringside. Dunne walked right into a huge chop as he tried to stalk WALTER on the outside.

WALTER hit more chops, but Dunne evaded the last one and WALTER chopped the ring post. Dunne used the steps to his advantage and worked over WALTER's bicep. WALTER then hit a big boot to end Dunne's tomfoolery. For good measure, he followed up with a big shotgun dropkick that sent Dunne into the barrier.

WALTER then placed Dunne on top of the steel steps and proceeded to walk all over the Bruiserweight. He hit another chop, but Dunne managed to bend his fingers. The big Austrian then bullied Dunne with some kicks while he was down and locked in a chinlock. Dunne asked for more, then hit a big forearm that sent the champ down to the mat. He hit double knees to WALTER's left thigh and transitioned into a kneebar.

WALTER escaped and tried hitting a German suplex, but Dunne flipped out of it as he was going over. Dunne locked in a modified octopus hold and started peeling off the tape from WALTER's fingers, then turned the submission attempt into a crucifix bomb.

WALTER had enough and came back with a stiff clothesline and overhead suplex for a near fall, then locked in the Boston crab. Dunne twisted his way out of the move, hit a few kicks, and stomped WALTER's head and transitioned into another submission until WALTER made the ropes.

Dunne managed to step on WALTER's fingers from the top rope, then stopped WALTER when he was going up top. Dunne actually was able to lock in a top rope triangle, and when WALTER tried to powerbomb him off the top, Dunne turned it into a hurricanrana for a very close near fall.

Dunne German suplexed WALTER, but ran into a clothesline next. WALTER went for the big splash off the top rope, but Dunne got up and hit a forearm. He hit the Bitter End, then locked in a triangle, turned it around, and went to break WALTER's fingers.

As WALTER looked ready to tap, Fabian Aichner suddenly ran out and put WALTER's foot on the rope. As the ref was handling Aichner, Marcel Barthel hit the ring and clocked Dunne with the UK title belt. WALTER hit a powerbomb for the win.

Post-match, WALTER looked at them, then hit the Ring General pose and Barthel and Aichner followed suit as Antonín Dvorák's Symphony No. 9 played and the show faded to black.

Next week --

NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm defends her title against Nina Samuels. Kassius Ohno faces Jack Gallagher.