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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Travis Banks for WWE UK title

Taped June 14 and 15, 2019 at Download Festival in Leicestershire, England

Quick Recap --

Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners, Xia Brookside got her revenge on Killer Kelly for leaving her alone with Jazzy Gabert a few weeks back, and Ligero pinned Noam Dar after Kenny Williams would not help Dar out as requested.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions the Grizzled Young Veterans verbalized their distaste for the crowd at Download Festival and having to perform in front of them.

In a very good main event, WALTER successfully defended his WWE United Kingdom Championship against Travis Banks, winning clean after a powerbomb.

Full Rundown --

- The show opened with Travis Banks in the locker room earlier today preparing for his title match, vowing that he was prepared to face WALTER.

Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners after a Shooting Star Press (6:09)

Conners was in control for the first portion of the match, beating down on Andrews and scoring a near fall around the three-minute mark. He attacked Andrews from the outside, bending his neck on the apron, but eventually missed a springboard over the top rope, allowing Andrews to take over.

Andrews slid under a clothesline by Conners, hit an enzuigiri, then a Northern Lights suplex and a dive to the outside. He hit a standing moonsault for a near fall, then a 619 to Conners' back.

Conners came back with a sunset bomb into the turnbuckles and a suplex for another close two count. Andrews finally hit Stun Dog Millionaire, followed by a Shooting Star Press for the win.

- Imperium were seen preparing with WALTER for his match tonight.

- The Hunt were going wild at the festival grounds, smashing into some metal barriers. Dave Mastiff walked up to them, saying they have the same problem in Gallus. The Hunt grunted and screamed in what seemed like agreement.

Grizzled Young Veterans promo

Zack Gibson & James Drake came out to the ramp for a promo. They had plastic bags pulled over their shoes as not to get them dirty.

Gibson complained about Johnny Saint making them defend their Tag Team titles in front of a field of sweaty, dirty goths. He told the crowd not to cheer, as this was not a compliment. He called them sweaty and dirty and told them not to blame the mud and rain, because he's been moving away from them on the bus before he could even say the word "sweat."

Gibson then berated the music being played at the festival, saying he had only heard noise, not music. He said they'd defend the titles against Moustache Mountain, but would rest up in their hotel until the match took place. Gibson said they would put their feet up, relax, and prepare.

- A video on the Rhea Ripley/Piper Niven feud aired and we were told they would meet in the ring next week.

- A tweet by Saint announced that The Hunt & Dave Mastiff would face Gallus in two weeks.

Xia Brookside defeated Killer Kelly (3:17)

This was Brookside's chance to get revenge after her former tag team partner fled the ring a few weeks back, leaving Brookside alone with Jazzy Gabert.

Brookside attacked Kelly right away, but Kelly came back with strikes. Brookside immediately went for a headscissors takedown out of the corner and a dropkick, rocking the striker from Portugal.

Kelly came back with some ground and pound and worked over Brookside's shoulder. After a modified abdominal stretch to put extra pressure on the shoulder (and the forehead), Kelly hit a running kick.

As Brookside took back some control of the match, Jinny and Gabert walked out, distracting Brookside and enabling Kelly to attack her from behind and roll her up for a two count. Brookside then immediately came back with a flash pin for the win.

- Toni Storm was interviewed about Kay Lee Ray winning the battle royal and earning a shot at the NXT UK Women's Championship at the time of her choosing. Storm said that's fine -- because it's Toni Time all the time and she's always ready. Storm said she'd be back in action in two weeks.

Ligero defeated Noam Dar with a roll-up (8:58)

Dar channeled his inner El Matador, attempting to use his jacket to try and have Ligero run into it, but got ignored. He kept mocking Ligero's mask and horns, then fled to ringside. Ligero hit some offense, but Dar outsmarted him and kept mocking him until Ligero came back with a roll-up for a near fall.

Dar was back in control, then Kenny Williams walked to the ring with a chair and sat down in the aisle, watching the match. Dar worked Ligero over, but Ligero managed to knee Dar in the head off a suplex attempt, then came back with a clothesline and a modified Death Valley Driver.

Dar briefly locked in an ankle lock, then hit a fisherman's buster for a near fall. Dar looked to hit the Nova Roller, but Ligero averted it with a spin kick, then thwarted another attempt with a kick to the face. Dar fought back, then missed a double foot stomp off the ropes and sold his knee on impact.

As the referee turned away, Dar signaled for Williams to hand him the chair. Williams looked to oblige, but held on to the chair, distracting Dar and setting him up for a roll-through roll-up by Ligero for the win. Dar looked upset at Williams after the match.

- A recap of the WALTER and Travis Banks promos from last week aired. Vic Joseph and Aiden English talked about that match taking place next. They also announced the Grizzled Young Veterans defending their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Moustache Mountain for next week.

- A tale of the tape compared WALTER and Banks, with WALTER having the clear height and weight advantage.

WWE United Kingdom Championship match: WALTER retained against Travis Banks after a powerbomb (8:51)

Banks went for a leg kick early, but WALTER grabbed him in a side headlock and just threw him halfway across the ring. The champ backed Banks into the corner, but missed a chop and Banks immediately went to work at WALTER's base. 

WALTER immediately draped Banks over the top turnbuckle and stepped on his chin, bending his neck backwards and sending Banks to the outside. WALTER worked Banks over with some 12-to-6 elbows, then squashed an uprise of Banks' offense with a big kick to the head. A test of strength forced Banks into a bridge, then WALTER nonchalantly stomped on his throat.

The champ torqued Banks' arm, but Banks finally got some leg kicks in, eventually kicking WALTER's legs out from under him. Banks hit more leg kicks, then hit a shining wizard and a dropkick. WALTER came back with a shotgun dropkick of his own, but Banks moved out of the way, then hit a double foot stomp off the top for a near fall.

Banks went for a Slice of Heaven, but got caught in a Boston crab, then got bent over the top rope and ate a number of crashing shots to the chest. WALTER missed a kick into the corner and Banks again kicked his leg out, then hit Slice of Heaven, but WALTER managed to roll onto the apron.

Banks kicked the champ to the outside, then followed up with a tope suicida and rolled WALTER back inside, but ate a boot for his troubles that sent him crashing into the barricades. WALTER hit a powerbomb onto the apron, then followed up with another powerbomb inside the ring and pinned Banks to retain.

Next Week --

The Grizzled Young Veterans will try and defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Moustache Mountain, plus Piper Niven faces Rhea Ripley in a battle of dominant forces in the NXT UK women's division.