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NXT UK TV taping spoilers: Trent Seven vs. Joe Coffey

The NXT UK brand taped more episodes of their television show tonight in Plymouth, England. Here are the results:

- Eddie Ryan defeated Saxon Huxley in a dark match

Ryan scored the win following a roll up.

The Coffey Brothers, along with Wolfgang, cut a promo saying that NXT UK is their kingdom. Travis Banks came out to interrupt but was overpowered. Moustache Mountain came in for the save.

- Fabian Aichner defeated Mark Andrews

Fabian pinned Andrews after a spinning powerbomb.

- Isla Dawn defeated Nina Samuels.

- Eddie Dennis defeated Tucker

Dennis got the win after a modified sidewalk slam.

- Jordan Devlin defeated Morgan Webster.

- Joseph Connors defeated Dan Moloney.

- Dave Mastiff defeated Mike Hitchman

Mastiff got the win over Hitchman after a somersault into the turnbuckle.

- Ligero defeated Tyson T. Bone

Ligero won following a splash off the top rope.

- Rhea Ripley defeated Candy Floss

Ripley defeated Floss with a pump handle powerbomb.

- Travis Banks defeated Wolfgang

The Coffey brothers got involved during the match, but Moustache Mountain hit the ring to even the odds, allowing Banks to score the win over Wolfgang.

- Morgan Webster defeated Fabian Aichner

Webster reversed a roll up for the win.

- Isla Dawn defeated Killer Kelly.

After the match, Isla Dawn was interviewed and said she wanted a shot at Rhea Ripley’s NXT UK Women’s title. Ripley came out, and it seems like a future match will happen.

- James Drake and Zack Gibson defeated Kenny Williams and Amur Jordan.

- Joe Coffey defeated Trent Seven

Coffey defeated Seven with a lariat.