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WWE 205 Live results: Andre Chase vs. Trey Baxter

205 Live, unsurprisingly, took place from the NXT 2.0 set. The set was identical to NXT’s, except for an apron skirt and announce table top bearing 205 Live branding.

This show was second-rate. A reminder that 205 Live now runs against AEW Rampage after two hours of SmackDown. You would think that this scenario would lead to an exciting show at the very least, but instead, it’s 30 minutes of forgettable wrestling that will mean nothing come next Friday. 

Valentina Feroz defeated Amari Miller

I wasn’t a fan of this match before the finish. The match was very flawed, but the finish was built to well, which I appreciate. 

This match opened with an extended period of lousy grappling. Feroz worked the arm; Miller escaped with a strike. This happened multiple times. 

Miller eventually began working Feroz on the mat. Feroz fought to her feet, delivering arm drags to gain control; this was short-lived as Miller stopped Feroz with a spinebuster. As Miller went in for the pin, Feroz caught Miller with an armbar. Miller tapped out soon after the hold was applied. 

Boa (with Mei Ying) defeated Malik Blade

This was a squash and not a particularly enticing one—no way around it. 

Boa opened the match by striking Blade down. Boa looked to Mei Ying, who sat on a throne, before continuing to brutalise Blade. 

Blade fought his way back into the match before climbing to the top rope. A high crossbody seemingly left Blade in a good position, but Boa responded with a dragon sleeper into a forearm that closed the match. 

Trey Baxter defeated Andre Chase 

This match was fine, but it wasn’t anything that demanded attention. 

After the opening sequence ended, Chase gained control with a nasty elbow. Chase began connecting with numerous strikes, cementing his lead. A belly-to-back suplex left Chase with a near fall. 

Baxter fought free from ground control before connecting with a strike to the back of the head. A springboard moonsault followed but only yielded a two count. Baxter then climbed to the top rope but was interrupted by Chase, who regained advantage moments later. 

Chase locked in a single leg crab before transitioning to an STF. After Baxter found the ropes, Chase tried for a tiger driver, but Baxter fought free. Baxter connected with a kick that sent Chase to the outside, allowing Baxter to land a tope. 

Back in the ring, Baxter tried for a springboard but was met with a boot. Chase then hit the tiger driver, but Baxter kicked out of the pin that followed. A now frustrated Chase hoisted Baxter to the top rope, where Baxter regained control. Baxter landed a double stomp after sending Chase to the mat; this led directly to the decisive fall in favour of Baxter.