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WWE 205 Live results: Curt Stallion vs. Ariya Daivari

Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated Sunil Singh & Samir Singh (The Bollywood Boyz) 

This rematch started with both members of Ever-Rise jumping the Singh brothers as the opening bell sounded. A brawl spilled the action to the outside. Back inside the ring, Chase Parker and Matt Martel traded tags to pick apart Sunil. 

Sunil created an opening by shoving Parker into his corner. Samir tagged in before landing some big fists from the mount. The Singhs traded tags of their own, landing a two-man suplex after stomping a hole in Parker’s chest. Sunil locked in a choke that left Parker desperate for a tag. After Parker broke the hold, Sunil stopped the tag attempt with a spinning heel kick. 

Samir tagged in and tried for an assisted diving elbow. Instead of hitting Parker, Samir leveled his brother, leaving Parker open to secure the hot tag. Martel planted both Bollywood Boyz before trading tags with Parker to further their new lead. Ever-Rise lifted Samir and hit him with a double snake eye, a move called “The French Connection” by the commentary team. Martel then hooked the leg and pinned Sunil for the win. 

I assume that this match was better than their last. This might be because I forgot this was a rematch until tonight’s bout was nearly over. Ever-Rise’s new intensity should make this match more memorable compared to their leadoff from two weeks prior. 

Curt Stallion defeated Ariya Daivari

Ariya Daivari and Curt Stallion traded a wrist lock in the opening moments.The two traded the advantage before Daivari left the ring. On the outside, Stallion landed a headbutt before slamming Daivari into every hard surface surrounding the ring. Stallion went for a dive, but Daivari, like a matador with a muleta, sidestepped Stallion, sending him crashing into the barricade. At the count of nine, Stallion re-entered the ring.

Daivari took full control back inside the ropes. Stallion, try as he might, was unable to string together anything meaningful for some time. Stallion fought free from the camel clutch and initiated a strike exchange, which allowed Stallion to regain some footing; a standing crossbody allowed Stallion to regain the lead. A dropkick to a seated Daivari and a DDT from the corner yielded Stallion the near fall. 

Stallion climbed to the top, but Daivari sent him crashing back to the mat. Daivari tried for the hammerlock lariat, but Stallion ducked. Daivari hit a uranage for a near fall of his own. Daivari hit a superkick, which Stallion answered with an air raid crash neckbreaker. Stallion climbed to the top rope and landed a splash for another near fall. 

A dropkick from Daivari sent Stallion crashing to the outside. Daivari tried for a splash of his own, but Stallion avoided the move. Stallion then jumped towards Daivari, landing a nasty leaping headbutt. Stallion then pinned Daivari. 

This match was fun. Stallion has a real charisma about him, and Daivari’s work was strong. All in all, a good watch.