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WWE 205 Live results: Danny Burch vs. Tehuti Miles

Tony Nese defeated Tyler Breeze 

An immediate change to the typical 205 Live atmosphere was noticeable as instead of playing to a non-existent crowd, Tyler Breeze, and all other wrestlers, played to a makeshift crowd of WWE talent. 

In the opening moments of the match, Tony Nese and Breeze entered a lock-up. Nese broke the lock-up and flexed his arm; let my satisfaction be known in hearing a crowd respond to the narcissism of Nese. What a fantastic change in scenery. 

Nese and Breeze reentered a lock-up. Breeze came out in an advantaged position that saw Nese in a partial choke. Nese tried and tried before eventually succeeding in breaking the hold. As Breeze tried to return the match to the mat, he was on the receiving end of a strong kick from Nese. 

Nese mounted Breeze, punching him multiple times before standing to bask in a field of boos. Breeze tried to escape the attack of Nese by migrating to the corner but there he was caught by a barrage of stomps. Nese landed a slam and then went for a pin that was answered.

 Following the pin attempt, Nese secured back mount wherein he attacked the eyes of Breeze. The referee stopped the attack with a count which allowed Breeze to transition into the guard of Nese. Breeze postured up and leveled Nese with a strong forearm followed by a few weak ones. Nese pulled away. 

As Breeze tried to follow up, he was struck in the throat. Nese then took the head of Breeze, ran him across the ring, and jumped to the outside leading Breeze’s throat across the top rope. Nese ascended to the top rope where he dove. Breeze avoided the dive. Nese’s flight was graceful; his crash, on the other hand, was better described as unpleasant. 

Breeze landed two forearms to the face, a kick to the midsection, and a dropkick all in short succession after both men rose. Nese tried to reverse a whip but was met with a kick. As Breeze tried for further offense Nese rolled to the outside and tripped a running Breeze. Nese climbed to the top rope again and landed a picture-perfect moonsault. Breeze kicked out from the subsequent pin attempt. 

As both men rose from their position of prostration, Nese positioned Breeze for a back to belly piledriver. Breeze fell from the back, rolling Nese up in a seamless changeover. Nese kicked out but was kicked in the midsection and dropped with an atypical move best described by my estimation as an over the shoulder facebuster. Breeze tried for another pin but Nese kicked out. 

Breeze began a slow climb to the top rope but was cut short by an uppercut from Nese. Breeze fell into perfect position for a running knee but was able to avoid the attack before it could be delivered. Breeze, now on the outside, grabbed the legs of Nese; one leg on the left side of the post the other leg on the opposite side. Breeze took the left leg of Nese and whipped it into the post. Nese tried to hobble away from his attacker but was grabbed by Breeze who synched a single leg crab on the appropriate leg. Nese cried out in pain as he crawled ever so slowly to the bottom rope with each second passing seemingly being a possible end. 

Nese rolled to the outside, still selling the effects of his now destroyed leg. Breeze then jumped from the apron with a forearm smash  that sent Nese to his back. Breeze rolled Nese into the ring before grabbing him for a release German suplex. Nese landed on his feet, then jumped, and then connected a double foot stomp before returning to selling his supposedly injured leg. Nese, after a failed pin attempt, grabbed his leg once again. Nese then scaled the ropes again and jumped. He was caught by Breeze. It is also worth mentioning that Nese was caught only after landing on his leg. 

Nese pulled away, entered a sprint, and then was put down by Breeze with a spinebuster. Breeze then lifted Nese and dropped him once more with a uranage. Nese kicked from Breeze’s pin attempt.

Breeze pulled Nese to his feet and positioned him for the unprettier. Nese pushed Breeze to the corner to avoid. Nese ran at Breeze, seemingly forgetting he had a bum leg, and laid him out with a spinning back elbow. Breeze was then sat in the corner in the perfect position for a running knee that he was hit with at full speed, with the supposedly damaged knee mind you. Nese pinned Breeze for the win.

This match had potentially fantastic moments, but ultimately fell short due to its inconsistency. The improved ambiance and skill of both men should have produced a better match. An injured leg was introduced partway through the match only to be forgotten in the closing moments and then to be remembered again after the concluding bell. As to why, I cannot tell you. 

Tehuti Miles defeated Danny Burch 

Tehuti Miles snubbed Danny Burch in the initial lock-up. He then entered a proper lock-up for a moment before snubbing Burch again. An annoyed Burch ran at Miles, who escaped to the outside. Burch grew in his annoyance. The two locked up again. This time Miles took down Burch with a pull to the legs. Miles then proceeded to walk over the face-down body of Burch. 

This disrespect caused Burch to snap. He struck Miles on the ground before taking him down with a headlock. Burch worked a mean headlock, interspersing his hold with brutal palm strikes. Miles fought to his feet, only to be sent to the ground with a shoulder tackle. Miles was then uppercut, chopped, and forearm smashed across the ring. Burch stomped Miles into the corner forcing a referee separation. 

Miles took advantage of this separation by pulling down the rope as Burch tried to continue his assault, sending him to the outside. Burch tried once again to continue his offense but was met with a dropkick as he tried to reenter the ring. Miles rolled Burch into the ring and assumed a full mount. Ground and pound followed. A more serious Miles stood and dropped the straps of his attire. Miles then stomped Burch into the corner. Burch was then dragged into a standing position and returned to a grounded one with a neck breaker. Miles tried for a pin, but failed.

Miles then grabbed Burch with a chin lock. Burch tried to return to his feet while still being in the chin lock but was dropped once more with a neck breaker. Miles tried and failed another pin before synching another chin lock that was ultimately broken. Burch then stuck Miles thrice before climbing to the second rope for a dropkick. Burch landed an enziguri that he followed with a brutal German suplex. 

Burch connected with a lariat that sent Miles to the outside. Miles was rolled into the ring by Burch who was looking to finish his wounded opponent. Before he could think, Burch was rolled up by Miles for the surprise victory.

This match was very good. Both men played to their strengths and ultimately came out looking good. The finish was unexpected but satisfying. What this win means for Miles is hard to say but hopefully, it is the groundwork for a bright future. 

This show was far better than the last few renditions of 205 Live simply due to the live crowd. What they added to the show is all too easy to understate. The matches themselves varied in success but are worth considering a watch if you are partial to any of the performers.