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WWE 205 Live results: Gran Metalik debuts

The Big Takeaway --

Neville defeated TJ Perkins in the main event, continuing to further his momentum, though Jack Gallagher sent him packing to close out the show. Gran Metalik made his 205 Live debut, defeating Drew Gulak. Rich Swann returned from injury, and Akira Tozawa made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Brian Kendrick.

Show Recap --

Rich Swann took the mic before the opening match, mentioning Alicia Fox’s name and telling her you can’t handle this. Neither Fox nor Dar liked that.

Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar

Very good match, and the last few minutes were great. This was the best Dar has looked since joining WWE.

Swann controlled much of the match early. Dar kicked Swann in the knee, which sent him tumbling off the middle rope to the floor. Dar gained the advantage until Swann took him out with a kick. A good back and forth contest went on until Swann laid out Dar and hit a phoenix splash for the win.

TJ Perkins and Neville were seated backstage as Corey Graves conducted an interview. Graves asked if Neville really does think Perkins is more of a threat than Jack Gallagher.

After some back and forth banter about the Cruiserweight Classic, Neville said that Perkins isn’t at his level. TJP said Neville’s arrogance will be his downfall. Perkins said he was making a name for himself while...well, was Neville even on Raw at all then? He doesn’t seem to remember. Neville said by the end of tonight, he’ll regret those words.

Next we saw a highlight reel for Gran Metalik, including him losing to TJP in the finals of the CWC. He said Perkins was a great wrestler, but he was disappointed in how things turned out. He said this is a beautiful opportunity, and the best is here.

Gran Metalik defeated Drew Gulak

This was a mixed bag, as for the most part it was fine with Metalik doing some good stuff and he did fine in showcasing his work, but there were spots in this match that were pretty rough.

Gulak jumped Metalik early. Metalik slipped on the ropes and Gulak took advantage. Metalik came back and did some good offense. Gulak cut him off with a boot as Metalik was coming off the turnbuckle. Metalik came back with the brillo Metalik, a step-over senton. He followed with the Metalik Driver to end the bout.

Akira Tozawa was backstage when Brian Kendrick came up to him, mentioning how he might be a bit intimidated being mentored by a legend like him.

Kendrick wanted to know if he would be his protege. Tozawa said no. Kendrick said that he realizes there might be a language barrier, so he asked him again. Tozawa said he understands, he just doesn’t like him. He walked off as Kendrick fumed.

Neville defeated TJ Perkins

This was just as good as the opener, but the crowd was absolutely dead for this match, except at one point during the bout where they chanted “Austin Aries.” The work was there, but the crowd wasn’t.

There was some good back and forth early until Neville gained control and wore down TJP. He floated over Neville and laid him out with a neckbreaker, dropkicked Neville on the apron, and leapt off the ropes with a springboard DDT. TJP tried to work an arm, but Neville deadlifted him and countered with a sit-out powerbomb.

Neville caught TJP on the top rope and tried for the superplex, but TJP threw him off. Neville caught him coming off and tried to lock on his new submission but TJP countered into a roll-up. Neville drilled him with an enzuigiri, then laid him out with the double arm submission and TJP had no other alternative but to tap out.

Jack Gallagher came out with his umbrella, running to the ring. Neville jumped him as he slid in. Neville threw out the umbrella, but this allowed Gallagher to make a comeback, sending Neville reeling with a headbutt. He seethed as the show closed.

Final Thoughts --

Good show with a lot of great action, especially in the opener and main event. I think the guys are becoming more comfortable with doing what they can under WWE parameters as the match quality has improved noticeably in recent weeks.

Not everything was smooth in Metalik's debut, but he was still pretty over, at least as over as you can be on 205 Live. It should be interesting to see how Gallagher fares in a big time title match.