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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Brian Kendrick

Ariya Daivari opened 205 Live by announcing that the second edition of his $10,000 gauntlet would start the show. If either of the two competitors in “Daivari’s Dinero Division” defeated Daivari, they would leave with his money-filled suitcase. 

Daivari’s Dinero Division Gauntlet: Ariya Daivari defeated Anthony Greene

Daivari showed an early confidence as the first match started. Greene tried to catch Daivari in his arrogance but was unable to gain anything substantial. Instead, Daivari took his time stomping and chopping at the Performance Center recruit. Greene at times connected with some unimpressive looking offense: a rollup, a press, a rana. All of this was short-lived, as Daivari played the role of top dog. Davari pinned Greene with a hammerlock lariat.

Daivari’s Dinero Division Gauntlet: Curt Stallion defeated Ariya Daivari by DQ

The second competitor in the Daivari gauntlet, Curt Stallion, took his sweet time before entering the ring. Once inside the ropes, Daivari stomped a hole in the former EVOLVE competitor. Stallion was able to catch Daivari both with a lariat and a kick which forced Daivari to throw Stallion to the outside in an act of self-preservation. Back inside, a Persian splash left Daivari within a hair of victory. Daivari then tried for a few moves to close the match but each time was blocked by Stallion. 

Stallion landed an echoing headbutt that sent Daiviri back outside and followed with a suicide dive. Stallion had victory in sight, but before he could capitalize was hit with a running knee from Tony Nese. This left Stallion with a disqualification victory over Daivari but before he could claim the prize, Daivari snatched his money. 

This was a good enough way to further the Daivari/Nese angle from last week’s show. The open-ended nature of the finish leaves such a variety of options for what is to come that intrigue is forced to follow. 

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick opened the match by gaining control of Scott’s arm. Kendrick used the arm to score a takedown which initiated a back-and-forth sequence of chain wrestling. Once standing, Scott used a moment of temporary separation to connect with a rolling thunder flatliner. Scott then took the match back to the mat with a backdrop. On the mat, it was Kendrick who forced Scott to pull away. This separation allowed Kendrick to land a boot after both men popped back to their feet. 

After being taken down by a bodyscissors, Kendrick crawled to the bottom rope, and instead of breaking, threw Scott to the outside. Scott was sent crashing into the ring steps, leaving Kendrick back on top. Kendrick tried hoisting Scott by his tights but was caught by a stray boot. Kendrick was able to stifle Scott’s resurgence by side stepping a hip attack. Scott was hit with a pair of neckbreakers in Kendrick’s follow-up. 

Scott was able to avoid sliced bread and transitioned into a suplex. A leaping uppercut allowed Scott to turn his attention back to the arm of Kindrick. Scott tried for a second rolling thunder flatliner, but Kendrick used the movement of Scott to transition into the captain’s hook. Scott fought to his feet and into the corner just for Kendrick to connect with sliced bread. Scott kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. 

A failed rollup attempt from Kendrick and a quick scramble left Scott with control of Kendrick’s back. Kendrick grabbed the rope, but his previously worked arm gave out. Scott secured the double underhook and landed the JML driver. Scott held the folded body of Kendrick down for the three count. 

The now-signature post match Kendrick handshake followed the bell. 

The clever finish of this match almost made the awkward mat work worth enduring. Everything outside of the closing sequence was fine at best.