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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Oney Lorcan

By Chick Fritts for F4WOnline

Big Takeaway: Danny Burch and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott picked up clean wins in an empty WWE Performance Center.

Danny Burch defeated Joaquin Wilde

The empty arena show began with plenty of shots of empty chairs. Neither Joaquin Wild nor Danny Burch made notice of his changed backdrop during either entrance.

Following the bell, the match began with a grappling exchange that saw Burch gain an early advantage. During said exchange Burch continually maintained control of Wilde’s left arm. The sequence of chain wrestling temporarily ended after Burch attempted a submission hold and Wilde found a rope break. This gave opportunity to Wilde who used his time to begin an attack on Burch’s left arm. 

Wilde was outmatched by the technical acumen of Burch. Burch worked his way through Wilde’s offense and began an attack on the outside of the ring. Burch drove the head of Wilde into the padded barricade’s corner just feet from the announce table. Burch walked away from Wilde which allowed Wilde to retaliate with some light striking when Burch tried to return to action. Wilde then hopped the barricade where he delivered a flying forearm to a stunned Burch.  

Wilde sent Burch back to the ring and once again began attacking his left arm. Wilde was sure to taunt the nonexistent audience with the sound of a mouth-produced “DJ Horn” before transitioning to working the arm once again. For the first time, significant mat control from Wilde was maintained. 

The technical proficiency of Burch showed again as he found room to deliver a momentum-shifting strike to his attacker. Burch and Wilde traded moves for a moment. Wilde had grounded Burch with double knees to the chest and attempted a double foot stomp from the top rope. Burch avoided the attack and drug Wilde into a crossface that saw Wilde’s left arm restricted. Wilde was forced to submit.

Though overall the match was lacking energy to a degree, it was completely logical. It saw both men working their opponent’s left arm which led to the eventual finish in favor of the more technically proficient Burch.

Following a brief break, the show continued with an extended look at last week’s elimination match. It was revealed that during last week’s match that John Cena looked on from behind the barricade. Cena showered praise on the guys in the ring.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Oney Lorcan

The beginning of the main event felt a little awkward after Isaiah "Swerve" Scott taunted to the empty Performance Center. After the bell, Scott and Oney Lorcan entered a prolonged feeling out process. Lorcan and Scott traded nonsignificant advantages for some time.

Scott traveled to the top rope during the last stint of his advantage following the opening grapple exchange. Lorcan caught Scott and delivered a dragon screw leg whip across the rope that sent Scott to the outside. Once the men returned to the ring, Lorcan continued the attack to Scott’s left leg with a varied offense. If Scott tried to take advantage, Lorcan maintained control of Scott’s left leg. 

Scott regained his footing with a push-off. Scott then turned Lorcan over and inside out with a beautiful clothesline. Lorcan was sent to the outside with a kick to the chin. Scott kicked Lorcan again and sent him back to the ring where he delivered a flatliner followed by a near pinfall. Scott found himself on the top rope where he delivered a double foot stomp to a grounded Lorcan and secured the pinfall victory.

This match was brief but definitely could act as a catalyst for Scott’s impending singles run following his victory in last week’s elimination match. 

Final Thoughts:

This show, in more than one way, this felt like a reset for 205 Live. After a long multi-man and interbrand feud, this episode began the groundwork for the future of the show.