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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Tyler Breeze

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise)

205 Live’s introductory match this week was a rematch from this week’s episode of NXT. The pairing of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch got the better of the former team 3.0 in their last meeting. 

As the bell sounded, Burch entered a collar-and-elbow tie-up with Matt Martel. The tie-up was broken by the referee after it worked its way into the corner. As Burch and Martel felt each other out, Butch walked in the direction of the Ever-Rise corner wherein he was attacked by both Martel and Chase Parker. Parker tagged in as the two double-teamed Burch.

Parker landed a shoulder tackle once he became Burch’s lone attacker, however during his fall following the previously mentioned shoulder tackle Parker’s leg was apprehended by Burch. Burch stood, Parker’s ankle in hand, and tagged in Oney Lorcan. 

Lorcan chopped Parker multiple times prior to an Irish whip attempt. Parker stepped through and reversed Lorcan’s attempted whip sending Lorcan into the corner. Parker then tagged Martel back into the match. Ever-Rise tried to once again double team their opponent but Lorcan, with an uppercut and a single leg Boston crab, was able to take out both men. Lorcan seemed to be in a favorable position with the crab locked in.

A breakup was attempted, but was met with resistance by Burch. Burch was thrown into the hold, breaking it up.

Lorcan was then attacked by both members of Ever-Rise in their corner. Both Martel and Parker took turns tagging each other in and out. Lorcan, after being continually assaulted, was eventually able to float over into a neck breaker. A hot tag followed. 

Burch entered the ring and landed a couple of strikes on Parker before having one stuffed. Parker sent Burch to the corner, but Burch met him with a high boot. Burch was then given time to ascend the ropes to deliver a flying dropkick to Parker. Burch ran the length of the ring to deliver a clothesline to a cornered Parker, which was immediately followed by an enziguri which was followed by a release German suplex.

As Parker staggered back to a standing position, he came into close contact with a running clothesline from Burch. Burch covered Parker, but Martel entered the ring in time to break up the pin.

Martel attempted to interfere with Burch further, but was answered with a headbutt. Burch put Parker on the top rope, but Parker pushed his way down. Martel sneakily tagged himself in while Parker simultaneously set up for a double-team elevated neck breaker. Burch was hit with the impressive move in what could have been a completely believable finish. Lorcan entered the ring to break up the pin before that could be realized. 

Burch rose to his feet, as did Martel. Both men looked to be winded. Burch connected with a flurry of uppercuts that he tried to follow with a running move but he was stopped by the elbow of Martel. Martel tried for a scoop slam, but Burch floated over into a crossface. Parker hit the ring to try and break the hold, but was immediately stopped by Lorcan. Lorcan sent Parker to the mat with a single leg Boston crab. Martel then tapped to Burch’s crossface.  

This match was good, though it seemed to be without purpose. Why Ever-Rise needed to rechallenge Burch and Lorcan remains a mystery to me especially seeing as they were defeated again.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Tyler Breeze

Isaiah Scott and Tyler Breeze started this match with an arm drag display that left Scott in a seated position. Scott’s face looked flustered, almost as if he should not have been bested in that interaction. Breeze taunted his seated opponent with a pose in the corner à la Eddie Guererro. 

The two then entered a collar-and-elbow tie-up that found its way into the corner. Breeze, being in the advancing position, looked as if he would act in good faith and break cleanly. He did not. He instead ran towards Scott but was leaped over. Scott rolled Breeze in and tried for a kick, but came up short. Scott was visibly discomposed after his miss.

The two stood and reentered a collar-and-elbow tie-up. This time Breeze was backed into the corner. Scott, instead of breaking the tie-up, whipped Breeze into the other corner sending him crashing into the mat. 

Scott tried to follow up on his gained advantage with a move from the ropes but slipped during his climb. Breeze then kicked Scott sending him tumbling to the outside. Scott grew even more upset with what was his third fumble. He hesitated to reenter the ring and was ultimately punished by Breeze for his hesitation as Breeze took to the outside for an attack. Breeze blindsided Scott with an elbow before driving him into the barricade.

Breeze sent Scott back into the ring for a cover but was met with a strong kick out. Breeze suplexed Scott and tried for another pin, but met the same fate. 

Breeze whipped Scott into the corner before clubbing his back with forearms. Scott began to enter a berserker-style rage as Breeze clubbed away. Scott turned and landed an excellently brief and impactful strike that sent Breeze to the floor. Breeze looked to be out but was able to roll to the outside. Scott wasted no time as he jumped the ropes onto the apron and stomped the head of Breeze. Scott sent Breeze into the after a slam into the barricade and went for a pin that Breeze was able to kick out from. 

Scott climbed the ropes, but Breeze stood to meet him. Breeze was unable to stop Scott from jumping but he was able to dodge Scott’s attempted stomp. Breeze landed an enziguri on a turned Scott and pinned him. Scott kicked out. Breeze hesitated in his followup which allowed Scott to float over a suplex attempt. Scott picked up Breeze but Breeze flipped straight to his feet. Breeze went for a rollup but Scott kicked out. Scott then went for a roll-through of his own but instead of a pin Scott transitioned into a suplex. Scott went for the pin but Breeze kicked out. 

Scott set up for the house call, his finish, but missed. Breeze tried for the supermodel kick but was caught by Scott. Scott tried for a spinning forearm smash, but again, was caught by Breeze. Scott was able to finally break the stalemate with a neck breaker. Somehow he was unable to follow up and Breeze connected with a supermodel kick. Scott kicked out of the subsequent pin. 

Both men returned to their feet. Breeze started to club Scott with forearms again. Breeze lifted Scott to the second rope. Scott kicked Breeze before he could connect with a move. A dazed Breeze then climbed the ropes, Scott escaped under him. Breeze was then lifted by Scott and dropped with the confidence boost. Scott pinned Breeze for the victory. 

This match’s first act was good. It dragged in the second. I can not understate how much better this match would have been if it had come to a close following Scott’s initial moment of rage. It just went way too long. The simple, concise story of a frustrated Scott overcoming his early stumbles was lost in the falling action.