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WWE 205 Live results: Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese

Ashante "Thee" Adonis defeated Aryia Daivari 

In the opening stretch, Adonis gained a few moments of control. Daivari would respond with some light offence before a dropkick from Adonis provided an opening to scale to the top rope. At the top, Daivari laid out Adonis, sending him crashing back to the mat.

After the fall, Daivari and Adonis traded strikes; Adonis emerged from the exchange victorious. A sidestep subverted Daivari’s attempt at saving his momentum. A crossbody and a near fall from Adonis followed.

Adonis tried again for a move, but this time overshot Daivari. Adonis sold his leg upon landing, prompting Daivari to rush in; Adonis stopped the rush with a sudden spinebuster. However, Adonis was unable to follow up as a quick dropkick to the injured leg left Daivari back in control. 

Daivari then hit the hammerlock lariat but intentionally interrupted his own pin that would have granted him a win. Daivari then taunted his all but defeated opponent before slowly climbing to the top rope from where he lept, delivering the Persian splash. Daivari laid into the pin lackadaisically, giving Adonis enough breathing room to not only escape but transform it into a pin of his own, a pin that Daivari was unable to break. 

This was fine. Nothing spectacular, but focused enough to deliver an entertaining watch.

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese

Nese and Atlas proved to be on equal footing in the opening moments. After trading holds and reversals, Atlas took Nese to the mat with an arm drag and controlled said arm for some time. Nese eventually found the ropes, and the break gave him space and the correct timing to connect with a running hotshot. 

Nese dragged Atlas to the outside before repeatedly driving him into the apron of the ring. Back inside the ropes, Nese stomped on Atlas’s body before taking him to the mat with body scissors. As Atlas struggled to free himself from Nese’s control, Nese connected with a suplex. The momentary spacing created by the manoeuvre seemed to allow Atlas back into the match, but Nese stopped any momentum Atlas was gaining with a devastating roundhouse kick. 

Nese hoisted Atlas into the torture rack. Atlas not only escaped the submission but quickly turned it into a brainbuster; A standing moonsault and a near fall punctuated the Atlas rally that followed. 

Atlas tried for a sunset flip, but Nese blocked it. Nese connected with a swift kick to the temple and a springboard moonsault resulting in another Nese near fall. Nese then insulted Atlas, triggering a melee which turned into a counter exchange. Atlas connected with a lariat and a cartwheel DDT before pinning Nese. 

This was quite good. Atlas is a part of a rare breed of true babyfaces, and Nese his perfect heel complement.