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WWE 205 Live results: Kalisto & Ali vs. Amore & Daivari

We started things off with a recap of Monday night's confrontation with Enzo Amore and Kurt Angle, along with Amore's match with Kalisto and eventual title loss. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness then introduced the show and hyped up the TJP vs. Rich Swann two-out-of-three falls match.

Renee Young was mid-ring and introduced Kalisto. He said he's the first luchador to hold the Cruiserweight title and he'll do it in Eddie Guerrero's honor. That brought Amore and Ariya Daivari out, and Amore told Kalisto he isn't here to crash his party. Amore called himself the godfather of the division and said the loserweights are his sons -- and disappointing ones at that.

Amore said that Kalisto is a bit like Eddie Guerrero -- he had to lie, cheat, and steal to get the title. Amore said that he put the title around high-end brands like Versace because he's got tons of money, but there won't be any money in the division with Kalisto on top. Daivari jumped Kalisto and a brawl erupted before Mustafa Ali came down to make the save. I smell a tag match, playa.

Rich Swann came down to the ring to face TJP. Swann told TJP that he gave him this match -- but it will end their friendship.

Rich Swann defeated TJP in a two-out-of-three falls match

Swann dove onto TJP to start things off quickly. TJP recovered and tossed him into a barricade. TJP threw Swann into the ring and went for the kneebar -- but Swann turned it into a cradle to score the first fall. It was then announced that Kalisto & Ali would face Amore & Daivari in the main event.

TJP landed a slick dropkick as the second fall began before taunting a bit and locking on a chinlock. He transitioned it into a straightjacket choke and locked on a cloverleaf, but Swann escaped. Swann went for a Tiger Driver, but TJP turned it into a DDT and cradled him for two. Swann was able to hit the Tiger Driver for a two count of his own.

Swann went for a standing frog splash, but TJP turned it into a cradle for two. TJP sent him outside with an awkward landing before dropkicking the knee. A big spin kick hit for Swann, with it getting a close near fall. TJP locked on the kneebar, but Swann escaped. Swann hit a rolling thunder and landed a Phoenix Splash to end it with a clean sweep. Well, that was surprising. 

Amore cut a promo on Ali before Drew Gulak came in and asked them to pay attention to his PowerPoint presentations. Gulak said he can't stand to see Kalisto as champion -- he dresses like a goof! Gulak may not agree with Amore's bombastic personality, but he too is woke! Amore asked what on earth just occurred, and the correct answer is "greatness" courtesy of Drew Gulak. Gulak said he'll show what he means against Tozawa.

Tozawa entered to face Gulak, but Gulak jumped him before the match. Gulak tossed him into the tron and used his "no chants" board as a weapon by ramming it into Tozawa's throat.

McGuinness called the attack nasty, leading to Joseph transitioning into talking about the previous attack of Cedric Alexander by Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher. Alexander was interviewed about his divide and conquer tactics from last week, with him saying that he has an edge and knows who he is. He then rattled off about a thousand unrelated statements to end this.

Kalisto and Ali came out for the main event first, then Amore skipped down and told Kalisto to find a good surgeon because they're going to destroy his nose. Amore did his "S-A-W-F-T" bit as McGuinness said that he hopes he'll learn to spell "soft" properly.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto & Mustafa Ali defeated Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari

Ali slugged away at Amore, but Daivari knocked him off the apron with a boot. Amore punted Ali's ribs and tagged in Daivari to run his knee into the gut before a reverse bear hug. McGuinness then sang a song from Aladdin and Amore ate a big kick.

The faces sent Amore and Daivari outside for a double dive to gain a big edge, then Daivari ate the Salida Del Sol to end it. Amore dragged Daivari out before Kalisto did his "lucha" chant.

They've gone all-in with Amore as a heel here, with him insulting Daivari after and also yelling at the ref throughout the match. Amore still feels like the true top act, while Kalisto feels like a bigger star than he did before -- but he doesn't have the tools to even carry this version of the cruiserweight division. Comparing him to Eddie Guerrero regularly, and even mentioning Rey Mysterio while he's out there, won't help him in the slightest.