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WWE 205 Live results: Lorcan/Burch vs. Kendrick/Daivari no DQ match

After a recap of the issues between Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch and Brian Kendrick & Ariya Daivari, Joaquin Wilde came down to complete silence even with his air horn entrance. Raul Mendoza then entered and slapped hands with the kids to try and make at least some of the fans care about this match.

Wilde's win over Mendoza from last month was shown, which would seem to indicate a reversal in that role tonight.

Raul Mendoza defeated Joaquin Wilde

They started things off with a knuckle lock flip exchange before Wilde got the better of Mendoza for a standoff. Wilde hit a run-up jumping back elbow from the corner for two. Mendoza recovered and hit a gorgeous springboard missile dropkick that sent Wilde out and resulted in Mendoza landing a somersault dive alongside it.

Wilde sent Mendoza out and hopped on the ring post for a flip dive. Wilde faked out a springboard to cause Mendoza to go for a phantom dropkick before a standing frog splash got two for Wilde. Mendoza sent him down and got two off a Lionsault.

Wilde hit a Codebreaker and went for his wacky pop-up double boot, but Mendoza blocked it and hit a jumping ushigoroshi mid-ring to win.

Mendoza and Wilde are now 50/50, so I'm sure their futures are bright on 205 Live. Mendoza is really good, but he isn't gaining any traction. Wilde just isn't working right now. As a worker, he seems worse than in Impact. As an act, he comes off as far less of a star without the flashy light-up gear.

A video from after Lio Rush's loss to Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin on this week's NXT aired. Rush was asked if Devlin has the better of him, then Tyler Breeze told him it's okay to lose and Rush got pissed. Breeze is barely recognizable in regular attire and wasn't identified by name in the promo.

Breeze came out to face Samir Singh.

Tyler Breeze defeated Samir Singh

Breeze got tied up in the corner, but sent Singh out and hit an Asai moonsault. Singh got a long chinlock before Breeze escaped. Singh went up but ate a kick to the jaw before leaping into a Supermodel Kick for the win.

Breeze left and just pointed in the air like a generic babyface from 1986. He needs to get his post-match character work over just like his pre-match. There, he comes across as something like a star and not just a guy on the roster.

A Tony Nese tweet hyping up his team with Mike Kanellis was shown. A 10-man tag team elimination match between 205 originals and cruiserweights from NXT is set for next week. Nese and Lio Rush are the captains.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Ariya Daivari & Brian Kendrick in a no DQ match

As the heels came down, everyone brawled on the ramp and then around ringside. Daivari got chucked head-first into a chair. Burch hit a dropkick and went for a kip-up, but he slipped and then just threw his fingers up to save it a bit.

They grabbed tables and tried to send Daivari through, but Kendrick made the save and gave Burch a Death Valley Driver through the table off the apron. Daivari grabbed a ladder, but Burch chucked Daivari face-first into it. Kendrick gave Burch a Russian leg sweep off of the ladder and they were both down, so that was a pretty stupid thing to do.

Daivari set the ladder up in another corner, slowly climbed it, and got two off a splash due to Lorcan breaking up the pin. Lorcan fired up against Kendrick and man would Lorcan have been great in Memphis in the late '80s. He has some great babyface fire, but Daivari put that out with a chair to the gut.

Kendrick and Daivari went for a double suplex on a chair, but Burch avoided it, set Kendrick up in the chair after a headbutt, and Lorcan hit a running blockbuster for two.

Lorcan hit a flip dive onto both opponents and then Lorcan and Burch duct taped Kendrick to the buckle. I really like the usage of duct tape as a weapon in WWE -- it's logical and makes more sense than having all manner of random stuff under the ring.

Lorcan and Burch hit a snapshot on Daivari on the announce table, but it didn't break. That just had to suck. They then hit the move again mid-ring to pin Daivari right in front of Kendrick, who couldn't break it up due to the duct tape.

This was a great brawl and felt like a fine way to close this rivalry. The episode was pretty fun, although the loss of the Cruiserweight Champion as a regular really hurts. It feels like there's no end goal to the weekly matches, and that results in a weird latter-day Lucha Underground feeling of purgatory for the roster.

Lorcan and Burch feel like a complete mismatch for WWE right now as they're pushed on this show, but nothing but enhancement guys elsewhere.