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WWE 205 Live results: Murphy ruins Alexander's celebration

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali's match from the WrestleMania pre-show was recapped, with footage of their back-and-forth promo exchange tying some of the match's threads together.

Vic Joseph was at ringside and said that Nigel McGuinness will be back in two weeks, but Percy Watson will be McGuinness' replacement and will then join the announce team to make it a three-man booth. Joseph hyped up Mark Andrews vs. Drew Gulak as tonight's main event, while Alexander will also celebrate his title win.

Kalisto came out and we got a weird video promo with him welcoming Tozawa to the lucha house party.

Kalisto defeated Akira Tozawa

Tozawa worked on one of Kalisto's arms to start things off. Kalisto did a hand-walk headscissors before starting a lucha chant. Tozawa landed a nice snap jab that sent Kalisto down, with Tozawa then stomping a mudhole in him. Tozawa got two off a senton before getting a chinlock.

Joseph talked about the Superstar Shakeup and what that could mean for 205 Live. Kalisto superkicked Tozawa's gut and got two off a basement rana. Kalisto hit a springing Spanish Fly for two, hit a variety of PKs to the arm, and charged in -- but he got monkey flipped into the buckle.

Tozawa hit a suicide dive to the floor and sent Kalisto into the announce table. He went for the senton off the top, but Kalisto got his knees up. They went back and forth on cradles before Kalisto turned one into the Salida Del Sol for the win. Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado face Tozawa & Hideo Itami next week.

Mark Andrews talked to Tony Nese, who said that Drew Gulak was his friend -- but now he's a crazy egomaniac. He wanted Andrews to kick Gulak's ass for him tonight, so it looks like Nese is a babyface now.

Gulak came out for his match against Andrews and asked for everyone's attention as he showed off a new PowerPoint presentation! A giant "PowerPoint" chant broke out, so Gulak said there's a time for those -- but it's not now, when he's about to destroy Andrews. 

Drew Gulak defeated Mark Andrews

Andrews took Gulak down quickly several times with arm drags, so Gulak went outside for a powder. Gulak came in and got kicked in the leg, so he took Andrews down to the mat with his arm and Andrews escaped with fancy flips. Gulak briefly got the dragon sleeper in, but Andrews cradled him for two.

A wheelbarrow bulldog hit for Andrews, with Gulak then going to the apron and tossing Andrews into the steel turnbuckle posts. Gulak stomped his back before hitting a backbreaker for two. He locked in a crossface chicken wing, but Andrews escaped and hit a standing enzuigiri.

Andrews hit a crucifix bomb for two. Gulak landed a nasty rabbit lariat for two, but Andrews hit the Stundog Millionaire. He went up top, but Gulak got to the other side and baited him in before smacking him into the buckle and earning a tap with the Gu-lock.

Gulak locked it on again after the match, but Nese made a save and hit a Fosbury flop to officially turn him face in front of the fans.

Drake Maverick told Brian Kendrick, who was returning to television, and Jack Gallagher that he has some reservations about them teaming up and wants to make sure there won't be a vendetta against Hideo Itami. Gallagher said a vendetta is beneath them and Kendrick said that their issues are water under the bridge.

Maverick came out and put over the Cruiserweight title match as one that stole the show at WrestleMania. Alexander came down, thanked the fans, and thanked his family for always being there for him. Ali entered and said that there are a lot of people backstage who want a shot, but he wants one too. He got  a "One more match" chant.

Buddy Murphy's theme then hit. Maverick and Ali were looking at the entrance ramp as Murphy snuck in from behind and hit the Murphy's Law on Alexander. Maverick yelled at Murphy while Ali checked on Alexander, with Murphy motioning that he's going to be the next Cruiserweight Champion.