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WWE 205 Live results: Nese & Kanellis vs. Burch & Lorcan

By Chick Fritts for F4WOnline

The Big Takeaways

  • All of 205 Live was booked to build interest in next week’s interbrand bout as both Team 205 Live and Team NXT picked up a win prior to their official meeting next Friday. 

Show Recap

The show began with a brief recap of last week’s show. Following the retelling of last week’s events, commentary notified the viewers of Lio Rush’s health status due to the attack at the hands of Jack Gallagher as he is not cleared for next week's NXT vs. 205 Live match.

To further develop the inner workings of the now captainless Team NXT, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott was interviewed backstage and insisted they would move on without a captain and confirmed that a replacement for Rush had been secured.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall 

After both men entered the ring to a quiet reception, thee exchanged tense words of discontent prior to the bell. 

The match began with a lockup, followed by a strike exchange that saw Scott, representing team NXT, taking advantage. Scott used the time gained by his advantage to travel to the top rope. After noticing Scott’s position, Team 205 Live’s Daivari rolled to the outside. Scott was able to adapt and deliver a running punt to the apron. Daivari was then rolled back into the ring and worked over on the mat. 

Scott gave up his mat advantage after locking in a brutal arm submission in order to taunt to the crowd. Daivari then took control of the match and struck Scott's neck. Daivari continued to work the neck with a myriad of moves. 

After a “I’m striking you so strike me back” sequence that is all too common in wrestling today, Scott came out of the sequence ahead and followed up with a flatliner and near fall. 

The two both traded light moves and pin attempts until Scott once again attacked the arm of Daivari. Scott climbed to the top rope and landed a flush flying double stomp to Daivari and picked up the pin.

All in all, this match was a typical WWE cruiserweight bout with some ultimately pointless limb targeting. Even with the impending 5-on-5 match, there was little heat and the action itself did little to change that.

Tony Nese and Mike Kanellis defeated Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan via pinfall 

Burch and Nese started with Nese taunting Burch and Burch flattening him in response. Burch and Lorcan traded tags to dominate Kanellis with double team moves. Nese entered the ring to aid his partner but suffered the same fate. 

With Burch and Kanellis as the legal men, Nese acted as a distraction after a rope break provided Kanellis with a breather. Burch eventually tagged out to Lorcan who simultaneously fought both Nese and Kanellis but eventually fell victim to the pair. Kanellis slowed the match to a crawl with a rest hold and soon after tagged in Nese who continued to keep Lorcan grounded with a rest hold of his own. 

Nese attempted and missed a moonsault. He was punished by this blunder when Lorcan got a much needed hot tag. Burch cleared the ring of Nese and set Kanellis, who tagged in during the hot tag sequence, up for an avalanche tag team maneuver. The move was broken up by Nese who was once again tagged in following the save. Nese picked up Burch pump handle style, allowing Kanellis to hit a flying knee followed by Nese slamming Burch to the mat, pinning him to pick up the win for Team 205 Live members.

Final Thoughts:

Both of the matches on this week’s show were nothing special. It felt as if they should have meant a great deal with next week’s interbrand match, but they failed to connect with the audience in any significant way.