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WWE 205 Live results: Neville & Jack Gallagher build to Fastlane

The Big Takeaway --

Jack Gallagher and Neville furthered their feud going into Fastlane, ending 205 Live with a big brawl that saw Gallagher get the better of it. Akira Tozawa challenged Brian Kendrick, but Kendrick decided to fight on his own terms. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari emerged victorious over Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins & Cedric Alexander.

Show Recap --

The show started with Tom Phillips interviewing Jack Gallagher, asking what he expects from Neville’s address later tonight. Gallagher said he’s expecting the usual, Neville berating the WWE Universe, things like that, but at Fastlane he’ll walk out the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Noam Dar defeated Lince Dorado

This didn’t last long, but was good while it lasted. It was all action. Alicia Fox had flowers at ringside. Dorado looked good on offense, but ate a kick and was pinned. 

After the match, Dar said these flowers can’t compare to the sweetness of Alicia Fox. 

Austin Aries introduced Akira Tozawa as they showed highlights of Tozawa turning down Brian Kendrick. Aries questioned Tozawa, who said that he wants to do it on his own. They then showed footage of Tozawa being jumped by Kendrick. Aries asked Tozawa what he’s going to do about it, and Tozawa said he wants to fight him right now. 

This brought out Kendrick. He said, "What makes you think I’ll fight you on your terms?" Kendrick claimed that he’s the man with the plan, and will fight under his own terms. He called Tozawa a brat for rejecting his offer.

Tozawa tried to respond, but Kendrick cut him off, saying he wants Tozawa to speak in English because he’s just like the rest of these Minnesotans who can’t speak it. He then bailed, ultimately rejecting Tozawa’s challenge.

Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari defeated Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins & Cedric Alexander

Really good match, it had nothing but action throughout. Everyone looked good and the action never slowed. More matches like these need to be on this show as it separates them from everyone else.

Daivari and Gulak got dumped to the floor. Ali wiped them out with a crossbody off the top rope. TJP looked to follow with a big dive of his own, but Nese grabbed him, dragged him out, and slammed him against the announcer’s table. Gulak wore down TJP with a modified Gory special that looked pretty cool. 

Ali took out Gulak with a neckbreaker and went for the inverted 450 splash, but a distraction by Daivari allowed Gulak to take advantage. Alexander took everyone out with a big dive to the floor.

Ali hit a tornado DDT then followed with the inverted 450 splash, but Daivari put Gulak’s feet on the ropes. Ali was distracted enough that it allowed Gulak to lay out Ali with a German suplex to the ring post. Nese and TJP were tagged in. TJP got taken out from the top rope by Gulak, which allowed Nese to hit a running knee strike in the corner for the win.

An Austin Aries video package was shown once again.  

Neville came out to talk about Fastlane. He said we need a history lesson. Mediocrity reigned until he came in. He changed the landscape of 205 Live but has received nothing but resentment. They applauded people like Gallagher. He claimed that we will witness a public execution at Fastlane.

Gallagher then came out. He said this isn't a history lesson, but more like a public meltdown. He asked if Neville would like some tea and biscuits. The crowd chanted for tea and biscuits, but Neville didn’t like that, saying he could take him out tonight instead of Fastlane.

Neville said that this is his ring. Gallagher disagreed, saying that this ring belongs to all of them, the WWE Universe. They eventually got into a brawl, ending with Gallagher landing a running dropkick to the barricade, sending Neville reeling as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts --

Good show. There needs to be more six-man matches on this show as it was one of the better matches on 205 Live in a while, plus the crowd was into it (and the show in general) which is always nice. The confrontation at the end of the show was fine, and it all builds well to Fastlane.

By the way...has anyone seen Gran Metalik? Anyone?