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WWE 205 Live results: Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

The Big Takeaway --

Neville and Tozawa stole the show with an excellent main event, Jack Gallagher's issues with Brian Kendrick continued with a clown being added to the mix, TJP bickered with Rich Swann for a bit, and Tony Nese and Drew Gulak endured another loss.

Show Recap --

Akira Tozawa's win from last Monday night was recapped before his title loss at SummerSlam was shown. Vic Joseph and Corey Graves then hyped up the title match tonight before Cedric Alexander came out to team with Gran Metalik.

Drew Gulak still believes in a better 205 Live and will team with Tony Nese tonight. Nese showed off his eight-pack, and the new neon green gear he's got on makes them shine. Nese buried the fans for being fat and eating pizza. Well, I can't imagine the arena pizza is all that good -- so good for him for encouraging better eating habits.

Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik defeated Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

Nese and Alexander started things off and Nese took a break from a tie-up to pose. Alexander took Gulak down with a giant forearm strike. Metalik came in, but he got laid out by a forearm shot and the heels cut the ring off.

Metalik ducked under a baseball slide from Nese and hit a moonsault to the floor, then Nese talked smack to Alexander and got cradled for two. Metalik hit a crossbody from the ring post to mid-ring.

Alexander and Gulak came in and Gulak ate a springboard lariat for two. The faces hit a double team pop-up dropkick on Gulak before Metalik splashed down for a close near fall. Alexander followed with a Lumbar Check to win it.

Titus O'Neil talked to Tozawa about how he wishes he took a break before this rematch to rest up, but Tozawa remained confident. Tozawa gave him two claps and a Ric Flair.

A SummerSlam recap led to Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick in a duel. Gallagher ran down his issues with Kendrick and cut an intense promo on being doubted and how maybe there's a grain of truth to him being a clown, but now he has someone in his life who needs knocking out.

Kendrick mocked Gallagher and said he has a suitable opponent for him -- Sprinkles the Clown. Gallagher headbutted and stomped him. He went to powerbomb Sprinkles through a table, but Kendrick jumped him and beat him with an umbrella before sending Gallagher through the table. Kendrick challenged him to a no DQ match next week.

Rich Swann interrupted TJP's game of WWE 2K17 and demanded his attention. TJP showed off his giant knee brace and said he hurt his knee beating him the week before. He logically pointed out that it's not his fault that Swann was distracted by music.

Gallagher and Kendrick's no DQ match was confirmed for next week. Neville walked backstage before his match, leading to Tozawa coming out before Neville entered.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Akira Tozawa to retain his title

Neville gave Tozawa a clean break to start before grinding him with a necklock. Neville went for a kick and Tozawa caught it. He chopped Neville in the corner and then rained down forearms in another one.

Neville recovered and began to work on the bad arm to gain an edge. He applied a Muta Lock on the elbow and snapped back. Neville sent Tozawa outside and hit a moonsault off the top onto the arm and slammed it into the LED board before flipping him into the barricade.

Neville got sent off the top and rolled to the floor -- so Tozawa dove onto him. Tozawa hit a Saito suplex for a near fall.

Tozawa went up for the Drop Zone senton bomb, but Neville crotched him. Neville hit a superplex, but Tozawa cradled him for an unsuccessful pinning attempt. Neville kicked him down for two. Tozawa got a schoolboy and a kick for another two count.

Neville went for a flash Rings of Saturn that was turned into a cradle for two. Tozawa kicked him down for the Drop Zone, but it missed and the Rings of Saturn got the win for Neville. This was an excellent match and a return to form for the show.

Neville cut a promo on conquering everyone, then Enzo Amore debuted in one of his more ridiculous outfits. Amore did his sing-along promo with kids going crazy for him and got a huge "How you doing?" chant, which was amazing given how long everyone had actually been in the building.