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WWE 205 Live results: Roderick Strong vs. Odyssey Jones

This show almost felt like a parody of pro wrestling—from the theatrics of Boa to the “‘backer chewin’ good ole boys” of Briggs and Jensen to the 405 pounder challenging the cruiserweight champion on a show built around a weight limit. It wasn’t a bad episode per se, but it certainly felt extra phoney this week.

Boa defeated Jeet Rama 

Rama’s wrestling led to control in his favour early into the match. Rama was unable to maintain his advantage, however, as Boa began to connect with unanswered strikes. The strikes escalated for some time, eventually leading to a head kick. Boa pinned Rama to close a dominant match. 

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs defeated Kegan Scott & Taylor Garland

In other news, Jensen and Briggs are country boys now…with flannels, belt-buckles, and all.

Jensen and Briggs squashed their opponents. A double powerbomb left them with a quick win. 

Roderick Strong (with the Diamond Mine) defeated Odyssey Jones 

This was a fun match, especially in its closing sequence.

Jones used his 200lb+ weight advantage to take control of Strong early into the match. Tossing the cruiserweight champion around with ease, Jones seemed to be unstoppable. 

Strong found himself on the outside of the ring after minutes of Jones' domination. Hachiman at ringside distracted Jones long enough for Strong to gain some control finally. Strong chopped the leg of Jones to open up the match in his favour for the first time. Strong turned his attention fully to keeping Jones grounded. 

When Strong failed to keep Jones grounded, Jones proved to be tenacious. It took a throat punch from Strong to end Jones' second offensive sequence. Strong then connected with multiple strikes before landing a knee that dropped Jones. Strong was then able to pin Jones for the victory.