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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Danny Burch

Ariya Daivari defeated Eli Night, Bobby Flaco, and Jason Cade 

Ariya Daivari took to social media promising $10,000 to any one of the three men he would face tonight. In what became a three-man gauntlet, Daivari’s money could be claimed by any of his competitors if they could pin or submit him.

Daivari wasted no time in clobbering Eli Night. Night was beaten and pinned exceptionally quickly with a hammerlock lariat being the impetus to the fall. 

Bobby Flaco hit the ring with a headlock, but this lasted about two seconds. Daivari, for his troubles, obliterated Flaco. A clothesline followed by a hammerlock lariat allowed Daivari to pin Flaco.

Jason Cade sprinted to the ring which allowed him to land some quick offense on the off-guard Daivari. With dollar signs in his eyes, Cade took a risky dive which Daivari took full advantage of. A uranage flattened Cade and the night’s third hammerlock lariat allowed Daivari to secure the pin, keeping his money safe in his wallet. 

Danny Burch defeated Tony Nese 

Danny Burch and Tony Nese struggled for control via grappling in the early going. Neither man was proving to be superior prior to a Burch facebuster. As soon as Burch secured some kind of advantage, Ariya Daivari walked to the ring, gaining the attention of Burch. Nese blindsided Burch as Daivari joined the commentary booth. 

Nese took to chopping Burch before grounding him with a chinlock. Nese continued his offense with a running hotshot before taunting Burch. Burch sprung up and delivered a chop of his own, but Nese was quick to land a dropkick, taking the match back to the mat in the process. At every point of Burch’s contention, Nese had an answer.

A Burch headbutt finally opened a window for Burch. Burch connected with a powerful offensive sequence that was punctuated with a second rope dropkick, a near fall followed. A colossal German suplex and a wind stealing lariat led to another near fall. Burch tried for a rollup, but a boot from Nese found Burch’s temple. Nese tried to follow up with a moonsault but a quick Burch caught Nese with a crossface during his descent. Nese made it to the ropes following a show of agony. 

Nese and Burch entered a brief exchange following the rope break, but it was Nese who regained control. A pump handle driver led to a Nese near fall. Nese tried for a running knee, but Burch avoided it. Both Nese and Burch fell outside of the ring in the moments that followed. Burch once again became distracted by Daivari, entering a momentary squabble before kicking Daivari. Nese took full advantage once again, kicking Nese and landing a running knee once Burch was back in the ring. Nese pinned Burch for the win.

Nese and Burch are good enough together to carry what would otherwise be a trivial match. The flow was nice and the action was crisp. Overall a good match.