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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan

By Chick Fritts

Big Takeaways: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Tony Nese picked up clean wins in an empty WWE Performance Center.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Joaquin Wilde

In the opening moments in what was the third 205 Live taped in an empty WWE Performance Center, an immediate change of presentation was noticeable. Following the bell to open the night’s action, it became apparent that a recurring complaint had been addressed; the hard camera no longer faced the empty seats surrounding the ring but instead looked in the direction of the entrance ramp.

As soon as the match began, so did the mat wrestling. Both Isaiah Scott and Joaquin Wilde traded holds on the ground and drags into holds on the ground to open the contest. The initial back-and-forth trading ended when a frustrated Scott rolled to the outside. Wilde attempted a baseball slide, but it was blocked by Scott which trapped Wilde in the apron. A swift kick to the face of Wilde freed him from his trap while also tearing down said apron.

Scott rolled Wilde into the ring and continued his attack. Scott used a collection of strikes and stretches in the second mat wrestling portion of the match. Eventually, Scott worked Wilde into the corner and to the top rope wherein Wilde began to fight for an opening. 

Wilde scored the opening and delivered a truly stunning rana to his standing opponent. Scott was sent rolling to the outside but this did not stop the assault from Wilde. Wilde jumped from the ring onto Scott in a wheelbarrow position and managed to transition seamlessly into an arm drag that drove Scott into the announce desk. Wilde sent Scott back into the ring and attempted an Arabian springboard DDT, but was stuffed. 

The two men were on equal footing once again. They began to trade strikes but this cliche quickly evolved into a trading of moves. Scott caught Wilde with a German suplex and Wilde answered with a reverse rana. Scott answered the rana with his finisher, the house call. Wilde kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt. 

Wilde, for the last time in the match, strived for a momentum shift. Multiple unique reversals were attempted by Wilde but in the end, it cost him the match. Scott caught Wilde mid reversal with a Michinoku driver and secured the pinfall victory.

It’s easy to say this match would have been much better without the slow open. The grappling would have added little to nothing to the match with a crowd but without one it really made the opening bland. The innovative and creative displays of offense and defense from both men saved the match in the minutes that followed. Overall the match was a decent to good watch.

Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan

This week’s main event opened with a feeling out process. Multiple collar and elbow tie-ups, multiple tests of strength, and plenty of chain wrestling. Both men proved to be near equals on the mat with a slight edge going to Lorcan. After what felt like ages, a rope break ended the trading of insignificant holds.

With both men on equal footing, an exchange of strikes began. Tony Nese got the better of Lorcan with a kick to the side of his head after a failed rollup attempt. Nese then proceeded to strike Lorcan across the body before slamming him to the mat where the grounded grappling continued. Lorcan was held in by the legs of Nese for some time before a significant strike allowed Lorcan to take full mount. 

Lorcan rained forearms on the guarded face of Nese. Unlike the absolutely dry open of this match, this ground exchange. while a little long. felt meaningful to structure the match. Nese was able to roll away from his attacker only to be continually struck after reaching his feet. 

Lorcan paused after a kick out from Nese which allowed Nese to shift the momentum in his favor. Nese ran across the ring with Lorcan in hand and drove the neck of Lorcan into the rope. This was followed by a springboard moonsault from Nese. 

Nese tried a cover, but Lorcan kicked out. However, Nese did not allow this to interrupt his offense. He instead put a decisive stop to the match with a snug German suplex into the turnbuckles followed by a running knee. Lorcan was then swiftly pinned, making Nese the winner of tonight’s main event.

Not to beat a dead horse. but again. this match would have benefited greatly from a greatly reduced if not totally eliminated feeling out process. It added nothing to the match. What makes the opening minutes a real shame is the two men went on to show they could deliver an interesting and realistic mat wrestling sequence later in the same match.

Final Thoughts: This entire show, as is so common with 205 Live, felt logical but soulless. Someone needs to call for a shortening of the drawn-out matches to give talent a chance to get over on the microphone, be it separate from the in-ring action or post-match. 205 Live is entirely devoid of character.