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WWE Chicago live results: Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Submitted by Dan Neff

The SmackDown roster was back on the road for a house show at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois last night.

- A Miz TV segment started things off, with it being announced that AJ Styles has the flu and would not be at the show. Miz said he talked to Shane McMahon and Shane gave him a match against Daniel Bryan in Styles' place.

Mustafa Ali came out to a big pop and challenged Miz for that spot.

- Daniel Bryan interrupted Mustafa Ali vs. The Miz

Ali was extremely over. He went up for the 054 after a few minutes -- and Bryan ran down to interfere. He knocked Ali off the turnbuckle and gave both Ali and Miz the running knee.

Bryan said they're both losers and there will be no match because Chicago doesn't deserve it. Byron Saxton immediately announced that there will be a triple threat cage match between them for the WWE Championship.

- Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson & Shelton Benjamin defeated The Colons & Aiden English

English entered and threatened to sing the longest version of "12 Days of Christmas" ever, but Gallows and Anderson came out right as he started.

This was a short match, with Gallows and Anderson winning with the Magic Killer. SAnitY came out after -- and Eric Young challenged Gallows & Anderson to a match.

- Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated SAnitY

Gallows and Anderson won again with the Magic Killer. They got a fair amount of "Too Sweet" chants in both matches.

- SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus defeated The Usos and The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) in a triple threat match to retain their titles

Sheamus rolled up one of the Usos as they went for a dive outside the ring. This was the usual fare from these teams.

- Carmella & R-Truth defeated Zelina Vega & Andrade "Cien" Almas

Carmella and Truth did their extended intro. There was a dance break and this was their usual comedy match.

After Carmella and Truth won, they brought kids into the ring for a dance break.

- Rey Mysterio defeated Randy Orton

Mysterio got a big pop. Orton came out in total heel mode, spending a few minutes pointing out how short Mysterio is and getting on his knees to fight him.

Orton got about a minute of offense in before Mysterio finally attacked him and very quickly hit the 619 into the frog splash for the win. Orton spent a couple minutes in the ring after looking annoyed and in disbelief, then left throwing a ton of attitude at the audience.

- United States Champion Rusev defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain his title

Nakamura had very little heat. Rusev was over big time, but the match itself didn't get much heat. Rusev won with the Machka Kick after Nakamura tried the Kinshasa off the middle rope.

- WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz and Mustafa Ali in a triple threat steel cage match to retain his title

Ali was the most over guy all night -- people really wanted to see him win this in his hometown. All three traded Yes kicks, including Ali kicking the other two at the same time. At one point, Bryan suggested to Miz that they team up on Ali. Miz agreed after some posturing.

After they stomped Ali a bunch, Miz celebrated and Bryan tried to climb out while Miz's back was turned. Miz angrily told him to get down, and Bryan offered his hand in friendship. Funny stuff. Standout spots included Ali hitting a Spanish Fly on Bryan, Bryan and Miz fighting on top of the cage, and Miz hitting a Skull Crushing Finale on Ali for a near fall.

The finish came after Ali put Bryan on top of Miz and went to hit the 054 on both of them -- Bryan moved and then threw Ali into the cage and pinned Miz. Disappointed that we didn't get Bryan vs. Styles, but Ali was such a star that it made up for it.

- Intermission was after this and it was announced that Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship would be the main event.

The place had emptied out a lot when the lights came on. It was probably only 50 percent full for the last stretch after starting out about 70-80 percent full.

- Naomi & Lana defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Dull match with lots of bad wrestling. It built to the Naomi hot tag, with her winning with the Rear View on Rose. Naomi was pretty over and Lana got some chants throughout.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe

Both guys got a good pop for their entrances, but you could tell the crowd was running out of steam at this point. Joe hit all his signature spots, mocked Hardy's entrance at one point, and Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and won with a running splash for the pin.

- SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in a triple threat match to retain her title

Very good match -- one of two all night where it felt like the wrestlers were really working hard (Bryan vs. Miz vs. Ali being the other). Lynch was over huge, Charlotte got a mixed reaction, and Asuka was over but not as much as Lynch.

Charlotte had the Figure Eight on Asuka at one point, but Lynch broke it up with a leg drop from the middle turnbuckle. Asuka won with the Asuka Lock on Charlotte after Lynch had been tossed outside.

Lynch was very protected throughout. The crowd had emptied out too much and was too tired to give this match the heat it deserved.