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WWE East Lansing, MI, live results: Sami Zayn gets booed

Submitted by reader Patrick Hayes

- SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated The New Day, Breezango, and Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin to retain their titles

Big E was on the outside while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston represented The New Day in the match. After Kingston dove over the top rope on all of the teams, Jey Uso rolled up Woods for the pin.

Kingston did a twerking session that lasted more than 60 seconds while he was in the ring with Fandango during the match.

- Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler

This was a similar back-and-forth match to the one they had at Hell in a Cell, with them doing the same rolling/tight-grabbing sequence while going for pins. Roode hit the Glorious DDT for the win.

- Tye Dillinger & The Hype Bros defeated Aiden English & The Ascension

English ran down East Lansing and Michigan State sports via song before the match, including calling the people in attendance garbage. Dillinger got the win for his team and Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley didn't tease any of the dissension that's been happening on TV.

- Randy Orton defeated Rusev

They had a longer and more competitive match than the one at Hell in a Cell, though Orton still won with an RKO out of nowhere.

- Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Naomi defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya, Lana, Carmella & Tamina

They had a fun match. Carmella trolled the audience at one point by faking that she was going to throw her hat into the crowd, with Naomi eventually taking it from her and throwing it for her. The crowd started a "We want Ellsworth" chant, which was quickly shut down and booed loudly.

Lynch took most of the punishment during the match until Charlotte got the hot tag, cleared the ring, and submitted Lana with the Figure Eight.

- Sami Zayn defeated Mike Kanellis

The most surreal moment of the show was Zayn getting absolutely booed out of the building in what was his first appearance since making the save for Kevin Owens and helping him beat Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell.

Zayn's music hit, and the crowd booed him more than any heel all night. He came out to his usual entrance music but did none of his signature dances or poses. He was also wearing the generic black hoodie he wore at the pay-per-view. He kept looking at the crowd like he was almost depressed or ashamed when they would chant "Shane O'Mac" or "You sold out!"

The match was competitive until Owens interrupted as he limped out to congratulate Kanellis on Maria's pregnancy. As Kanellis stared at Owens, Zayn hit him with the Helluva Kick for the win. Zayn left the ring quickly, glaring at Owens as he walked up the ramp.

Owens then headed to the ring while limping and with a bandage around his arm to cut a promo. He apologized to Kanellis for his badly timed congratulatory message, took credit for taking out Shane, claimed he’s the biggest star in the company, and briefly issued a challenge for the toughest person in the back to come face him before saying that the crowd didn't deserve to see him wrestle.

Owens was cheered heavily, so it's a strange dynamic they've started with Zayn being hated for helping him.

- Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles defeated WWE Champion Jinder Mahal & United States Champion Baron Corbin

Mahal cut a short promo before this started, mostly speaking in Punjabi. He drew a "You're Canadian!" chant from the audience. He later responded to "3MB" chants by grabbing his title belt and playing it like a guitar, which the crowd got really into.

The Singh Brothers kept interfering throughout the match, once getting chased to the back by Styles before returning. The heels worked over Nakamura for most of this one, but he came in late to hit Mahal with the Kinshasa and clear the way for Styles to connect with the Phenomenal Forearm on Corbin for the victory.