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WWE Main Event results: Aleister Black makes his show debut

The Big Takeaway: Aleister Black made his show debut by squashing Curt Hawkins, then Noam Dar and Gran Metalik put on a good match to make it a thoroughly enjoyable Main Event.


Aleister Black defeated Curt Hawkins (2:00)

Hawkins cuts a pre-match promo, asking who’s ready for a "heaping helping of Hawkins?" He does some awful comedy aimed at the British, but much to everyone’s delight, Aleister Black from NXT comes out to "face the facts."

Black wrestled under the name of Tommy End in Europe and the UK, but was born in Amsterdam, Holland. At TakeOver: Orlando, Black made his televised in-ring debut in NXT, defeating Andrade "Cien" Almas and this marks his main roster debut (even if it's only temporary).

Black’s speed and talent is too much for Hawkins, who is an excellent foil for him here. He cuts an imposing figure -- he has the height and bulk, but a fairly unique look. After sending Hawkins outside, he threatens a suicide dive, but instead does a flip off the second rope, lands on his feet, and sits cross-legged in the middle of the ring, staring back at Hawkins.

After giving a little of the match to Hawkins, Black takes over. His moveset is full of kicks, leg lariats, and forearm strikes. He’s agile, athletic, and impressive. After two charges into the corner, he boots Hawkins to the mat and then drags his chin up with his foot and hits a roundhouse kick (the Black Mass) for the win.

This was exactly what the crowd at the O2 would have wanted from Main Event.

Noam Dar defeated Gran Metalik (7:47)

It was good to see Noam Dar in action in front of the London crowd. These two are really talented and Dar and Metalik put in some intricate work early on, but the crowd are a little subdued after the debut of Black. They come to life when Metalik open hand chops Dar and springs off the top rope with an armdrag that sends Dar outside.

Metalik stands on the apron and boots Dar in the face and then sets up a top rope springboard moonsault. After a little shaky footwork on the top rope, he lands the move perfectly and is safely caught by Dar as we head to a break.

Dar gets some support from the London crowd when he boots Metalik in the shin and he tumbles down to the matting outside. Dar rolls him back inside and slows things down, tying Metalik up with what looked like a standing STF. After more rest holds, Metalik gets a suplex in and both men go down.

After Dar kicks out of a running bulldog and a small package, Metalik hits Dar with a tope to the outside. They both crawl back in and Dar hits his impressive running enzuigiri to a nice pop and ends the match.

This was the second good Main Event show in as many weeks -- and long may it continue.