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WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander vs. EC3

The Big Takeaway: Standard fare this week on Main Event. Natalya carried Tamina to a decent match as Natalya won in the opener, then Cedric Alexander beat EC3 as the pair slugged it out in an enjoyable main event.


Sam Roberts returned to make it a three-man announce booth alongside Byron Saxton and Renee Young this week. Commentary on Main Event has been in a state of flux for the last few months, with no permanent replacement for Corey Graves in place yet. 

Natalya defeated Tamina (5:48)

This was a tough week for the extended Hart family. Last Saturday marked 17 years since the passing of Davey Boy Smith, while this Thursday was 20 years since Owen Hart’s death. Seeing Natalya get a win here -- even if it was on Main Event -- was a nice touch.

This was Natalya’s first appearance on this show since she submitted Lacey Evans back in February, while Tamina has had to accept a few appearances on Main Event over the last few months. Her WWE career continues to stutter.

Tamina got a lot of offense in as they essentially took the match 50-50 here. After lots of rest holds, Tamina went to put Natalya on her shoulders, but was caught up in a small package. It literally looked like Natalya just rolled off her rather than Tamina actually kicking out.

Natalya then locked in the Sharpshooter and Tamina immediately tapped.

Cedric Alexander defeated EC3 (7:23)

Like a lot of people, I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing with EC3. Moving him up to the main roster has resulted in him being underused and, to some extent, misused. The argument for cutting their losses and moving him back to NXT is strong at this point.

EC3 lost here to Cedric Alexander. The pair then went on to be involved in the 24/7 Championship fiasco on Raw after Main Event was recorded, with both men losing.

Much like the opening bout, this was very much a back-and-forth, 50-50 contest. It looked like EC3 had it when he hit a fireman’s carry cutter followed by what he used to call the Ethan Carter Driver on Impact. Alexander kicked out by the skin of his teeth.

EC3 went for the One Percenter, but Alexander quickly reversed it into the Lumbar Check. Alexander didn’t quite connect perfectly with the move, so it looked a little unwieldy, but it was enough to bag the win for him after a pretty decent match.