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WWE Main Event results: EC3 gets his win back

The Big Takeaway: EC3 defeated Apollo Crews in a rematch of last week’s main event. Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Tyler Breeze then saw off Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers in a pointlessly short bout.


EC3 defeated Apollo Crews (5:24)

After the outcry last week at him being on this show, losing, and losing to someone who currently means as little as Apollo Crews, EC3 got his win back. In the spirit of 50/50 booking, this rematch looked to be heading the same way until the last 30 seconds.

They did some mat work early on and a lot of rest holds. Crews worked over EC3’s left arm that he continued to sell throughout. EC3 bullied him for a little and taunted him until Crews got the heat. 

At the finish, Crews nailed EC3 through the ropes to the outside with an enzuigiri. Crews then rolled him back in and went up top. EC3 got to his feet and pulled the ropes so that Crews tumbled off. This allowed EC3 to hit the One Percenter in the middle of the ring for the win.

A pro to the last, EC3 still sold his left arm after the bell, berating the referee for trying to raise it. He rolled his eyes and made the ref switch sides to raise his right instead.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Tyler Breeze defeated Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers (3:10)

This was fun while it lasted, but was inexplicably short for a six-man tag that had so much talent on the babyface team. Mahal, who only took two bumps in the match and didn’t tag in, had his right shoulder heavily strapped with kinesio tape.

In the three minutes that they were given, they essentially put on a tag match for The Singhs to get as much ring time as they could. Kalisto and Dorado moved around at 100 mph and Breeze, who was sporting a new goatee, cleared house, looking impressive yet again this week.

After neutralizing Mahal with a superkick, he rolled out of the ring and stayed there. Breeze took out Sunil and Kalisto and Dorado teamed up to finish off Samir. Kalisto used the Salida del Sol and Dorado came off the top with a Shooting Star Press to take the win.