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WWE Main Event results: Heavy Machinery make their show debut

The Big Takeaway: Heavy Machinery made their Main Event debut and picked up a win against The Ascension. The B-Team & Tyler Breeze saw off Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers at the end of the show with relative ease.


Heavy Machinery defeated The Ascension (5:10)

Since they moved up to the main roster, Otis and Tucker have had four matches to date. Their debut in January saw them defeat The Ascension on Raw, but since then have been victims of defeats in fatal four-way and four corners tag matches. 

If you’re not an NXT viewer, then what you need to know about these two men is that they are impressive, agile, and very strong. Their finisher, which they used here, is The Compactor, a kind of piggyback World's Strongest Slam.

The match wasn’t much until the end. They built a basic story around Tucker playing babyface in peril while Otis waited desperately for the hot tag. Otis trash talked Konnor, goading him to get tagged in. 

When he finally got it, Otis absolutely ran wild, culminating in both his caterpillar elbow drop and The Compactor on Viktor for their show debut win. 

The B-Team & Tyler Breeze defeated Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers (4:34)

A little under two years ago, Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion. In the old days, his title reign being over would have probably seen him leave the territory and move on. But now, WWE mostly demotes the likes of Mahal to shows like this, dark matches, and house shows. It’s a difficult premise for anyone to particularly relish.

As in previous weeks, Mahal did very little and the Singh Brothers spent the match stalling for time, engaging in dance-offs and comedy spots, and doing their best to flip around for their opponents.

Curtis Axel booted Mahal off the apron and into the dasher boards at the finish. This left Breeze to lock in a half Boston crab on Sunil Singh -- before the ring filled again. With Mahal and Samir Singh taken out by the B-Team, it allowed Breeze to hit the Beauty Shot on Sunil for the win.