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WWE Main Event results: Match stopped due to Dana Brooke injury

The Big Takeaway: Dana Brooke got busted open when she was kneed and posted on the apron by Sarah Logan. Robert Roode made his first appearance on Main Event since November, defeating Cedric Alexander in a good match at the end of the show.


Sarah Logan defeated Dana Brooke (4:03)

So, as most people will know, this match had a lot of publicity this week because it caused Brooke’s facial injury. The spot that caused Brooke to be busted open came about two minutes into the match after they had done some fairly solid back and forth.

Both of these performers have improved of late, but what led to Brooke being completely bloodied was partly because the spot was ill-conceived and partly because of a few mitigating factors. 

Logan had Brooke in a chinlock at the ropes and the referee called for a break, so Brooke went out on to the apron under the ropes. Logan followed Brooke and kneed her in the face, which caused Brooke to turn around and take a posting.

From seeing the tape back, it was a combination of two things that meant that the spot went wrong: the force of the knee and the proximity of Brooke to the post. It was clear that Brooke had underestimated how close she was to the post.

Logan sat on the ropes, not entirely sure how to react as the ref dealt with the blood.

They threw up the "X" and raised Logan's hand, but she couldn’t hide her concern for Brooke. Logan then swaggered out of the ring and back up the ramp.

Robert Roode defeated Cedric Alexander (6:50)

Roode hasn’t been on Main Event since the back end of last year when he and Chad Gable were tagging together. He looked in tremendous shape as he defeated Alexander here.

In contrast to the opening match, this was a good, solid wrestling match between two strong performers. Their different styles worked well together and, although it’s a crime that Roode is on this show at all, they put on a good match.

Alexander took a ton of the offense throughout. He flipped around and grounded Roode down, getting close to winning on several occasions. It was only in the last minute that Roode was able to turn things around.

Roode caught the charging Alexander and nailed him with a spinebuster for two. Then Alexander came back. He blocked Roode's DDT attempts, but Roode knocked him off the top rope and was able to hit the Glorious DDT for the win.