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WWE Main Event results: Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

The Big Takeaway: Lacey Evans remains winless since joining the main roster, this week submitting to Natalya. No Way Jose picked up his first singles win of 2019, defeating Tyler Breeze in the main event of the show.


Natalya defeated Lacey Evans (6:06)

Evans made her main roster debut against Natalya on what seemed to be a Main Event taping last month, but for some reason it didn’t air. Instead, they ran an in-studio Raw-rehash show that was hosted by Scott Stanford. At that taping, she tapped out to Natalya, just as she did here.

They were looking to revive their Royal Rumble rivalry, where Evans and Natalya started the women’s Royal Rumble match off together. Evans managed just under 30 minutes that night, but was ultimately dumped out by Charlotte Flair.

Here, though, Evans was pretty fantastic. And working with such an excellent wrestler like Natalya, she was made even more impressive. Evans sold really well, had believable histrionics, and looked really tough when she got fired up for the heat. Her Merosault is also quite the finisher.

After teasing the Sharpshooter early on, Natalya eventually locked it on in the center of the ring -- and Evans didn’t take long to tap. This was very good; Main Event could do a lot worse than to have more of this each week.

No Way Jose defeated Tyler Breeze (3:37)

This one went surprisingly quickly and was played as babyface vs. babyface, with Breeze applauding Jose’s entrance into the ring and both men shaking hands and helping each other up during the match.

To give both their due, they did well in the time that they had: they did several close finishes, with Breeze just kicking out of a flapjack and Jose getting his shoulder up after a superkick. They teased a ref bump, went through a commercial, and did a spot where Jose was able to reverse the Unprettier.

Whether this is a compliment or a good thing, I don’t know, but there’s something strangely reminiscent of Koko B Ware in some of Jose’s moves. Ultimately, he won when he slingshotted Breeze into the turnbuckle and then whipped him into the rope to nail him with the pop-up punch. 

There is always lots of energy to their matches and Breeze is a very competent technical wrestler, so they probably deserve better than this.