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WWE Main Event results: Rawley unveils new look, IIconics in action

The Big Takeaway: Mojo Rawley debuted his new look, squashing Heath Slater in under three minutes. The IIconics then made their Main Event debut, defeating Alicia Fox & Tamina in a non-title match.


After Sam Roberts' appearance on commentary two weeks ago had been criticized by many on social media, David Otunga joined Byron Saxton and Renee Young on announcing duties this week

Mojo Rawley defeated Heath Slater (2:41)

After multiple hype vignettes on Raw, Mojo Rawley finally debuted his new look, strangely doing so on this show. He had new gear and a long dark blue sleeveless hood that was a little reminiscent of the hoods that Demolition wore.

Saxton then spoke about Rawley's months of self-reflection as Rawley stayed hunched in the corner with his hood covering his face. On the bell, he leaped up and charged at Slater. He pulled back the hood and revealed the face paint that he had in the promo videos.

After beating Slater down and screaming at him, Rawley finished him with a running forearm and a new finisher – an Alabama slam. 

In all honesty, it was nothing really all that different to the usual Rawley stuff. It will be more about what they choose to do with him rather than what he does that will affect how this character moves forward. But with a debut on Main Event, the signs don’t look all that positive.

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) defeated Tamina & Alicia Fox in a non-title match (3:57)

Royce and Kay cut a pre-match promo running down the state of Kentucky and the crowd. They noted that no one else could do what they achieved at WrestleMania and then laughed and posed.

This was as you would expect and wasn’t much of a Main Event debut for The IIconics. It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore to see Tag Team Champions on Main Event, yet it still is – with Raw as a three-hour show, you have to wonder why they can’t make room for their title holders.

The match had broken down and Tamina had bulled Kay and made her scream for mercy. So Royce just marched in the ring and took out Fox. Royce and Kay then teamed up and hit the IIconic knee on Tamina for the win. It looked like a soft victory after lots of stops and starts in the last minute or so.