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WWE Main Event results: Ryder & Hawkins vs. Gallows & Anderson

The Big Takeaway: Two regular matches this week -- one that was too long and one that was too short. EC3 lost again in a rematch against Cedric Alexander from last week. In the main event of the show, Raw Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins had a fun-while-it-lasted non-title bout, seeing off Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.


Byron Saxton and Renee Young were back as a two-person announce team this week. Saxton has done a remarkable job at merging his voice to sound just like every other generic WWE announcer. 

Cedric Alexander defeated EC3 (5:46)

Well, he lost again. EC3’s apathy is certainly apparent these days if you check out his Twitter. From a gif of him raising a red cup and an eyebrow from Raw to a picture of an out-of-shape-looking, pot-bellied Chris Hemsworth from Thor, EC3’s posts seem to say it all.

If you saw their match last week on Main Event, it was pretty much the same as this one. They did a big spot where EC3 hit a superplex on Alexander, but otherwise they would have benefited from going home earlier and giving more time to the tag match.

The finish was much the same as last week, too. EC3 went to set up for the One Percenter, but Alexander flipped out of it and then hit the Lumbar Check for the win. EC3 sold it like it killed his back and Alexander leaped on him for the pin.

Raw Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in a non-title match (3:47)

This was very entertaining for what it was. All four of these men are very good at what they do, with Hawkins the standout here. Why it had to run at under four minutes and why it has to be relegated to Main Event is up there with asking why they called up EC3 and why he keeps losing.

There were a few looks and little wry smiles in this match that showed that these two teams probably get on pretty well on the road. Hawkins and Ryder are extremely smooth together -- and for Gallows and Anderson much of this is now like muscle memory.

They went back and forth until the ring filled and Ryder was able to take out Anderson. Hawkins gave Anderson a sweet-looking Pele kick to stagger him so that they could set up the Long Island Express for the win.