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WWE Main Event results: Six-man tag, Rezar vs. No Way Jose

The Big Takeaway: Two fairly bland matches this week with Rezar beating No Way Jose in the opener and The B-Team & Tyler Breeze notching up another win over Jinder Mahal & The Singhs in a rematch of last week’s main event.


Rezar (w/ Drake Maverick) defeated No Way Jose (4:26)

On the surface, this match didn’t feel all that different from something that would have appeared on the old WWF Superstars: you had the heavyset villain complete with a milquetoast manager and the babyface trying to pull off a short-sighted gimmick in whacky colored tights. 

What was different, though, was the length. This ought to have been a squash match that showed off Rezar’s strength and potential for dominance. Instead, he beat up Jose, who only got some brief hope and spent more than half the match using rest holds.

After making much more of this than they needed to, Rezar ended this with a big boot and a chokeslam in the middle of the ring. The win leaves Rezar undefeated as a main roster singles competitor.

The B-Team & Tyler Breeze defeated Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers (4:34)

This was a rematch of last week’s Main Event match and was almost move for move the same with exactly the same outcome. Breeze, who was the standout again here, is so undervalued at this point that it would do him no harm to hit the reboot button.

Mahal was once again notable by his lack of in-ring presence. He was in and out quickly -- and the babyfaces made short work of him in order to clear their path to beat down the Singh Brothers. It’s clear that Sunil and Samir are improving, slowly but surely.

At the finish, the ring was empty with Sunil looking like he was going to finish off a prone Breeze. But Breeze was playing possum and, just as he did last week, sprung up as Sunil was running the ropes and nailed him with The Beauty Shot for the win.