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WWE Main Event results: Viking Raiders make their show debut

The Viking Raiders

The Big Takeaway:

The Viking Raiders became the latest in an increasingly long line of NXT graduates who have been relegated to this show, beating the thrown together team of Titus O’Neil and No Way Jose in a nothing match. 

Sarah Logan then made it two defeats in as many weeks on Main Event, losing to Natalya in a decent bout to close the show.


The Viking Raiders defeated Titus O’Neil & No Way Jose (4:03)

Well, it was only a matter of time: War Machine had a goofy name change within minutes of joining the main roster and now, here they are on Main Event.

Complete with loincloths, face paint and knock-off Road Warrior shoulder pads, they came out looking every bit like The Ascension v2. Sad, but true. Unfortunately, the match was a meager offering to boot.

They cut the ring in half early on, beating down on Jose. O’Neil got the hot tag and he cleaned house. Then, Ivar stemmed the flow, redressed the balance, and they hit the Viking Experience on Jose for the win.

It defies belief that they cannot make room for these former NXT stars on a three-hour episode of Raw, but logic rarely comes into it these days.

Natalya defeated Sarah Logan (8:50)

This was, by contrast, pretty solid as they gave it a lot longer to breathe than they normally do on Main Event. Natalya was a little frustrated that the crowd wasn't getting behind them, because there was a lot of good mat and submission work here.

The commentary felt particularly clunky throughout this one, too. At one point, Byon Saxton praised Logan for having the Sharpshooter “well scouted” – a move that is about as subtle to apply to an opponent as a shark attack.

The Sharpshooter was really what the match was built around, though. At every turn, Natty tried to apply it and Logan was quick to escape it. Logan had some submission moves of her own, but eventually succumbed to the finisher, tapping immediately.

Logan is certainly still a little rough around the edges, but if she worked nine minutes with Natalya every night, she’d quickly get even better.