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WWE Mixed Match Challenge live results: The finals

Images: WWE

Team Awe-ska won the mixed tag team tournament after defeating the Robe Warriors in the finals. The Asuka winning streak also remains alive.

Asuka & The Miz against Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roose was about more than just Mixed Match Challenge. Asuka and Charlotte were on opposing sides days ahead of their singles title match at WrestleMania.

The winning streak of Asuka continued as momemtum builds heading into the Smackdown Women's Championship showdown on Sunday. In arguably one of the best matches of the tournament, the highlight was Asuka and Charlotte squaring off in the ring before their title match.

The charity represented by Team Aweska -- Rescue Dogs Rock -- gets $100,000 for their team winning the tournament. All other charities involved in Mixed Match Challenge each get $10,000.

As the show opened, the announce team strongly encouraged the audience to interact on social media. Carmella & Big E were also shown interacting in the comments section.

Asuka & The Miz defeated Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode to win the tournament

Miz pinned Bobby thanks to an assist by Asuka. Bobby had Miz set up for a Glorious DDT when Asuka rushed into the ring to kick Bobby. That continued a theme throughout the tournament of Asuka making the save as Miz almost cost her the winning streak. Ironically, Miz then delivered the Skull Crushing Finale to score the deciding pinfall in winning the tourney.

The men started the match, which let anticipation build before Charlotte and Asuka squared off in the ring. Miz was begging to start only to regret it. After some walking and talking, Miz got the short end of an exchange. Asuka gladly tagged in to face off with Charlotte. They had a collar-and-elbow lock up go to a stalemate even after they spilled out to the floor. After the staredown, they got tagged out.

Miz mocked Flair only to quickly get mowed down by Roode. That led to a hot tag. Asuka ran wild with a flurry of kicks, followed by a near fall after a PK. Charlotte cut off Asuka with chops, and climbed to the top rope for a moonsault. The announcers sold it like the streak was over, but Asuka kicked out of a pinning attempt. Charlotte and Asuka traded more near falls before a double down.

Several times during the match, Miz taunted Flair as he worked over Bobby's leg. Nonetheless, Bobby still hit a flying clothesline even while selling his leg. Miz later went back to working the leg. When Miz signaled for the figure four leglock, Charlotte rushed into the ring to break up the hold and apply the figure four on Miz.

Miz kicked out of another near fall in the closing moments. Bobby signaled for his finisher, but Asuka kicked him him the back. That allowed Miz to counter with his finisher for the pin.

Renee Young did a post-match interview with the winners. In a total babyface promo, Miz said this was the best week of his life with the birth of his child. Miz went on to put over all the charities involved -- especially Rescue Dogs Rock. Miz vowed to retain the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania. Asuka chimed in to say she would win the women's championship. The winners then closed the show with their "Awe-ska" catchphrase.