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WWE Mixed Match Challenge live results: The semifinals begin

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Asuka & The Miz advance to the finals of the mixed tag team tournament after winning their semifinal match in Dallas. Team Awe-suka defeated Team Little Big in the semifinal match as Asuka's winning streak remains intact. 

Asuka & Miz team again in the tournament final scheduled for April 3rd -- which is within the go-home week of programming before WrestleMania. The second semifinal match is set for next week, with Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode against Sasha Banks and Finn Balor.

Sasha & Finn won a second-chance fan vote to re-enter the tournament. They were previously eliminated in week seven of Mixed Match Challenge by losing to Asuka & Miz. Fans overwhelmingly picked Sasha & Finn in the fan vote as they supposedly won by 40% to become the team chosen to face Charlotte & Bobby next Tuesday.

For the philanthropic aspect of the show, Asuka & The Miz represent Rescue Dogs Rock as their chosen charity. Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman supported Connor's Cure. The winning team in the tournament gets $100,000 donated to their charity, and all other charites represented each receive $10,000.

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Asuka & The Miz defeated Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman

Asuka submitted Alexa with an Asuka Lock. Beforehand, Braun tackled Miz through a barricade for a stunt in the timekeeper's area. Meanwhile, Alexa cradled Asuka in the ring for a great nearfall that teased ending the streak. Asuka moments later countered into a submission hold and Alexa tapped out.

Asuka & Miz progressively show signs of dissent despite being focused on the winning streak. Miz keeps referring to the streak as "theirs" even though Asuka continually corrects him saying it is her streak. She made a save during the match to keep the streak alive. Asuka also had to save the team at the finish after Miz was laid out following a stunt.

Asuka first saved the team in the match when she broke up a pin attempt. Before trying to pin Miz, Braun threw a dropkick. Yep, Braun Strowman throws dropkicks nowadays. It is some sight to see.

During the match, a spot further played up sexual tension between the characters in Team Little Big. Much like in a previous match, Alexa was knocked off the apron into the waiting arms of Braun. He held her as they gazed into each other's eyes for an enchanted moment. Later in the match, Alexa & Braun slowly went in for a kiss. Suddenly, Miz attacked Braun to ruin the mood. Miz would pay dearly.

Braun pummeled Miz throughout much of the match. Miz tried to attack a leg, but Braun soon hulked up. Miz breaking up the kiss sent Braun into a rage. Braun several times sent Miz into the barricade as he mauled him at ringside.

Dominating in the ring, Asuka ran wild in the closing minutes. A double-down led to Asuka & Alexa selling in mid-ring, which allowed the focus to shift towards ringside where a tackle from Braun sent him and Miz crashing through a barricade. Back in the ring, Alexa got a nearfall only to shortly thereafter tap out when trapped her in the Asuka Lock.

Asuka & Miz become the first finalists in Mixed Match Challenge. In the finals on April 3rd, they meet the winners of a semifinal match next Tuesday with The Robe Warriors (Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode) against the Boss Club (Sasha Banks & Finn Balor).

Heading towards the finals like...

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