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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Awe-ska vs. Ravishing Rusev Day

WWE's mixed tag team tournament continued with two teams improving their unbeaten records. Two other teams remained winless with their losses.

Bobby Roode became the new member of Team Pawz after an injury to Kevin Owens left Natalya without a partner. Team Pawz had already lost their first match in the tournament -- and they would remain winless in spite of the change in tag team partners.

Mickie James & Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush) defeated Natalya & Bobby Roode

Lashley pinned Roode after hitting a spear. Country Dominance has a much better dynamic with both being heels. Nonetheless, this was a meeting of odd couple teammates. A member of each team was a substitute tag partner.

The match began with a lot of walking and talking. Natalya and James tried to lead “Bobby” chants. The joke was both of their teammates were named Bobby. Natalya took off her cat ears headband and placed it on Lashley. He flexed while wearing the cat ears. Lashley then heeled on Natalya by throwing the headband down and stomping on it. Roode jumped in to defend the honor of cat ears.

As Natalya and James locked up, a random shot showed The Miz & Asuka warming up for their match. Meanwhile, Natalya and James were having a match in the ring. They collided with each other on a double crossbody. That led to a hot tag.

Lashley was dominant until he posted himself. An argument began in the middle of the match. That led to Natalya and Roode applying stereo sharpshooters. Lio Rush jumped on the apron to cause a distraction. Roode and Lashley countered each other’s finisher. Lashley then gored Roode with a spear to score the pinfall.

In a backstage interview after the match, Natalya urged Roode to stay positive. Roode did so. Asuka interrupted as she ranted in Japanese. Asuka then said “we will win” before she walked out for her entrance.

Asuka & The Miz defeated Lana & Rusev

Asuka submitted Lana with the Asuka Lock. This match had plenty of gaga. Rusev was hilarious as he talked trash and narrated his own offense. The crowd cheered everyone in the match except Miz. They did a “yay/boo” spot based on that. Lana and Rusev kissed. They dared Asuka and Miz to kiss each other. They chose to fight instead.

Lana jumped off the apron with a flying crossbody at one point. Asuka got heat on Lana until Asuka missed a splash off the top. Rusev ran wild while he narrated his house cleaning. Both Lana and Rusev got near falls. Miz mimicked Aiden English in a ploy to cause a distraction. That led to a series of cartoonish spots. Asuka made the save when Lana tried to apply the Accolade on Miz. A moment later, Miz saved Asuka on a pinning attempt by Lana.

More gaga ensued as Miz began provoking Lana to slap him. The distraction by Miz allowed Asuka to catch Lana in the Asuka Lock. Lana tapped out for the submission.

Awe-ska remain undefeated since the inaugural mixed tag team tournament. They improve to two wins for this season. Next week in the SmackDown block, Asuka & Miz in their third match this season face Day One Glow (Naomi & Jimmy Uso).

Also next week, Team Pawz (Natalya & Bobby Roode) take on B’N’B (Bayley & Finn Balor) in the Raw block match

Raw block standings --

  • Ember Moon & Braun Strowman (2–0)
  • Mickie James & Bobby Lashley (2–0)
  • Bayley & Finn Balor (1–1)
  • Natalya & Bobby Roode (0–2)
  • Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal (0–2)

SmackDown block standings --

  • AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair (2–0)
  • Asuka & The Miz (2–0)
  • Naomi & Jimmy Uso (1–1)
  • Lana & Rusev (0–2)
  • Carmella & R-Truth (0–2)