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WWE NXT results: Adam Cole vs. Kassius Ohno

The Big News: Adam Cole defeated Kassius Ohno all by himself in an exciting main event.

The Medium News: Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne replaced Moustache Mountain and defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The Little Beaver-sized News: A fan named Johnny Gargano jumped the barricade and attacked Tommaso Ciampa before being heaved out of the arena.


Hey, we're back in Full Sail!


Tommaso Ciampa walked out to start the show. The Full Sail crowd had the same reaction the Center Stage fans did, booing him vociferously and chanting about how much he sucks. There were about a dozen fans who tried to get a chant for Ciampa going, but they were overwhelmed by chants for Johnny Gargano.

Much like the last two weeks, the fans were not interested in what he had to say, booing louder and louder every time Ciampa held the mic up. Finally, Ciampa shouted that Gargano was gone and was never coming back. He didn't get to say anything else as the fans drowned his voice out with louder boos before Ciampa left the ring.

On his way around, he grabbed several Gargano signs from fans and ripped them up. One girl actually looked like she was going to cry, and then a little old lady stood up to him. Finally, he ripped the sign out of the hands of another fan, who took off his lucha mask -- and it was Johnny Gargano!

Gargano leapt over the barricade and beat Ciampa like Ciampa owed him money. Security ran in and dragged Johnny Wrestling away and threw him out of the building.


Charly Caruso announced that, due to Tyler Bate being injured, Moustache Mountain have been removed from the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Bate's knee injury has sidelined him for two weeks, and that is what led to the team pulling out.

Roderick Strong went to Twitter to plead with William Regal to put him in the Dusty Classic. Mr. Regal granted the request, and it's now up to him to find a partner.


Adam Cole and Kassius Ohno argued on Twitter and now they are wrestling this week.

Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly joked about Strong getting into the Dusty Classic. After that, they turned their discussion towards Kassius Ohno. Cole said this was a day off and he was so confident in victory he told the other two to stay backstage.


Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic first round match

Strong is teaming with his one-time foe, the reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. Lorcan and Burch have been teammates for around nine months and have had as much televised success as a team as they had as singles.

This was a shockingly even match as Dunne and Burch worked very well together. Dunne went for a leapfrog, but Burch tripped him up and turned it into a submission hold and we had a stand off as all four men went face to face. After a commercial break, Strong and Dunne had the heat on Burch, but the fans were into both teams. Lorcan eventually got the hot tag and ran wild on Strong, getting one near fall after another.

Dunne had the match won with an Ex-Plex, but it was broken up. Burch and Lorcan locked on a dual submission, but Strong kicked Lorcan off, and he fell into the Dunne/Burch pile.

Finally, Strong pinned Burch with a release suplex into a backbreaker.


A video package for Ricochet aired. They used the never-aired match from the Center Stage tapings to showcase him.


NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon defeated Aliyah in a non-title match

It's time for Aliyah's once-every-two-months match on NXT where I keep assuming she is better than she really is for some reason. She's going up against the champ herself, who is 17 days away from facing Shayna Baszler for the second time when it's Moon-Baszler II for the NXT Women's Championship at TakeOver: New Orleans.

Aliyah, who apparently took a class called Circus Skills at university, has improved at least some after two years of training. Baszler came out to do commentary for the match. She put her feet up on the announce desk and looked quite comfortable watching this bout. Anyway, Moon used a Samoan drop as a shoutout to her TakeOver opponent before using a front springboard punch to the face and The Eclipse for the win.

Baszler started screaming that Moon was helpless before standing on the announce table to have a staredown from 50 feet away.


Raul Mendoza came out for a match when he was viciously assaulted by El Idolo! The NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas finally became annoyed with what Aleister Black said about him and Zelina Vega last week. He called out Black, calling him a piece of sh*t.

Apparently Black isn't here this week and Almas was okay with this.


Lars Sullivan is coming back next week. Black will also be on the show.


Backstage, Regal announced that next week he will be making an announcement that will change the landscape of NXT forever. I bet he bought a stallion that the wrestlers will ride on the way to the ring! Okay, that's probably not happening.


Adam Cole defeated Kassius Ohno

It was time for the main event. Cole was taking Ohno lightly as he left Fish and O'Reilly backstage. The funny part is Cole brings those two out for his jobber matches, so in storyline Cole has less regard for Ohno than the lowest of the low. Ohno now wears a boxing robe to the ring too.

An early sequence saw Ohno break out a leapfrog, which is not easy. Seconds later, when Cole went for a leapfrog, Ohno just booted him right in the chest. And then tragedy struck as Cole tweaked his knee outside the ring. Oh no! This is horrible for Adam Cole. He may not be able to continue -- wait, its a miracle. Cole is okay! He leapt up and kicked Ohno right in the head before demonstrating to the crowd that his knee was fine.

Ohno got his second wind and was building momentum. He got the world's longest two count on a cyclone kick. I think it made the referee dizzy. Cole went bat crap crazy and exploded with a series of forearms and a brainbuster across his knee. Ohno blocked the Shining Wizard, then hit a roaring elbow and a diving elbow, which caused Cole to fall outside the ring.

Ohno got Cole back in the ring, but that was his undoing. Cole hit multiple superkicks and The Last Shot (Shining Wizard) as he picked up a big win on the road to TakeOver.

So, that does it for this week. Until next week, thank you for reading and remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!