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WWE NXT results: Aleister Black makes his return

A surprise return with a cliffhanger ending highlighted a show billed as having a double main event on episode #473 of NXT. Aleister Black returned wanting answers from Nikki Cross in an angle that closed the show.

Cross for weeks was ranting that she knew a secret. Her return match with Bianca Belair ended in a no contest when Black made his surprising return.

In the other half of a double main event, Undisputed Era defended their NXT Tag Team Championship against The War Raiders. Bobby Fish returned to action doing a run-in for a disqualification. The tag team title match opened the show.

War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) defeated NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) via disqualification

Bobby Fish ran in swinging a chair at War Raiders for the DQ. War Raiders were dominating in the story of the match despite sleek teamwork by Undisputed Era. They tried to double-team Hanson at the outset. He made his own comeback and sent Undisputed Era scrambling. Rinse and repeat in a similarly effective formula throughout the match.

Undisputed Era targeted Rowe’s knee and worked him over. The tag champs proverbially cut the ring in half -- which has become a staple of their offensive strategy. Despite the efforts of Undisputed Era in trying to block a tag, Hanson was able to make a switch as he tagged in to clean house. Hanson proceeded to mow down Undisputed Era before getting a near fall.

O’Reilly twice saved Strong from Hanson making pinning attempts. Rowe jumped back into the fracas as War Raiders began showcasing double-team power moves. Rowe assisted Hanson in delivering a springboard lariat. Adam Cole out of nowhere ran down to presumably cause a DQ and save the titles. Hanson blocked a punch and decked Cole to neutralize the interference. The referee let the match continue.

The slight distraction allowed for O’Reilly to execute Ax and Smash for a two count. Rowe fought back only to get trapped in a heel hook applied by O’Reilly. Hanson suplexed Strong onto O’Reilly to break up the submission hold. War Raiders launched into tandem offense heading into the finish. Hanson dispatched both Strong and Cole with a tope suicida. Rowe then assisted Hanson in dropping a guillotine legdrop on O’Reilly. Bobby Fish then ran in to attack War Raiders for a DQ.

Fish doing a run-in saved the titles for Undisputed Era. While Fish was present for promos and other appearances, he has been out of action recovering from surgery; him running in marks his return to active competition. War Raiders fed their backs as Fish waffled them with a chair shots. Undisputed Era afterwards posed standing over the wreckage.

Shayna Baszler defeated Britt Baker

Baszler won in seconds via referee stoppage. Baszler quickly took Baker down to the mat and tied up an arm. Baszler stomped on the arm to injury the appendage. Baker sold big as she screamed in agony. The ref stepped in to stop the match. He raised the hand of a smirking Baszler -- but she was not yet finished. Baszler sadistically rushed in to deliver a leaping knee strike that laid out Baker. Baszler flashed a sadistic smile before leaving.

William Regal was pacing in his office when a reporter peppered him with a question about what Nikki Cross might know. Regal was unsure what Cross knows about the attack on Aleister Black, but Regal was sure that Black was returning soon. Regal said he needed answers so he plans to talk to with Cross after her match later on.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Tian Bing & Rocky

Lorcan pinned Rocky after a double-team implant DDT. Bing at the start was able to out-maneuver Lorcan. Lorcan soon found himself trapped by Rocky in a full nelson. Lorcan escaped to tag out. Burch was a house of fire before making a quick tag. He assisted Lorcan in setting up an implant DDT -- and Lorcan then scored the pinfall.

Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair ended in a no-contest

The surprise return of Aleister Black caused the match to end without a finish. This was a rematch of a previous meeting that also ended in a similar non-finish. The match itself between Cross and Belair was intense in building anticipation for a return match -- hopefully with an actual finish the next time. The angle with Black as a plot twist was significant enough to compensate for the match not having a finish.

Cross and Belair rushed in at the start and a brawl ensued. The fight spilled out of the ring. Cross sent Belair colliding into the ring steps. The melee continued back in the ring. Belair stomped on Cross, and then she grounded her with a neck vise. Belair displayed her mean streak to counter the manicial character of Cross. Belair had on a lot of body glitter. Soon everything else in the ring was also covered in glitter as the match progressed.

Belair did a forward flip into a standing moonsault for a two count. Cross fought back with forearm shivers. Belair applied a double chicken wing, but Cross countered into a victory roll near fall. Cross trapped Belair in the tree-of-woe. After a running bulldog on Belair, a crazed Cross climbed the turnbuckles for a flying crossbody. Belair kicked out at two.

Belair answered back with a forearm shiver that dropped Cross. Belair then speared Cross for a near fall. Belair kept trying for pin covers and Cross continued to kick out. Belair executed a deadlift powerbomb. She was in disbelief when Cross still kicked out.

An enraged Belair shoved Cross and yelled at her to stay down. Cross answered with a smirk. Belair slapped her and Cross sneered. Belair lifted Cross into a military press. Cross escaped to give Cross a reverse DDT for a near fall. Cross again climbed the turnbuckles and leapt off the top rope. Belair whipped Cross in mid-air with her braid. The fighting continued as they set up Cross giving Belair a superplex.

Both were down selling when the lights went out. Ominous music began playing as darkness engulfed the ring. The lights came on and Black was sitting crossed-legged in the ring. The crowd gasp. Belair seemingly disappeared from the ring. Black was face-to-face with Cross. A “holy s***” chant gave way to the crowd chanting “Nikki’s got a secret.”

Black wanted Cross to tell him what she knows. Cross whispered something into Black’s ear. Black bowed his head for a moment. His seething then turned to rage as the show faded to black.