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WWE NXT results: Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong

The Big News: Bobby Roode pinned Roderick Strong to retain the NXT Championship in an excellent main event.

The Medium News: Hideo Itami's heel turn continued as he and Kassius Ohno lost to SAnitY.

The Little Beaver-sized News: With this being the 400th episode, I fondly remembered the greatness of NXT: Redemption.


Welcome to the 400th episode of NXT! It's hard to think this is the same show that once upon a time featured talent contests, mustache promos, Percy Watson being attacked by Percy Watson, the Goldust-Aksana wedding, Johnny Curtis' van, the Derrick Bateman-Maxine-Kaitlyn-Johnny Curtis love rectangle, Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu feuding because Kidd broke off the leg on Tatsu's action figure, and Matt Striker being kidnapped.


Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe defeated Hideo Itami & Kassius Ohno

Ohno has traded in the Chicago Bulls gear for Orlando Magic gear. He and Itami have been at odds the last few weeks due to Itami's frustration at not winning the NXT Championship. This particular match was set up last week when SAnitY beat down Ohno and Itami.

Wolfe took an Ohno knee to the face so hard that he flew into the babyface corner and tried to tag out. Shockingly, that didn't work and instead he was at the receiving end of kicks from both babyfaces. Finally, Wolfe took out Itami and SAnitY got the heat on him.

Wolfe pulled Ohno off the apron, which led to an argument around the time Itami hit his kicks and went for the tag to the invisible man. Itami made his own comeback and Ohno, back on the apron, reached for the tag, but Itami refused to tag. Itami and Ohno argued until Wolfe gave Ohno the big boot off the apron.

Itami went for the GTS, but Dain was able to tag himself in. Just as Itami dropped Wolfe, Dain ran him over with a full body attack and pinned him.


Ember Moon was interviewed at the Performance Center earlier today about facing Asuka. Ruby Riot took offense to this and told Moon it was her time because she never got her shot. I guess those two triple threat matches (including the elimination match where she was the only one pinned) don't count.


We had a Drew McIntyre video package, which led to McIntyre doing an interview about tonight's main event. He said it will be a fantastic match, but the next time he gets asked about the NXT Championship, they'll be asking about his championship match.

McIntyre said he has to join the lineage of NXT Champions to prove he is the best. He doesn't care if he has to face Bobby Roode, Roderick Strong, or Dain, who is undefeated, all roads lead to his NXT Championship.


We were reminded about Tommaso Ciampa betraying Johnny Gargano back at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, which led to the announcement that Gargano will make his first NXT appearance in two months next week.


Kayla Braxton was at the Performance Center with the pouting Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. They felt disrespected because Kay did not have a birthday celebration and only Royce gave her a present.

Andrade “Cien” Almas was arguing with Thea Trinidad in the background. As the cameras ran up to them, Trinidad stormed off and Almas then left instead of answering questions.


“Last week” Bianca Belair defeated Aliyah to qualify for the Mae Young Classic.


They re-aired the Roode-Strong video package. On his way to the ring, Strong said the only thing on his mind was victory. Roode said Strong has been living a fairy tale the last six weeks, but now his fairy tale faces a reality that is glorious.


NXT Champion Bobby Roode defeated Roderick Strong to retain his title

For those keeping track, Roode, in his quest to become the WWE Slow Walk Champion, took two minutes and ten seconds to walk all the way down the ramp and get in the ring. Strong's mother and fiancee (Marina Shafir) were sitting at ringside and they cut to Shafir multiple times during the match.

Roode took Strong lightly for the first few minutes until he went to mock him with his "Glorious" pose, but Strong dropkicked his head clean off. Roode tried rolling out of the ring, but alas Strong followed him outside and beat him from pillar to post. Roode was finally able to catch a breather

Roode took over with a boot to the charging face of Strong and a blockbuster to slow the match down. They ended up outside the ring, with Roode knocking Strong off the steps and somehow catching his leg in between the steps and the post, injuring the knee of the challenger.

Strong desperately tried to fight to his feet after minutes of Roode working on his knees. He hit a big backbreaker across the bad knee for a two count, but Roode clipped his knee from behind. Strong would surge up and hit one big move, but Roode would knock him back down time and again.

Strong hit the gut check and Roode just barely kicked out before the referee's hand hit three. Roode slammed Strong's knee into the ring post, but he was still able to fight back. Strong dropped Roode on the top turnbuckle, but he rolled outside.

Roode finally hit a Glorious DDT, but Strong kicked out, which was the first time the fans made noise, as they got behind Strong. Roode mocked Shafir and told her to go, which led to Strong making a fiery comeback.

Strong's knee connected with Roode's jaw multiple times and he then hit his release suplex into a backbreaker, theoretically for a three count, but Roode got his foot under the ropes! Strong's music played and he was announced as the new champion as he celebrated with his wife.

Finally the referee told him otherwise, but when he tried to roll into the ring, Roode knocked him off the apron and Strong collided with the barricades in front of Shafir. Roode went out and dropped Strong with a Glorious DDT on the floor and then one in the ring to retain the title.

So, that does it for this week. What will happen when Johnny Wrestling returns to NXT? There's only one way to find out. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.