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WWE NXT results: Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami

The Big News: Kassius Ohno took a hard kick to the groin, getting a disqualification win over Hideo Itami in the process.

The Medium News: After destroying former TNA Knockout Lei'D Tapa, Ember Moon was officially named number one contender and will face Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

The Little Beaver-sized News: SAnitY confronted The Authors of Pain and got their butts kicked.


Ember Moon defeated Lei'D Tapa

Lei'D Tapa becomes the most recent former TNA employee to appear on NXT television, as she went one-on-one with the woman who is arguably the top contender to the reigning, defending, undisputed NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, Ember Moon.

Tapa came out strong and fast, but Moon quickly turned things into her advantage, using, among other things, a tornado vertical suplex, and she picked up the win in less than two minutes with The Eclipse. This match almost lasted as long as Tapa's run in TNA.

Moon grabbed the mic after the match and declared that she wanted Asuka at TakeOver: Brooklyn. She announced that she is standing right here and will give Asuka all that she desires in regards to a worthy challenger and competition.

Moon said she is not afraid and she will defeat the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, closing up by asking Asuka if she was ready for Ember Moon.


Roderick Strong went to Twitter after he lost his title match and told Bobby Roode that that was not the last he'll see of Strong.


We got an Aleister Black video package.


Up next, the undefeated, undisputed, NXT Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain were scheduled to destroy Timothy Bumpers & David Ramos. However, it never quite got that far.

Nikki Cross met AOP on the ramp and stood in front of them as Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain stormed to the ring through the crowd and destroyed AOP's intended opponents. Akam and Rezar stomped to the ring and we had a brawl between the four men.

The SAnitY duo got a brief flurry, but ultimately the tag team champions stood tall, making Dain and Wolfe slink off. Wolfe did cackle at them from the ramp, but this is far from over.


The Street Profits cut another Snapchat promo. For the first time we actually got names for them. If you read the NXT live event reports you already know this, but for those who don't, they are Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins used to be an NXT jobber and was best remembered as the guy who wore two headbands for some reason.


Two months ago, Andrade "Cien" Almas lost to Cezar Bononi but did not care until last week. Thea Trinidad was given the name of Zelina Vega. Anyway, No Way Jose chased off Almas last week, which led to a confrontation between Jose and Vega earlier today when he was arriving at the arena.

Vega said she admired Jose, but unfortunately for him he got involved in her and Almas' business and he cannot dance around the fire that he just set.


Velveteen Dream defeated Cezar Bononi

Bononi won one match two months ago, lost a second match last week, and now has his own music and titantron. I guess losing to Jose is the equivalent of paying your dues?

Bononi looked really good here. He has great size, power, and is a heck of an athlete. Despite all that, he got dropped with a rolling Death Valley Driver and the Purple Rainmaker for the pin.

Kayla Braxton tried to interview Velveteen Dream after the match, but he refused to do so in front of the ugliness of the fans. If you recall, Dream wouldn't cut promos previously because of the horrible ambiance of the backstage area. So the stage has terrific ambiance, if only they had better looking fans, I guess?


William Regal was backstage and he made Asuka vs. Ember Moon official for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.


We were then joined by Drew McIntyre, who is the number one contender and is headed to Brooklyn to challenge Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship in just a little over three weeks. McIntyre won last week against Killian Dain using the Claymore Kick.

McIntyre said he doesn't go backwards and is not concentrating on his previous failures. He said it wasn't until he was gone from WWE that he woke up and realized he needed to be the hardest worker in the entire world. He grew and became more successful. Every company he went to became bigger and better in part because of his hard work. That hard work brought him back to NXT.

He said everyone in NXT are equals and they walk side by side. Everyone...but one. And that one is Bobby Roode. When McIntyre looks in Roode's eyes he sees the look of entitlement. This is not Bobby Roode's NXT, this is all the fans' NXT. McIntyre got the entire crowd on their feet and announced that Roode is not NXT, but we are NXT.


Roode will reply to Drew McIntyre next week, plus Johnny Gargano will finally return to the ring as he faces off with Raul Mendoza. During the main event they also announced Asuka will finally return.

Speaking of Mendoza, he cut a promo saying he's been training just as hard as Gargano and maybe next week is not so much about Johnny Gargano, but about Raul Mendoza.


Kassius Ohno defeated Hideo Itami by DQ

After a night full of two minute matches and promos, it was nice to take a deep seat for the main event. These two have had differences dating back to Itami's attitude change after losing to Roode at TakeOver: Chicago. Finally, Ohno got tired of listening to Itami's griping and here we go.

They always say that you will hit your friends harder than you will hit people that you don't like. With that in mind, these two must be the best of friends. Ohno and Itami did not appear to be pulling much as the sound of flesh on flesh echoed throughout the arena as Itami finally took over by knocking Ohno out of the ring and to the floor.

They chilled out afterwards as a wrestling match broke out. Itami got the heat until diving off the top rope and falling into a chop from Ohno. Ohno literally ran wild with a series of clotheslines and a cyclone boot to the jaw.

Itami battled back and hit a nice corner dropkick to Ohno. He went for a Go to Sleep, but Ohno got out and hit a big boot. Ohno went for a rolling elbow, but Itami...kicked a field goal with Ohno's groin for the disqualification.

Itami snapped upon learning the decision and destroyed Ohno with kick after kick. Itami laid him out with two different GTS', and I think their friendship is officially over. Itami dragged Ohno outside the ring and dropped him face-first on the ring steps.

What happened to the Hideo Itami we knew and loved? Maybe we'll get our answers next week. Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!