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WWE NXT results: Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

The Big News: Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch stood tall over The Undisputed Era to close the show.

The Medium News: TM61 continued their heel turn, using treachery to defeat The Street Profits.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Candice LeRae was so devastated by Johnny Gargano being beaten down last week that she was unable to concentrate and lost to Bianca Belair.


The Undisputed Era kicked off the show with a backstage promo, bragging about their successes. Adam Cole said Oney Lorcan will be able to tell his grandkids that he lost to Adam Cole. Kyle O'Reilly dared Danny Burch to try to attack them again. Bobby Fish said he'll alert his rehab that they have more patients coming. Roderick Strong said that what he did to Pete Dunne at TakeOver is nothing compared to what will happen tonight.


Kairi Sane defeated Shazza McKenzie

McKenzie is from Sydney, Australia, which is an excellent vacation spot. She used some weak-looking offense early, but this was Sane's match as she hit all of her moves rather quickly before landing the Insane Elbow for the win.

After the match, Lacey Evans strolled out to address Sane. Evans said a true lady has the courage to admit they were wrong. Evans told Sane that she was sorry for doubting that she belonged in NXT. Evans stuck her hand out, hoping Sane would accept her apology. While Sane thought about it, Evans knocked her out with one punch.


Candice LeRae cut a promo regarding Tommaso Ciampa's attack on Johnny Gargano last week. She doesn't understand who Ciampa is or why he is doing this. She thought her and Gargano were done with this and couldn't continue the interview because she was crying too hard.


A Lars Sullivan video aired. He wants a championship belt and doesn't seem picky about which one.


TM61 defeated The Street Profits

Both teams were defeated by The Authors of Pain during this year's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. TM61 seemed to be teasing a heel turn a few weeks ago as they are trying to be as successful as they were once upon a time.

This was a good little TV tag team match between two sets of babyfaces, or at least what we thought were babyfaces. After a series of reversals and roll-ups, Shane Thorne pinned Montez Ford with his feet on the ropes while Nick Miller held his feet for more leverage.


A video aired for the impending bout between War Raiders and Heavy Machinery. They will square off next week.


Kassius Ohno was very upset about Ciampa beating up Gargano last week. Notice that he hasn't been terribly upset 51 of the last 52 weeks since Ciampa turned on Gargano? Anyway, he vowed to take out Ciampa.

Ohno vs. Ciampa was made for next week.


Kona Reeves defeated Patrick Scott

Reeves is now “The Finest” Kona Reeves. It's possible that he used to be “The Unsatisfactory” Kona Reeves. What would happen if you merge the corniness of John Morrison, the looks of Hiromu Takahashi, and the white jacket of former NXT rookie Jacob Novak (who was a tool)? Kona Reeves.

Reeves hit the Ted DiBiase falling middle rope elbow and the Hawaiian drop (a slightly modified Samoan drop) for the pin.


EC3 said after having a five-star first match in NXT, imagine what his second match will be like? He also said the sequel is always better than the original. He is facing Raul Mendoza next week.


Dakota Kai was being interviewed earlier today. She really wants to make her mark in NXT. She refused to talk about Shayna Baszler. Vanessa Borne walked up and said Kai was a pathetic scaredy cat. Borne would have slapped the hell out of Baszler and is afraid of neither Kai nor Baszler.

Kai said she has issues with Borne. Borne was upset by this and walked away.


Bianca Belair defeated Candice LeRae

The story of this match was that LeRae was distracted, thinking about Gargano and his health. The highlight of the match was Belair lifting LeRae off the mat and straight over her head, as if she was powerlifting her.

LeRae got a brief comeback, but Belair blocked the tornado DDT and pinned her with the Alley Oop.


WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong by DQ

Strong came out to his own music, but that quickly changed to the Undisputed Era's theme. Dunne ran across the ring at the bell and punched Strong right in the mouth in the greatest opening five seconds in wrestling history. This was a hard-hitting match between two men who knew each other's moves and spent time thinking of counters to those moves.

After being stretched for several minutes, Dunne made his comeback by blocking a suplex and hitting an Ex-Plex. Dunne went for the fingers, but Strong booted him to the outside near Cole and O'Reilly. They didn't do anything, but that brief distraction gave Strong another flurry. Dunne finally got tired of being a punching bag and snapped Strong's fingers and made his final comeback. Dunne pounded away in the corner before hitting the Bitter End.

Dunne went for the cover, but Cole and O'Reilly ran in for the disqualification. We had a three-on-one beatdown of Dunne until Lorcan and Burch ran in for the save. The show ended with the two trios staring at each other from afar.

So, that does it for this week, until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!