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WWE NXT results: Two championships on the line

The Big News: The Revival were the ones left standing after the Authors of Pain vs. DIY NXT Tag Team Championship match.

The Medium News: Asuka and Ember Moon appear to be on a collision course.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Bobby Roode will make his first NXT title defense in two weeks against Kassius Ohno.


Patrick Clark defeated Sean Maluta

It was Tough Enough vs. Cruiserweight Classic here. Clark refused a handshake at the start, so Maluta kicked his butt from the bell and almost picked up the win with a shining wizard before being cut off. Clark hit a few moves and got his first win with the famouser.

This show is so packed with stuff that we didn't get a replay and seconds after the match we immediately cut to commercial.


SAnitY were being kept warm by a fire in a barrel. Eric Young said they know Tye Dillinger's fate and now he is reaching up and bringing his friends down with him. He called Dillinger a disease and pleaded to let Young get rid of him.


NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) to retain her title

The undefeated, undisputed, reigning, defending NXT Women's Champion is here to put her undefeated streak and the championship gold (well, silver) on the line against the alumnus of the Storm Wrestling Academy.

Royce gave it the old college try, but Asuka destroyed her at the bell, using the running hip attack in the ring. Royce rolled to the apron for a breather, so Asuka gave her another hip attack and Royce crashed to the mats outside. Royce did get the heat when she pulled Asuka shoulder-first into the post.

Royce worked on Asuka's shoulder, which she sold constantly while making her comeback. Asuka used what was basically a hip toss into a nasty looking knee to the face. Asuka used the second shining wizard of the night, but like with Sean Maluta, it did not lead to a pin.

Royce got a near fall with a running elbow drop and spin kick to the face. However, Royce faced the same result everyone does, she tapped out to the Asuka Lock.

Billie Kay attacked Asuka after the match and we got a two-on-one beatdown, including the heels yanking her arm and shoulder into the ring post. Ember Moon ran in and made the save, taking out both Kay and Royce on her own.

Asuka and Moon nodded at each other and then had a staredown with Asuka holding the belt over her head.


Up next was a recap of the Bobby Roode/Shinsuke Nakamura/Kassius Ohno story. This led to an announcement that Bobby Roode will defend the NXT Championship against Kassius Ohno in two weeks.


Paul Ellering hyped up his Authors of Pain backstage.


A video package for Wolfgang aired. He was also in the WWE UK Championship tournament and was actually my pick to win it.


Shinsuke Nakamura will be back in the ring next week.


WWE is releasing a brand new book, looking at the history of NXT. I may be a doubting Thomas, but I doubt they will have a full recap of the greatness that was NXT: Redemption.


DIY defeated NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain by DQ

It was now time for the main event! DIY won the NXT Tag Team Championship back at TakeOver: Toronto, but their title reign did not last very long, dropping the straps at TakeOver: San Antonio. In nine months, The Authors of Pain have won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and now the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Tommaso Ciampa was fast from the start, sending Akam outside the ring, but he got caught on a dive and ran back-first into the ring post. Ciampa took one heck of a beating, but fired back with some hard strikes to Rezar, but the big man no-sold them and the champs laid him out again.

Johnny Gargano eventually got the hot tag and ran wild on both men. Gargano flipped and flew and seemed poised to regain the titles. Gargano used his slingshot DDT for a near fall. Ciampa tagged back in, hit a discus clothesline, and slapped on the over-the-top armbar, but it got broken up.

Rezar went for a superplex on Ciampa, but Ciampa slid underneath and the challengers teamed up for a powerbomb. Akam broke up DIY's attempt at their finish, however DIY slipped out of the Super Collider and locked on a double submission. Suddenly, The Revival ran in from out of nowhere (the backstage area) for the disqualification.

The Revival saved the titles for AOP, laying out Ciampa with the Shatter Machine. AOP didn't appreciate this, so they attempted to lay out The Revival, however the Top Guys laid out Akam and Rezar, including giving Akam the Shatter Machine.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder have been left standing here tonight, but what does that mean for the future? Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!