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WWE NXT results: UK tag match highlights pre-TakeOver action

The Big News: Wolfgang pinned Tyler Bate to win the tag team main event with his partner, Pete Dunne.

The Medium News: Lars Sullivan finally decided to ditch the tag team division and destroyed No Way Jose.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Ignore everything but the main event and re-watch TakeOver: Brooklyn.


For the fifth straight night, WWE has invaded the Barclays Center! Don't try to tell me this was taped Saturday night, because I call shenanigans.

Before I begin, I am going to save myself the time of saying this five times. They did five video packages recapping the matches at TakeOver. Any interviews recapped featuring the participants aired after those video packages.


No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan never began

Jose's new job is the old Enzo Amore and Big Cass spot where he opens every show. He brought fans over the dasher boards to fiesta with him before the match until he was attacked by Sullivan. Sullivan destroyed Jose while the fans stood and watched in horror.

Sullivan, who went 0-for-the-millennium in tag team action, is much more dominant by himself. The match never got started as Sullivan walked off after leaving Jose laying.


We got a Johnny Gargano promo from earlier today. Gargano said he has no excuses for losing to Andrade Almas and he owns that. Brooklyn didn't go as planned, but he knows people still believe in him and this is far from the end for Johnny Wrestling.


Asuka did a post-match press conference with “international media.” She bragged about winning and said she will continue to do so.

They did share the news of Asuka's collarbone injury and Asuka declaring that she will be back.


Pete Dunne and Wolfgang cut a promo backstage about their match tonight. They were asked what this match would do for the UK division.

Dunne said him wrestling makes the brand stronger. Wolfgang said that after they win their tag team match, Dunne should give him a title shot. Dunne told him not to get too far ahead of himself.


Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) defeated Sarah Logan

The fans were really into the Iconic Duo's entrance. Logan's enthusiasm was infectious, but she was here tonight with a job to do.

Logan dropped down too close to the ropes, causing Royce to trip on her while coming off of them. Not sure if that was a botch, but they made it look good. Royce then used kind of a reverse tarantula in the ropes.

Logan ducked under a spin kick and hit a delayed German suplex. Kay tried to get involved, but it backfired and Logan almost got the pin with an O'Connor Roll. However, Royce picked up the win with a fisherwoman's suplex.


On next week's episode, Drew McIntyre will reply to the beatdown he got at TakeOver from Adam Cole and reDRagon.


Bobby Roode ordered a lackey to get his bags and put them in his car after losing the NXT Championship on Saturday. He refused to do an interview, then Roderick Strong blew him a kiss, telling him “see you soon.”

We then recapped his debut on SmackDown last night and there was a promo with Roode saying he doesn't leave behind unfinished business. He said he is going to beat Strong, then beat Drew McIntyre and take back his NXT title, and then he will make SmackDown "glorious."


Aleister Black ignored the random schmoes shoving microphones in his face and demanding comment following his match on Saturday.


WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne & Wolfgang defeated Tyler Bate & Trent Seven

It was time for the main event. Bate won the UK title in the tournament from this past January. Then Dunne beat him for the belt in the WWE Match of the Year (so far) at TakeOver: Chicago. If for some reason you have never watched that match, you owe it to yourself to go to the Wayback Machine and watch it.

Bate and Seven also go by the team name Moustache Mountain.

Everyone got a polite reaction, but Dunne got the reaction of a superstar. Dunne and Bate started at the bell and did just enough together that it made you beg for their third encounter to happen soon.

Dunne and Wolfgang got the heat on Seven when Wolfgang exploded from the corner with a spear as Seven was playing to the crowd by twirling his mustache. Dunne bent Seven's arm completely behind his back and then bent his fingers in the direction they're not supposed to go. That always makes me hurt.

Bate got the hot tag, and while fans liked him when he entered the arena, they quickly loved him again with his work. Bate had the match won with the Tyler Driver '97 on Dunne, but he didn't notice Wolfgang blind tagged himself in. Wolfgang hit a huge swanton bomb on Bate for the pin and the win.

That does it for this week, and that officially does it from Brooklyn. We head back to Full Sail next week and begin the road to the next TakeOver. Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!