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WWE Payback live results: The Fiend vs. Reigns vs. Strowman

Just one week after SummerSlam, WWE returns to pay-per-view with Payback tonight.

The show will be headlined by "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt defending his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns in a no holds barred triple threat match. After The Fiend won the Universal title from Strowman at SummerSlam, Reigns made his return and attacked both of them.

It was revealed on Friday's SmackDown that Reigns is now aligned with Paul Heyman.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre won't be in action at Payback after the storyline where he was given three punts by Randy Orton on Raw. Orton will instead face Keith Lee tonight. Lee made his official Raw debut against Orton on Monday, but the match was interrupted by McIntyre.

The Women's Tag Team titles will be on the line as Bayley & Sasha Banks defend against Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax. The United States Championship will also be up for grabs as Apollo Crews defends against Bobby Lashley.

In a rematch from Monday's Raw, Rey & Dominik Mysterio will team up against Seth Rollins & Murphy. Plus, Big E vs. Sheamus and Matt Riddle vs. Baron Corbin round out the main card.

The pre-show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern time and will feature Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan vs. The IIconics. The main card will then begin at 7 p.m. Eastern.



The show opened up with the pre-show panel featuring Charly Caruso, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, JBL, and Pete Rosenberg. Caruso noted that SummerSlam was just one week ago in the same arena. Lawler said he's the not so good looking replace for Renee Young. Caruso praised Young. 

The panel then ran down the card for tonight. They focused on the triple threat match between Universal Champion The Fiend, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns. They recapped the feud, including the reveal that Reigns and Paul Heyman are aligned.

Caruso noted that Reigns hasn't signed the contract yet and is on his way to the arena. She confirmed that Reigns is in the match. They discussed Regins aligning with Heyman.

JBL said Heyman is one of the worst human beings but is one of the greatest managers of all time. 

The panel then discussed the Randy Orton and Keith Lee match. They recapped the Randy Orton and Drew McIntryre angle from last Monday night. 

Caruso changed the subject to Sasha Banks & Bayley against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. They aired a good video package on Bayley and Banks. Booker praised Banks and Bayley but thinks Jax and Baszler have something special. Lawler and Booker pointed out that Jax and Baszler hate each other, but that might be their advantage. JBL and Rosenberg disagreed. 

They briefly discussed Apollo Crews defending against Bobby Lashley. They recapped the arm-wrestling match and Lashley's appearance at Raw Underground.

R-Truth interrupted and apologized for being late for Raw Talk. The panel had to explain to him that it's the wrong show and night.

Back from the break, they recapped Big E's comments from Talking Smack and his confrontation with The Miz. Rosenberg applauded Big E's remarks, but Booker T disagreed. He thinks Big E needs to take things more seriously. 

They recapped the Rey Mysterio & Dominik versus Seth Rollins & Murphy feud. The panel recapped and discussed the feud between Matt Riddle and King Corbin.

Caruso then introduced the Raw commentary team Tom Philips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe. 

Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott defeated The IIconics

They worked a slow pace, and it dragged a lot. They did try to tell a story that Morgan's wary about trusting Riott. 

Morgan had the early advantage, but Riott tagged herself into the match. Riott chased Peyton Royce around ringside but ran into a boot from Billie Kay. The heels isolated Riott and cut her off form Morgan. 

Royce slowed the pace down and applied a chin lock on Riott. Riott fought back and crawled towards her corner. Kay tried to pull Morgan off the apron, but she held onto the top rope. Royce then knocked Morgan off to the floor. 

Kay tried to convince Morgan that Riott was the one that hit her. Morgan teased leaving but changed her mind and got the hot tag. She ran wild on the heels. Mogan gave Royce a double foot stomp to the back for a near fall. The IIconics recovered and hit the Deja Vu for a two count. 

Mogan dragged Riott to her corner to make the tag. Morgan fought off the heels and countered Deja Vu. The finish came when Morgan hit double knees on Kay, and Riott hit the Riott Kick for the win.

Morgan and Riott joined the panel right after the match. Morgan referred to the team as The Living Riott. Morgan pointed out that she thought Riott hit her, but Riott said that's not her. The panel said it was a huge win and match for them. They praised Morgan and Riott. 

They recapped WWE Champion Drew McIntyre against Randy Orton from SummerSlam and the angle from the next night. It also included Keith Lee's debut on Raw and his match against Orton. 

Main Show

Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Apollo Crews to win the United States Championship 

Lashley and Crews had a good opening match. It started at a slow pace but picked up towards the end.

Earlier today, MVP promised that Lashley is going to win the US title and make Crews a permanent stay at home dad. 

They started with a lock-up. Lashley took Crews down with a waist lock, but Crews fought out. Crews followed up with a standing dropkick and tried to pick the pace up, but Lashley cut him off.

Crews avoided Lashley and hit a standing dropkick. He knocked Lashley to the floor and hit a standing moonsault off the apron. 

MVP and Benjamin got in Crews' face. Lashley recovered and dropped Crews on the top rope. Lashley ran Crews into the ring post and slowed the pace down with a chin lock. 

Lashley followed up with a fallaway slam and a shoulder tackle in the corner. Lashley attempted a suplex, but Crews slipped out the back and hit an enziguri. Lashley quickly recovered and hit the Dominator for a near fall. Lashley was confident he had the win and became frustrated. 

Crews fired up and made a wild comeback. He hit a splash in the corner and standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews attempted a press slam, but Lashley slipped out and went for the full nelson. Crews avoided and hit a German suplex. Lashley jumped right to his feet, but Crews hit a second German suplex. He followed up with a frog splash for a close near fall. 

Lashley recovered and slammed Crews down hard. Lashley then locked on the full nelson to win the United States Championship.

After the match, the heels celebrated and posed with the title. Crews jumped the heels as they celebrated and promised to win the title back. 

Michael Cole and Corey Graves recapped Roman Reigns aligning with Paul Heyman. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton ran into Heyman. Braxton asked if Reigns is going to sign the contract. Heyman believes that he will, but Braxton has to ask Reigns. Heyman entered Reign's locker room.

Braxton asked if she could ask Reigns, but Heyman said no. 

Keith Lee was in his locker room, getting ready for his match later. JBL approached Lee. He noted if Lee wins, it'll change his career, but if he doesn't win, he shouldn't feel bad. 

They recapped Big E's appearance on Talking Smack. 

Big E defeated Sheamus 

They worked at a very slow pace, and the match dragged. 

Sheamus had the early advantage with a side headlock. He sent Big E to the apron and hit the forearms to his chest. Big E briefly fought back, but Sheamus regained control. Sheamus slowed the pace down and worked over Big E's knee.

Big E tried to fight back, but Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for a near all. Sheamus continued to work over the leg and applied a half-crab. Big E fought out of the hold, but Sheamus quickly took back over. 

Sheamus jumped off the top, but Big E caught him and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. He followed up with a second suplex. He attempted the spear through the ropes, but Sheamus hit him with a knee. 

Big E recovered but started dancing.

Sheamus took advantage and hit the Alabama Slam. Sheamus struggled to get Big E up for the move.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring. 

Sheamus regained control and worked over Big E's injured knee. Big E fired up and hit the running spear through the ropes off the apron. Big E attempted the Big Ending, but Sheamus went back to the injured knee. 

Big E jumped to his feet, but Sheamus rocked him with a knee to the jaw for a close near fall. Sheamus attempted the Brogue Kick, but Big E countered with a powerbomb. He followed up with the Big Ending for the win. 

In the back, Alyse Ashton interviewed Matt Riddle. He promised to defeat Corbin and take his crown. She asked for his reaction to a tweet from Corbin. Corbin's tweet said Riddle would be a failure in the ring like he's a failure at home. Riddle's smile faded from his face, and he walked off. 

In the back, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler argued and got into each other's faces. They agreed to stop arguing for now and get ready for their match.

Matt Riddle defeated King Corbin

Riddle and Corbin had a fine match. They worked a slow pace, but it picked up towards the end.

Corbin jumped Riddle as he entered the ring, and his pyro went off. Corbin dominated Riddle and was firmly in control. Corbin slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Riddle fought back and went for the kimura lock, but Corbin fought back with a slam.

Riddle recovered and locked on a sleeper hold. Corbin fell backward to break the hold, but Riddle locked the sleep back on. Corbin tossed Riddle across the ring to break the hold and hit the around the corner clothesline for a two count.

Corbin slowed the pace back down. Riddle briefly recovered, but Corbin regained control with a back elbow for a near fall. Corbin attempted the around the corner clothesline again, but Riddle rocked him with a kick to the head. 

Riddle hit running forearms in the corner, a broton, and running knee for a near fall. He caught Corbin with a kick to the gut.

Corbin recovered and hit the Deep Six for another near fall. Riddle fought back and applied an armbar. He followed up with the Bro To Sleep and the Floating Bro for the win. 

In the back, Riddle felt good and said it was time to move on to brighter things. He was happy to be done with Corbin finally. Suddenly, Corbin jumped Riddle from behind and beat him down. 

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks & Bayley to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

This was a good match with a cool finish. All four worked hard and told a good story. 

The story of the match was Jax and Baszler hate each other and can't get along. Jax told Baszler to follow her lead, but Baszler tagged herself into the match. 

Baszler trapped Banks in the corner and kicked her in the head several times. She then stood on Banks' hand. Banks tagged in Bayley, but Baszler threw Banks to the floor. 

Banks then grabbed at Jax's leg, which caused a distraction. Bayley then threw Baszler into Jax. Jax grabbed her knee after falling to the floor. 

The heels were briefly in control. Bayley attempted a pin, but Jax threw Banks into the ring to break the count. Jax then tossed Banks into the barricade. 

Jax dominated the match until Banks hit Jax with a chop block. The heels took over and isolated Jax on their side of the ring. Jax recovered, but instead of tagging in Baszler, Jax tried to take the heels on her own.

Jax attempted a leg drop, but Bayley went back to the leg. Jax finally tagged in Baszler. She ran wild on the heels and hit running knees on both. Baszler and Jax got on the same page and agreed they could win. 

Jax attempted a powerbomb, but Banks countered.

Bayley hit a flying elbow on Jax and knocked Baszler off the apron. Banks then hit a frog splash on Jax for a near fall. 

The heels gave Jax a double back body drop, but Baszler made a blind tag.

The finish came when Baszler applied the Muta Lock on Banks and the Kirfuda Clutch on Bayley at the same time. Banks tried to help Bayley break the hold, but Baszler grabbed Banks' hand to apply more pressure on Bayley to win the match. 

After the match, Charly Caruso tried to interview Baszler and Jax. Jax celebrated like crazy, but Baszler pointed out they're still not best friends. Bayley and Banks were devastated that they lost. 

Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton

Lee and Orton had a fine match while it lasted. 

Orton applied a headlock immediately to start the match. Lee took Orton down with a shoulder tackle.

Lee avoided Orton with a leapfrog and hit a crossbody block. Orton demanded Lee's respect and rocked Lee with a series of chops. 

Lee fought back and trapped Orton in the corner. Lee missed a charge and went shoulder-first into the ring post. Orton then gave Lee a huge back suplex onto the announce table. 

Orton slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Lee fought back and launched Orton to the floor.

Lee then gave Orton a back suplex on the announce table. Orton recovered and caught Lee with the draping DDT as he entered the ring. 

Orton was firmly in control. He attempted the RKO, but Lee hit the Spirit Bomb out of nowhere for the win. The announcers pushed this has the biggest win of Lee's career. 

In the back, Kalya Braxton approached Paul Heyman. She wondered if Reigns signed the contract yet. Heyman promised that Reigns would keep his word and win the Universal title. 

Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy 

This was a really good tag team match and told a good story. 

Rey teased starting the match, but Dominik ran in and jumped the heels. Rollins had the early advantage on Dominik. Dominik fought back and hit a springboard arm drag on Rollins. Rollins was frustrated and tagged in Murphy. 

Rey competed with an eye patch and demanded Rollins get in the ring. Rollins tossed Rey to the floor, and he landed on Murphy's knees. The heels took over and isolated Rey in their corner. 

Rey fought back and tagged in Dominik. Dominik hit a flying crossbody, but the heels caught him, and Rollins hit the falcon arrow for a close near fall. The heels regained control and cut Dominik off from his corner. 

Dominik fought back and sent Murphy into the barricade. Dominik avoided Rollins, and he crashed into the barricade. Dominik fought back, and Rey got the hot tag. 

Rey hit a moonsault for a near fall. He attempted the 619, but Rollins avoided. He tried a powerbomb, but Rey followed through and scored a near fall. 

Dominik caught Murphy with a tornado DDT, but Rollins took him out with the sling blade. Rey hit a seated senton, but Rollins countered with a backbreaker. 

Dominik and Murphy brawled around ringside. Rey avoided Rollins and hit a suicide dive on Murphy. Rey attempted a flying crossbody, but Rollins hit double knees to the ribs. Rollins followed up with a superkick for a near fall. 

Rollins attempted the curb stomp, but Mysterio countered. Rollins recovered and tried a pin, but Dominik made the save. The heels threw Dominik and Rey into the barricade. 

Rollins attempted a running powerbomb into a kick from Murphy, but Rey countered with a hurricanrana, and Murphy kicked Rollins. 

Rey hit the 619 on Murphy, and Dominik hit the frog splash for the win. 

After the match, Rollins seemed upset with Murphy and walked away from him. 

In the back, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin were happy as they left the building. 

No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match: Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) defeated "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman to win the Universal Championship 

This was a good match, although they used a lot of smoke and mirrors. The Reigns and Heyman alliance has a lot of potential. 

The story of the match was Reigns didn't sign the contract and didn't appear for the first half of the match. Strowman and The Fiend went one-on-one for most of the match, which dragged at times.

The Fiend made his entrance and posed when Braun Strowman suddenly jumped him in the dark. Strowman scored a near fall, but The Fiend fought back. He followed up with Sister Abigail for a near fall. 

The Fiend then slammed Strowman through the announce table at ringside. He pulled a giant mallet from underneath the ring. Strowman avoided at first, but The Fiend nailed Strowman with the mallet in the chest. 

The Fiend then rocked Strowman with the steel steps. In the back, Alexa Bliss watched the match and seemed like she was in a trance. 

They fought up the rampway to the stage. Strowman tossed The Fiend into the screen on the stage. The Fiend attempted Sister Abigail, but Strowman fought back and tackled The Fiend off the stage. 

Back in the ring, Strowman climbed to the top, but The Fiend cut him off. The Fiend then gave Strowman a superplex, and the ring exploded. The ring partially fell apart, and The referee even fell out of the ring.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns music hit, and he walked out with Paul Heyman. Reigns signed the contract and entered the ring. He attempted pins on both The Fiend and Strowman. 

Reigns grabbed a chair and destroyed Strowman for a near fall. The Fiend locked on the Mandible Claw, but Reigns used a low blow to break the hold. Reigns jumped back in the ring and hit the spear on Strowman to win the Universal Championship. 

After the match, Reigns and Heyman posed together on the stage to end Payback.