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WWE Raw live results: Asuka vs. Bayley

Date: July 6, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Asuka pinned Bayley in the main event. Asuka and Kairi Sane will face Bayley and Sasha Banks for the tag team titles next week. Sane returned to action tonight and had a competitive match with Banks which ended in a DQ. 

Kevin Owens also returned to action, tagging with Rey Mysterio. Their win allowed Mysterio to pick the stipulation in his match with Seth Rollins: an eye for an eye match. Mysterio threatened to rip his eye out. 

Heath Slater made an appearance, cutting a passionate promo on Drew McIntyre before quickly losing to his old friend. McIntyre and Slater hugged afterwards. 

MVP revealed a new United States title belt, which looks alright in photos but doesn’t look good at all on television. The winner of his match with Apollo Crews will get the belt. 

Also, Ric Flair was on Raw again.

Show Recap -- 

Everyone in the audience appears to be wearing a mask. The announcers ran down tonight’s card. They’re now calling the PPV, “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.” 

Drew McIntyre came out to talk about his match against Dolph Ziggler at “The Horror Show that is Extreme Rules.” McIntyre ran down Ziggler’s options for a stipulation, including a match on top of a volcano. McIntyre wanted to hear Ziggler’s decision and told him not to waste any time. 

Ziggler came out on the stage and said his stipulation for “Horror Show: Extreme Rules” was a secret. Ziggler said McIntyre was dumb for letting him pick the stip. McIntyre reminded him that he was the WWE Champion. Ziggler told McIntyre not to compare their resumes because his was longer. 

They went back-and-forth for a bit. Ziggler claimed that McIntyre left people behind on his way to the top. Ziggler had someone there from McIntyre’s past. 

That brought out Heath Slater. The announcers noted that he had been fired. Slater and Ziggler entered the ring. Slater wore a shirt that read, “Free Agent.” 

Slater spoke about their long history together. He remembered McIntyre getting called up and being declared the chosen one. That McIntyre wasn’t the chosen one, but the guy standing in the ring now was. 

Slater recalled watching McIntyre win the WWE title at WrestleMania and crying with his kids because he was so happy. When McIntyre was fired years earlier, Slater called him every day because they were brothers. However, Slater was fired and McIntyre wasn’t there for him. 

Slater said they only spoke once since he got fired and it was on “The Bump,” the only show they allowed him to appear on to speak his mind. He spoke about his kids and how much they look up to him. Slater recalled McIntyre claiming he would petition to get a match for him but he never did and he was still unemployed. The whole, “I got kids” thing was no gimmick.

Slater was here to take an opportunity. People clapped. Slater wanted what McIntyre promised him. Slater could see that McIntyre didn’t want to fight him so he shoved him and slapped him. McIntyre responded, “You’re on. You got your fight.” 

Slater was good here. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Heath Slater in a non-title match (0:26) 

They both wrestled in jeans. Slater hammered away at McIntyre in the corner but after he took off his t-shirt and turned around McIntyre nailed a Claymore Kick for the quick win. 

After the match, Ziggler yelled at Slater until Slater shoved him down. Ziggler attacked Slater so McIntyre ran down to save him. Ziggler bailed. 

Slater looked up at McIntyre with tears in his eyes. McIntyre helped him up and they hugged. 

Sarah Schrieber wanted to interview Bayley and Sasha Banks but they didn’t want to talk to her. Bayley said they’d rather go talk to the world. Asuka showed up and Schrieber asked how she felt about dealing with them alone tonight. Asuka said he wasn’t alone and danced away. 

Bayley & Sasha Banks promo 

Bayley said Raw could officially start now that they were there. They spoke about their busy schedules. Bayley said Nikki Cross can’t beat her, and Banks said she would tap-out Asuka. Banks said they were about to take over the company. 

Asuka interrupted. Asuka questioned “two-belts Banks” and said Banks wasn’t good at math. Asuka told Bayley she wasn’t ready for her. Asuka noted that Banks didn’t have a match tonight. Bayley accepted the challenge on Banks’ behalf before knowing what Asuka had planned. 

Kairi Sane entered and Banks wasn’t pleased. 

Kairi Sane (w/Raw Women’s Champion Asuka) defeated Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks (w/Smackdown Women’s Champion and Tag Team Champion Bayley) via DQ (13:22) 

Bayley argued with Asuka so Asuka shoved her down. Sane sent Banks out of the ring and knocked down the tag champs with a baseball slide. 

Banks was in control after a break, using a backbreaker for two. Sane dodged a double knee strike and came back with an axe kick, chop and flying forearm for two. Sane then used running blockbusters, a spear and a sliding forearm for two. They traded cradles until Banks used a double knee strike for two. 

Sane put Banks in a cross-legged Boston crab but Bayley attacked her for the DQ. Asuka made the save and brawled with the tag champs on the outside. Sane then knocked down Banks and Bayley with an Insane Elbow to the outside. 

Good match while it lasted. It was nice seeing Sane work an actual match again instead of just getting squashed. 

They cut backstage where Aleister Black was down after being attacked by Murphy and/or Seth Rollins. They had placed a Rey Mysterio mask on Black. 

They let us know that The Miz was on the cover of TV Guide. He’s on a new show called Cannonball. 

The Viking Raiders played with a bowling ball when they were approached by Big Show. Show said he liked to have fun but tonight was not about fun. The Raiders assured him they were taking this seriously. They said they looked up to Edge and Christian and noted that Edge was a fellow Viking. They were about to do their own five-second pose when Show smacked them each in the chest. They got serious and said the raid was on. 

[Second hour] 

The KO Show 

Kevin Owens chucked the leather chairs out of the ring after thinking about who his guest was tonight. He introduced Rollins, whom he called a big piece of trash. Rollins told him it was unnecessary to ditch the furniture and thanked him for having him on as a guest. 

Rollins asked how his fractured ankle was. A fan yelled “you suck” at Rollins, and Owens said she was right. Owens said his ankle was feeling better than Rollins’ ego because he hasn’t done so well since their match at WrestleMania. 

Owens said they all fight for the opportunity to compete at Mania and opponents end up sharing a bond. Owens had a gift for him — a KO-Mania shirt, the same one he wore when he beat Rollins. Rollins chucked the shirt aside and said he didn’t give a damn about Owens or his show. He just wanted to address Mysterio who was now medically cleared. 

Rollins challenged Mysterio to a match at Extreme Rules (he didn’t use the tag line). Rollins wanted to make Mysterio a permanent sacrifice. 

Rollins said Owens sacrificed himself at Mania for the win but it was at a cost. Owens has since been on the shelf. (Owens has wrestled since Mania.) Rollins said Owens needed him after all. Rollins invited Owens to join him. Owens appeared to be thinking it over when Mysterio’s music hit. 

Mysterio came out with Dominick. Mysterio said Owens wouldn’t fall for his B.S. Mysterio accepted his challenge. Rollins was delighted. Rollins also noted that Mysterio’s partner for tonight was missing in action. Rollins threatened to take out Mysterio’s other eye, or maybe one of Dominick’s. 

Owens said he would never fight by Rollins’ side but would always fight by Mysterio’s. Owens offered to be his partner and the winning team could pick the stip at Extreme Rules. Rollins accepted. Murphy attacked Owens but Mysterio made the save. 

Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio (w/Dominick) defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy 

Mysterio was in control until he was distracted by Rollins and Murphy took advantage. Murphy also threatened Dominick. Owens was about to go after him but Rollins cut him off. Rollins got in Dominick’s face and raked his eye. Mysterio and Owens checked on Dominick as they went to break. Dominick was selling his eye after the break. 

Rollins worked over Owens’ ankle/leg. Owens dodged a flying knee, hit a superkick and made the hot tag to Mysterio who ran wild on Murphy. Mysterio set up Murphy for the 619. Rollins tried to save him but Mysterio dropkicked him into the rope (the only time they touched in the match). Before Mysterio could go for the 619, Rollins escaped the ring and grabbed Dominick. 

Rollins threatened to hurt Dominick but Aleister Black came out (to his music) to confront him. Dominick gouged Murphy’s eye and Owens chucked Rollins into the barricade. Mysterio gave Murphy a 619 and frog splash for the pinfall win. 

Mysterio grabbed a mic and said he had the perfect stip for “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” — eye for an eye. Mysterio said he was willing to rip out Rollins’ eye with his bare hands. Rollins and even Owens looked appalled. The announcers acted shocked like we might actually see something like that happen. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Bobby Lashley and MVP. Caruso said there were questions around the US title after Crews was taken out of action. Lashley said he put down Crews with a full nelson. MVP wanted to address this but would do it in style. 

MVP & Bobby Lashley promo 

The announcers said Apollo Crews would defend the US title against MVP at Extreme Rules. 

MVP said Crews was impressive since joining Raw and was like a bright light — until he ran into MVP and Lashley. MVP said Crews disrespected them. MVP said he already beat Crews so he might as well be the US champion. 

MVP unveiled a new US title belt. He couldn’t wait to beat Crews at Extreme Rules just to make it official. Lashley said they can make it official right now. Lashley announced MVP as the new US champion and helped him put on the belt. 

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander interrupted. Alexander said the new belt looked pristine. He also noted that you need to earn titles in WWE. Ricochet warned MVP that Crews would be back soon to end his little fantasy. 

In the meantime, Ricochet and Alexander wanted to put MVP and Lashley out of business. They attacked MVP and Lashley, sending them out of the ring.

MVP & Bobby Lashley defeated Ricochet & Cedric Alexander (6:52) 

This was (another) impromptu match so MVP was in his full suit when it began after a break. He took off his coat before tagging in Lashley to start the match. MVP got involved once Lashley took over. MVP didn't even take off his tie. 

Alexander made a brief comeback but Lashley tagged himself in (even though he wasn’t close to the tag rope) and hit a spear, turning Alexander inside out, for the pinfall win. 

Lashley put Alexander in the full nelson after the match but Ricochet knocked him off with a missile dropkick kick. Ricochet pulled Alexander from the ring before Lashley could kill them both. 

In the back, Angel Garza tried to reason with Andrade but Andrade told him he was sick of this. He was about to leave but Ric Flair stopped him and told them how impressed he was by them. Randy Orton also appeared and noted that he, Andrade and Garza were all third-generation wrestlers. He respected them but warned them to not get in their way once he got his hands on the Big Show. They agreed. 

Caruso interviewed Asuka and Sane. Asuka and Sane challenged Bayley and Banks to a tag title match next week. Sane played their theme on a recorder. 

[Third hour] 

Six-man tag match: Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Big Show & Viking Raiders (13:43) 

The good guys beat up Garza for a while until Andrade tagged in. Andrade and Garza immediately had communication problems, so the faces managed to take down Andrade. Show slammed Erik on top of Andrade but Garza broke up the cover. 

Garza yelled at Andrade until Orton told him to get out of the ring. Orton shoved Garza into the plexiglass and grabbed him by the throat. Orton demanded that he focus and threatened to put him in the dirt if he doesn’t. 

The heels were in control after a beak and they didn’t show or explain how that happened. Erik tagged in and tossed around Garza before hitting a knee strike. Erik was distracted by Orton so Garza managed to attack and the heels took over again. 

Show made a hot tag and hit Andrade with clotheslines and a shoulder tackle. Orton tried an RKO but Show brushed him off easily. 

Ivar tagged in and clotheslined Garza. The Raiders tried to double team Garza but Andrade made the save. Orton then flew in with an RKO on Erik for the pinfall win. Orton stood with Andrade, Garza and Vega after the match. 

The IIconics spoke backstage about how much they don’t like Ruby Riott or her tattoos. Riott appeared behind them. Riott said she was focused on them tonight and that was bad news for them. She said it wouldn’t be iconic, it would be tragic. 

MVP was with Alexander nearby. MVP respected him for attacking them earlier but also wondered why he would want to be Ricochet’s sidekick. MVP said he would be stuck in catering his entire career if he didn’t listen to him. Alexander was annoyed.

Flair congratulated Orton on another win. Orton was still focused on Big Show. R-Truth accidentally ran into Orton. Truth noted how well-dressed Flair was for a man who calls himself the dirtiest player in the game. 

Truth accused Flair of being Akira Tozawa in disguise. Orton was embarrassed. Truth ran away upon seeing Tozawa and four ninjas running toward him. Tozawa and the ninjas stopped in fear upon seeing Orton. Orton did Truth a favour by pointing them in the wrong direction. Orton seemed mildly amused by all of this. 

Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) defeated Ruby Riott (2:41) 

Riott was distracted by Royce so Kay gave her an Eat Defeat and an ugly sit-out slam of some kind for the pinfall win. This was bad and once again made Ruby look dumb. 

Caruso asked Bayley and Banks about Asuka’s challenge. Banks accepted which caught Bayley off-guard. Banks said they had no reason to worry and Bayley was on board. 

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka (w/Kairi Sane) defeated Smackdown Women’s Champion & Tag Team Champion Bayley (w/Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks) (23:24) 

Nikki Cross joined commentary. Security wanted her to leave (because she’s from Smackdown) but the announcers said she could stay. Banks chucked her shades at Cross which caused her to flip out for a moment until she calmed down. 

With the match underway, Bayley went to the outside and knocked Cross’ headset off. Cross tried to go after her but security stopped her and literally carried her away. Bayley tried to attack Asuka but Asuka caught her with a knee strike which led to a break. 

Bayley managed to take control without cheating or a distraction. She went for frequent covers but could only get two counts. Banks was going to attack Asuka behind the referee’s back but Sane confronted her. Bayley tried her between the ropes dropkick but she missed and Asuka kicked her instead. Asuka followed with Yes kicks and a shining wizard for two. 

Asuka used a missile dropkick for two. Bayley ran away but when she slipped back into the ring, she grabbed Asuka and did a slingshot twice into the ropes for a two count. Bayley dropped Asuka onto the announce desk then put the headset on to brag. 

Bayley remained in control after a break. Bayley slapped Asuka which only fired her up. Asuka came back with a Codebreaker, strikes, a running hip attack, German suplex and another hip attack for two. 

Asuka ducked a strike and nailed Bayley with a back fist, which caught her flush in the head. Bayley took a moment while Banks checked on her. Asuka continued the attack and used another missile dropkick for two. 

They fought on the apron until Bayley dropped Asuka face-first onto the buckle before hitting a running knee into the barricade. Bayley struck Sane, knowing Sane would try to attack and distract the referee. Banks attacked Asuka and Bayley followed with a back suplex for a nearfall. 

Banks gave Bayley a bottle of water, which she drank from before dousing Asuka with it. Bayley was shocked upon seeing Cross appear in the crowd (even though she was protected by the glass). 

Asuka put Bayley in the Asuka Lock while Sane took out Banks with a spear (in the ring). Bayley tried to counter but Asuka reversed into a cradle for the pinfall win. 

Pretty good match. I believe this was the longest match on Raw since Bruce Prichard took over.