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WWE Raw live results: Becky Lynch appears, Angle addresses future

Date: February 4, 2019
Location: Moda Center in Portland, OR

The Big Takeaway --

Becky Lynch was suspended by Stephanie McMahon for refusing to see doctors about her knee injury. Stephanie will only allow her to compete if the doctors clear her. The story is that Lynch doesn’t trust Stephanie or the doctors and doesn’t want them to get in her way. Lynch attacked Stephanie but Stephanie managed to escape.

Before Lynch was escorted out of the arena, Ronda Rousey got in her face, cut a promo and called her a bitch. In response, Lynch did nothing.

Elsewhere on the show, Kurt Angle did not retire, but was instead in a tag main event which ended in a lame DQ. Dean Ambrose is back to being a babyface. He lost to EC3, who still has not spoken.

Show Recap --

Stephanie McMahon was in the ring to start the show. She welcomed the crowd to Raw and before she could say much more, Becky Lynch entered to a big reaction. Stephanie continued speaking and cut to a replay of Ronda Rousey’s promo from last week (they didn’t include the line where Rousey said she could kill Lynch). Rousey’s name was booed.

Stephanie was impressed that Lynch was still smiling at the end of that promo by Rousey. Lynch said she had every reason to be smiling and would slap the head off Rousey at WrestleMania. Stephanie was looking forward to it considering her history with Rousey.

Stephanie pointed out Lynch’s knee brace and limp and asked if she was okay. Lynch said she was fine. Stephanie then showed images from the Rumble where Lynch won despite being attacked by Nia Jax. She then noted that Lynch has been refusing medical attention. Lynch said she didn’t want any doctors coming near her.

Stephanie recalled being with Lynch after she got punched by Jax and saw that all Lynch wanted to do was fight, and has never seen that much fight out of anyone. However, Stephanie couldn’t allow Lynch to fight unless she was cleared by the medical staff. The crowd booed.

Lynch said she knew what was happening. Lynch was a glitch in their plan. She said she fought to get to where she is now and claimed Stephanie was trying to hold her back because she never had to struggle for anything. Lynch said she was going to Mania and there was nothing Stephanie or any stupid doctor could do about it.

Stephanie said it was easy--just see the doctors, they clear her, and she can compete. Unless, her knee is worse than she’s letting on. Lynch said Stephanie wasn’t going to take her moment away. Stephanie said she would have to suspend Lynch until she sees a doctor. Lynch warned her not to suggest it again, or else.

Lynch wouldn’t comply, so Stephanie suspended her. Stephanie turned around, then Lynch grabbed her and knocked her down with a punch. Lynch was about to put her in a Disarmer but her knee gave out. A bunch of officials ran out and Lynch fought off a couple, but Stephanie managed to kick her in the leg and escape. Lynch limped to the back surrounded by officials. 

After a break, Lynch was being escorted away by officials when she was approached by Ronda Rousey. Rousey ranted at her for putting their Mania main event in jeopardy. Rousey said she keeps things professional because she knows they have a fight to promote, but what Lynch just did wasn’t professional and doesn’t promote their fight.

Rousey wondered why Lynch was even there and figured she just wanted the crowd to hear her weekly violin recital. She suggested Lynch rest up so she can receive a beating at Mania. Before leaving, Rousey told her, “ice and Advil, bitch.” Lynch just stood there and did nothing, then continued leaving with the officials.

I suppose we’re supposed to think Lynch didn’t attack her because officials were there, but this didn’t come across well for her. 

Non-title match: Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Liv Morgan (w/Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan) (1:25) 

Rousey won quickly with the armbar. Despite coming out smiling and high-fiving the crowd, Rousey grabbed a mic after the match and yelled at the crowd for booing her from the comfort of their seats and called out the rest of the Riott Squad for glaring at her the wrong way. She was ready for another fight, so Sarah Logan obliged. 

Non-title match: Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Sarah Logan (w/Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan) (4:53)

Most of this happened during a break and Rousey won again with the armbar. As the Riott Squad backed away, Ruby jumped on the apron as if she would challenge Rousey. The crowd lightly chanted for Ruby until she backed down and left with her friends.

When they got to the back, Dasha Fuentes asked Ruby why she ran from Rousey. Ruby was offended and said she wasn’t running. She knew she could be Rousey and when she did, it would be for the title. But right now, her friends were hurt and they needed her.

I liked Rousey getting two quick wins here after having a lot of long back-and-forth matches. 

Charly Caruso asked Sasha Banks and Bayley about their recent failures against Rousey and asked how it would affect their tag match. Banks was about to go off on her but Bayley calmed her down. Bayley said they both took Rousey to her limit and tonight was about tag wrestling.

Banks said they would make history. Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross interrupted to let them know they wouldn’t make it to the Chamber. Cross said nobody wanted to play with her, but the Fox did. She added, “chaos isn’t judgmental, chaos is fair.” 

Four Corners tag match: The Revival defeated B-Team, Heavy Machinery and Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado (w/Kalisto) (11:17)

Heavy Machinery almost had it won but they were stopped by Curtis Axel, who saved Bo Dallas. They were sent from the ring and Revival won with a Shatter Machine on Dallas, earning them a “future tag team title opportunity.” Revival had “FTR” on their trunks. 

Curt Hawkins was watching the match and Zack Ryder assured him they would get a shot soon. Hawkins called himself a loser. He’s been losing for 2 years straight and said this team wasn’t going to work out.

Ryder noted they spelt his name wrong on the graphics last week and called himself a loser, too. Ryder said they could get through this together and Hawkins streak would be broken by them as a team. Hawkins responded in the affirmative. Hawkins’ performance was good here. Ryder’s was not.

Angle was shown walking backstage and was greeted by Mickie James, Apollo Crews and No way Jose.

Kurt Angle promo

Angle said he’s been living by the three Is--intensity, integrity and intelligence, and it worked out for him through better and worse. He accomplished everything he could have, from the European championship all the way to the Hall of Fame.

He said he was able to be the GM and even found out he had a long lost son. He also said the crowd always reminded him “how much I really suck.” They chanted “you suck” and he responded, “thank you, I guess.”

He said the three Is have turned into the three Ds--doubt, defeat and depression. Angle said he beat everyone in his career and won a gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck. But the one opponent he cannot defeat was father time.

Baron Corbin interrupted and was roundly booed. Corbin said Angle should’ve retired two years ago and called him a shadow of a man. Angle dared him to get in the ring so he could break his ankle in two. Angle took off his jacket, then Drew McIntyre interrupted.

McIntyre said Angle couldn’t help himself. One minute he was ready to accept his fate, and the next, he wanted to break the ankle of the man who took his job and beat him. McIntyre said he saw fear in Angle’s eyes when he made him tap out to the ankle lock. McIntyre admitted Angle had no quit and knew he would never quit until someone put him down for good.

McIntyre told the Portland crowd to shut their mouths and get their cameras ready because they were going to put him down. They marched to the ring and surrounded him until Braun Strowman ran down. Strowman attacked McIntyre, then Angle attacked Corbin. Strowman threw a fancy leather chair at Corbin, who then ran away through the crowd with McIntyre.

Angle and Strowman stood tall with Angle’s music playing. After a break, they announced Angle and Strowman against McIntyre and Corbin for tonight’s main event. Michael Cole said we’ll “never know” if Angle came out here with the intention to retire. I mean, you could just ask him.

They aired a video package of Brock Lesnar beating down Seth Rollins last week. 

Elimination Chamber qualifier: Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Alicia Fox & Nikki Cross

Fox and Cross attacked Banks and Bayley during their entrance. The beating went on a while and they went to break with the announcers wondering if the match would even happen. After a break… it was already underway. Bayley was in the ring as Banks was struggling to climb onto the apron. Bayley was fighting off both women until she was cut off by a Fox scissors kick.

As they worked over Bayley, Cross used a flying crossbody off the apron to the floor, which looked cool. Cross tried a running charge, but Banks was hiding around the corner of the ring and yanked Bayley out of the way, causing Cross to run into the post.

Fox tagged herself in and stopped Bayley from tagging out, then Bayley caught her in a schoolgirl for the sudden win. Banks never got in the match, so she’s likely still nursing an injury. 

Apollo Crews told Caruso that he didn’t think Angle was intending on competing, but is glad he is. Caruso asked why he’s glad. Crews said because he was Kurt Angle, and he was allowed to have a couple of bad matches.

Drake Maverick and Rezar confronted Crews. Maverick told him to admit that Angle can’t win. Crews asked Rezar how he got his puppet to talk like that. Rezar was about to attack him, but Maverick stopped him and said Crews was just upset his Olympic hero keeps letting him down. 

Elias defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Road Dogg) (7:51)

Road Dogg and Jarrett each cut promos before the match. Road Dogg did his DX shtick, then Jarrett did his old routine as well, calling himself the world’s greatest singer, entertainer, and wrestler.

They sang “With My Baby Tonight” until Elias interrupted. He said nobody wanted to hear them sing the song nobody knows the lyrics to and said their act hasn’t aged well. He wondered what Road Dogg was even doing there and said, “shouldn’t you be on Smackdown tanking their ratings?”  

Elias said he mistakenly turned down a halftime performance at the Super Bowl to come to Portland, a town not even good enough to have a football team. Jarrett then quoted an old rival and told him, “don’t sing it, bring it.”

After a break, Elias was in control after a high knee. He mocked Jarrett’s strut and did the crotch chop at Road Dogg. Later, Elias kicked down Road Dogg when his back was turned. Jarrett mounted a comeback with fists and a clothesline. Jarrett did his strut, then hit an enziguri. Elias knocked Road Dogg off the apron, then gave Jarrett a Drift Away for the win.

Road Dogg attacked Elias from behind after the match and knocked him down with punches. Road Dogg did the crotch chop, then Jarrett clocked Elias from behind with the guitar. The guitar didn’t break, so the crowd chanted “one more time.” They didn’t get it. Jarrett’s music played and he posed.

Backstage, Dana Brooke apologized to Natalya for their loss last week. Natalya didn’t respond, so Brooke yelled at her and said she would find a McMahon to make a match between them next week. Brooke screamed this in her ear before leaving. Turns out, Natalya was wearing earbuds and couldn’t hear anything and had no idea Brooke was even there.

They promoted that Ric Flair would be on Raw in three weeks in Atlanta for a birthday celebration. That should be something. 

The announcers ran down what happened with Lynch and Stephanie earlier. Cole speculated that Lynch didn’t trust Stephanie or the doctors, which is why she’s refusing to see them.

Finn Bálor told Caruso that the Irish were stubborn when wounded, and that seems to be going around tonight. Bálor admitted he was hurt after the beatings from Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. He was told he should stay home, but he wouldn’t be pushed around or held down. He said he would take the fight to Lashley and would take his IC championship the first opportunity he got.

After Bálor entered, Lio Rush said Bálor didn’t deserve a chance at Lashley, and that Lashley can curl dumbbells bigger than him. Lashley said Bálor had a title match against Lesnar and lost, and Lashley was better than Lesnar. Lashley said he could beat Lesnar in a wrestling match, in the ring, in an octagon, and in his sleep.

Lashley said Bálor would be facing Rush tonight, and if he was entertained enough, he would considering giving Bálor a title match. Lashley then attacked Bálor. The referee checked with Bálor, who agreed to start the match anyway. 

Finn Bálor defeated Lio Rush (w/IC Champion Bobby Lashley) (8:54)

Bálor put the boots to Rush and was about to attack him on the outside, but Lashley yanked him down off the apron. This was not a disqualification, but instead, the referee tossed Lashley from ringside. Rush nailed Bálor with a suicide dive and they went to break.

Bálor went up for Coup de Grace but Rush crotched him and brought him down from the top with a hurricanrana. They went back and forth (Rush used a springboard stunner in here but the cameraperson missed it), Rush missed a frog splash, then Bálor killed him with a dropkick and hit Coup de Grace for the win. Lashley ran down afterwards but Bálor left the ring. 

Paige came out to a big reaction. She plugged her movie and they aired a commercial for it. They went immediately to break after that, so her appearance lasted a few seconds. There was then another commercial for the movie (which may have just aired locally).

A Moment of Bliss with guest EC3 

Bliss introduced EC3, who came out his in gear (no shirt). There were light “EC3” chants. Bliss said he had everything going for him. He’s young, he’s good looking, and has a large… bank account. She said he’s been playing hard-to-get, bouncing between Raw and Smackdown. She wanted to know which brand he would choose.

Before he could respond, Nia Jax and Tamina interrupted. Jax didn’t care about this and wanted to talk about the week she had, entering the men’s Rumble and qualifying for the Chamber with Tamina when they beat Bliss. Bliss noted that Mickie James took the loss. Jax wondered what was next for her and thought about filling in for Lynch at Mania.

Dean Ambrose interrupted. “I am sorry Alexa, I don’t want to be out here as much as you don’t want me out here.” Ambrose had words for Jax. He knew she had a crush on him. Ambrose said it’s best she stays away and told her never to come near him again.

Ambrose asked Bliss who the guy was. Bliss said it was EC3. EC3 was about to respond but Ambrose smacked the mic out of his hand. Ambrose asked him a series of questions including, why is your name EC3 and where are EC1 and EC2. The crowd laughed. He also wondered why EC3 hung around backstage like a mute Chippendale dancer instead of getting in the ring.

EC3 was about to respond, then decked Ambrose with a punch. EC3 went to the ring and they cut to a break. Ambrose was a total babyface here. I mean, he was kind of a dick, but he’s Dean Ambrose. The crowd responded positively toward Ambrose but there were a few people chanting for EC3. 

EC3 defeated Dean Ambrose (2:36)

EC3 won suddenly with a jackknife cover. Ambrose acted shocked at the loss and Cole put over EC3 pinning a former WWE Champion. 

Backstage, Angle was warming up when Caruso asked him what it would mean to beat two guys who embarrassed him the past few months. Angle just looked at her and didn’t respond. (The crowd could be heard chanting for Ambrose in the background.) Caruso asked for an answer. Angle said he almost didn’t bring his gear tonight but had a feeling he should.

Angle said he kissed his wife goodbye, grabbed his singlet and boots and came to the arena. He said he doesn’t have to fight alone tonight. Like this was a stage play, Strowman showed up at this exact moment and said it was an honour to tag with him tonight. They finished by saying “it’s true, it’s damn true.” 

Mojo Rawley yelled at himself in front of a mirror again. He’s always been told to be part of the team, from college to the NFL to Wall Street to WWE. But that hasn’t worked out for him. Rawley laughed, said, “forget the team,” because now it was all about him. 

Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin defeated Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle via DQ (12:15)

Angle gave Corbin a German suplex right away. McIntyre pulled Corbin out of the ring, then Strowman tackled McIntyre. Angle gave Corbin another suplex then went for the ankle lock, but Corbin kicked him into the ropes. McIntyre headbutted Angle and they went to break 45 seconds into the match.

The heels worked over Angle for a while. He went for an Angle Slam, but McIntyre slipped out and hit an Angle Slam of his own. McIntyre applied the ankle lock and the crowd cheered for him to escape. Angle did escape and made the hot tag to Strowman who ran over McIntyre and knocked Corbin off the apron.

Corbin assisted McIntyre in dumping Strowman from the ring, then Corbin twice slammed his face into the post and drove him into the barricade. McIntyre gave Strowman a neckbreaker, then McIntyre and Corbin gave him a double back suplex. They went for a double vertical suplex, but Strowman suplexed them both instead.

Angle made the tag and gave Germans to both men, then tossed McIntyre from the ring. Angle gave Corbin an Angle Slam but McIntyre broke up the cover. Strowman knocked him from the ring. Before Strowman could attack Corbin, Corbin said he can’t do it because he’d be disqualified (because he’s not the legal man, I guess).

Strowman didn’t care and attacked him anyway, so the referee called for the DQ. Awful finish. The crowd chanted “ref you suck.” Strowman continued the attack but McIntyre cut him off with a Claymore kick. They were about to slam Angle on the steel steps, but Strowman made the save and chokeslammed both guys on the steps instead.

Strowman and Angle stood tall with Strowman’s music playing as the show ended.