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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar responds to Samoa Joe

The Big Takeaway: Clearly the show was booked with Vince McMahon and company knowing it was going to get slaughtered in the ratings running head-to-head with the NBA Finals, so the final two hours weren't very eventful. There was no Roman Reigns or Finn Balor. The main event was a best-of-three falls tag team championship match that ended in a draw. The biggest item of note, which happened before the Warriors-Cavaliers game started, was a brawl between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar in Lesnar's first apperance in two months. The mystery surrounding whoever is jumping Enzo Amore and Big Cass backstage continued. Cass got laid out backstage moments before a match against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. After Anderson and Gallows won, the Big Show came out to help Amore. Cass clearly suspected Show was the culprit. 

Show Recap: 

Lesnar and Heyman started the show. Heyman said he was there to unleash the Beast. He said tonight was Joe's day of reckoning administered by Lesnar. Heyman said he showed Joe respect last week, respect that he thought Joe deserved. But like a shark luring the chum into his domain, Joe lured him in and took him out. Heyman said Joe kicked down the front door of the beast, Joe put his hands on Lesnar's guy, and now Lesnar has a problem with Joe. It is a problem that will be solved by the greatest problem solver in WWE history, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman said he thought Joe was the worst case scenario, but Joe wasn't. Heyman said think about how many Samoans have been in this business, and they were all proud of each other's accomplishments, except for one. Joe was the one Samoan that other Samoans weren't proud of. Heyman called Joe was a punk, a dog whose greatest accomplishment was putting the Coquina Clutch on Paul Heyman. Heyman admitted that hold was as painful as Joe said it was. Last week, when Heyman woke up, the first thing he thought about was what happens if Joe puts the Coquina Clutch on Lesnar. But Heyman said Joe wasn't man enough to get the Coquina Clutch on Lesnar. 

Just then, Joe walked out and Heyman left. Lesnar wanted to square off. Joe didn't back off and gave Lesnar a shoulder butt to the face. They had a brawl where Angle came out and ordered security guards to break it up. Lesnar and Joe quickly disposed of all of them, saw Angle emptied the Raw locker room. About 16 guys got them apart, but Joe broke free to give Lesnar a side kick. Joe was carried to the outside, but Lesnar broke free and tried to get at Joe on the floor before he was pulled back by Titus O'Neil (in a three-piece suit), Enzo Amore, and several others. Joe had to be pulled back by Curt Hawkins, Big Cass, Rhyno and a crew of others. 

Elias Samson was in the ring to sing. He asked the fans "Who wants to walk with Elias?" He said he wanted to ease the tension by siging to the fans. He asked the fans to quiet the cell phones and hold applause until he's finished. He sang Louisiana was a laughing stock of the USA, Dean Ambrose wouldn't leave him alone, everytime the lunatic meets him he winds up in a pile of flesh. Ambrose interrupted him. 

Elias Samson defeated Dean Ambrose (11:51) 

Fans chanted "You can't sing" at Samson. After Ambrose hit a tope, he went to the top rope, but Samson punched him and teased a superplex. Ambrose knocked him off with three head butts. The Miz ran out to distract Ambrose, and Samson got a schoolboy cradle for a two count. After Ambrose hit a rebound clothesline, Miz went after Miz and threw him into the barricade. Maryse started arguing with him.They teased a countout finish. Ambrose actually tripped over his own feet as the referee got to nine, but got back in the ring in time, only to have Samson give him a double kneedrop to his back. Samson pinned Ambrose with a swinging neckbreaker. 

Another Goldust vignette. Goldust quoted the Godfather Part II "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Goldust says R-Truth claims they were friends and brothers. But Goldust said Truth was scared. Goldust said Truth never understood him and no one ever was. Why was that? Because he was too bizarre? Or does he make them feel uncomfortable? Goldust said ignorance can be beautiful, but just like beauty, nothing lasts forever unless you're made of gold. Goldust told Truth to buckle up buckaroo, because he hasn't seen anything yet. Goldust said the Golden Age was back.

Angle screamed at Miz about interfering in Ambrose's match. Miz said Ambrose was lucky that was all that happened to him. Miz said Maryse was still mad at him for destroying the grandfather clock last week. Miz reached out to kiss her but she looked away. Miz reminded Angle that the only reason that Ambrose was able to ruin his celebration last week was because Angle left the building to take care of his personal problems. Angle asked Miz what did he know about his personal problems? Miz had a brief look of guilt and told Angle he should fine or suspend Ambrose after what he did last week. Angle said he wasn't going to punish Ambrose at all.  

Noam Dar was talking to Alicia Fox on Face Time backstage. Fox was supposedly at home nursing a neck injury. Cedric Alexander walked in and told Dar he didn't want to wrestle him anymore after he defeated Dar last week on 205 Live. He also said he didn't want anything to do with Fox, who said anything that Alexander says about her should be said to her face. Alexander said tonight was the last time he was wrestling Dar. 

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar (:08) 

As Dar made his entrance, he was arguing with Fox over his phone. Fox nagged with Dar and her voice could be heard over the PA while her face was seen on the TitanTron. Dar was so distracted, Alexander landed the Lumbar Check for the immediate pin. Fox continued to screech over the phone afterwards. 

Next week, Roman Reigns will announce his plans for SummerSlam. 

Bray Wyatt did a promo saying humanity is guilty of mistaking intelligence for knowledge. He said the world is collapsing under the weight of its own sin. He said it's hot on the streets, but it has nothing to do with the anger of the sun. He said he's the only one who can save them. Wyatt said he's here. 

Then Wyatt came out and said those who deny him will be judged. Those who sit in pathetic apathy will pay for their guilt. And he who dares blaspheme his name will be punished, just like Seth Rollins. Wyatt claimed Rollins has all the answers and he lives in a glass house. But it only took one dose of his truth last week and Rollins' glass house came crashing down. Now, Seth is going to pick up shards of glass out of his soul for eternity because of his judgement. Wyatt said Rollins' transgressions, Rollins' ignorance and his dependence on the intelligence of humanity has painted a very, very, vivid picture of a law that they will all learn to live by. Wyatt said if anyone takes his name in vein, you will fall. 

Rollins walked out. He questioned why would Wyatt cost him his match last week against Joe because he called Wyatt a few names? Rollins said when he called Wyatt a wannabe martyr and a false prophet, it wasn't blasphemy, it was the truth. Rollins said people who drink too much of their own kool-aid, like Wyatt, it forces them to step into the light and Wyatt doesn't operate well in the light. He said Wyatt likes to operate in the shadows and step out from the darkness, which makes Wyatt a coward. Rollins said if Wyatt doesn't agree with him, he dared him to prove him wrong. Wyatt laughed Rollins' pride will betray him. Wyatt said Rollins is oozing arrogance. Wyatt said when Rollins looks a reflection of himself, he sees a man. But when Wyatt looks at Rollins, he sees a man beneath him. Wyatt said Rollins doesn't want this fight because his power is more than Rollins can fathom. Wyatt said Rollins has found a way to slay a king. Then Wyatt's video and music went off and Wyatt had vanished. 

Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron. Wyatt said Rollins may have found a way to slay a king, but a God lives forever. Wyatt told Rollins to face his fears and run. 

Charly Caruso introduced the Hardy Boyz. They face Sheamus and Cesaro in a best-of-three falls match. Matt Hardy said Cesaro and Sheamus were the most physical tag team they've ever faced. Jeff Hardy said they would break the bar tonight. 

Apollo Crews defeated Kalisto (2:16)

O'Neil had Akira Tozawa as his guest in the front row, despite the fact that Tozawa is a regular company performer who was backstage last week. O'Neal is trying to expand the Titus Brand internationally. Apollo Crews pinned Kalisto after a spinning power bomb. Postmatch, O'Neil hoised Tozawa into the ring for a postmatch celebration. This week, Crews was happy to celebrate with O'Neil, while Tozawa didn't know what to make of the entire scene as they posed for a selfie. The tenor of Neville's promo later in the show almost made it seem like O'Neil is now a babyface and he's starting his own stable, and he's backing Tozawa to make a run for the cruiserweight championship.  

Rhyno and Heath Slater were eating crackers backstage when Miz and Maryse walked up. Miz said Angle has done a horrible job showcasing Slater's talent and he invited Slater to join his entourage. Slater said before he had kids, he was a kid. And when he was a kid going to WWE events with his grandfather and his mother, he wanted to be Intercontinental Champion. Miz asked him to join him and he will make sure he gets an opportunity at the Intercontinental championship someday. Rhyno butted in and said Slater already had a tag team partner. Miz couldn't believe that Slater would rather eat crackers and spray cheese with Rhyno than eat hor d'oeuvres with him. Slater asked what hor d'oeuvres were. Rhyno said he was going to find Angle to set up a tag team match tonight and told Miz to find a tag team partner.  

Alexa Bliss came out and bragged about beating Bayley at Extreme Rules. The following ight, she was forced to defend her Raw Women's Championship againt Jax by Angle. Bliss mentioned that SmackDown Live was hosting the first women's Money in the Bank match this weekend before Jax came out. Jax said Bliss wasn't forced to defend the championship against her, Bliss promised her. Bliss backed off and said she was thrilled to have a championship match against a gifted competitor like her. She wanted to have a match with Jax that would be a classic, but it was ruined by Mickie James and Dana Brooke. 

James and Brooke came out. James called Bliss a dwarf and said while Bliss was a two-time women's champion, she was a six-time champion. James said that Bliss thought it was unfair that Jax was getting a championship opportunity. Brooke said Bliss' exact words were that "we" have a Nia Jax problem. As Jax looked down on her, Jax said look at the sources of the accusations. She said Brooke was the epitome of a disgruntled worker and James was someone who feels like the spotlight in just fading and diming by the second, or "maybe it was just the cataracts." 

Then Emma walked out and said she was back. She got a babyface pop. Emma said she was ready to take her rightful place at the top of the Raw women's division. Bliss disregarded her. Then Sasha Banks came down. There were "Sasha" chants. She said Bliss just wanted to run her mouth instead of competing every week. Banks said since Bliss like throwing parties every week, she wold show Bliss how a boss throws a real party. She decked Bliss, which started a six-way brawl. Even though the whole segment started with Jax coming out to confront Bliss, they found themselves teaming with each other. 

Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Mickie James defeated Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Emma by submission (3:32) 

Banks threw Emma into Jax. When Emma reached for a tag, Bliss jumped off the apron and walked to the back. Jax took a bump to the floor and James gave her a Thesz Press Plancha to the floor. In the ring, Emma tried a schoolgirl cradle, but Banks escaped and put her in the Bank Statement for the tap. 

Bayley did a sit-down interview with Corey Graves, who asked about losing to Bliss at Extreme Rules. She said a Kendo Stick on a pole match was a match meant to put bruises on people's backs and put them in the hospital. She had never been in a situation like that. She's there to put smile on people's faces. Graves asked how is that going to help her against people like Jax or Bliss? Bayley said she is there to be 100% Bayley, everything she gives is to be here. She's going to do what's best for her and the best version of herself. Graves asked what does the future hold for Bayley? She said since she started training, she wanted to be the best. That hasn't changed. Just because she lost to Bliss, that doesn't end that goal. Her goal was to return to WrestleMania next year as Raw Women's Champion and let every young girl know they can accomplish their goal their way. Bayley hugged Graves to end the interview. Graves looked apprehensive in hugging her. 

Rhyno and Heath Slater defeated Miz and the Bear (6:27) 

The Miz came out to face Rhyno and Slater. Miz's partner was the bear mascot from last week's skit, who rode out on a tricycle. Miz didn't know who was in the bear outfit. The bear scratched his back against the ring post. Graves said it was the "100 Acres Bare Knuckles Fighting Champion." The fans chanted for the bear to tag in while Graves made an assortment of bear jokes. Michael Cole said all they needed know was Malcolm . The bear finally tagged in and stared at Slater, who tried to pull the mask off. But the Bear slapped Slater twice, then put him in a bear hug. Rhyno came in for the save. The bear tagged Miz, who attacked the bear, throwing it into the barricade and ramming its back into the apron. The bear was unmasked as some guy. Rhyno threw Miz into the ring as the bear, back with his mask on, also entered the ring. The bear then gave Slater a Double Arm DDT. The Miz's eyes grew wide open and the bear unmasked as Ambrose. Miz started to run but he collided with Maryse, who was standing on the apron. Maryse sold her back as she ignored Miz's pleas to see if she was OK and walked off. Ambrose gave Miz Dirty Deeds, then put Slater on top of Miz for the pin. Postmatch, Ambrose put the bear's head on Miz.

Neville was supposed to face Rich Swann, but it never started. As swann danced into the ring, Neville jumped him and put him in the Rings of Saturn. Neville then cut a promo saying he had beaten Austin Aries, TJP and Swann. Then he cut a promo on Tozawa saying Tozawa would ultimately bow at the feet of the King of the Cruiserweights.  

Caruso interviewed Cesaro and Sheamus. She asked them about their strategy against the Hardy Boyz. Cesaro said they've been reading up on the Hardy Boyz, and he held up the Hardys book from 2003 called "Exist 2 Inspire." That was an interesting book to hold up considering how blunt it was, particularly about certain front office figures, at the time. Sheamus said they were going to Exist 2 Retire. 

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Enzo Amore and Big Cass (2:27) 

Before the match, Cass was once again laid out in the back. Amore revived Cass, who told him he was hit once in the head. Cass said it was the hardest he's ever been hit. As they talked and several referees gathered around them, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson quietly walked out the back door in the background. Enzo said he would find a tag team partner to face Gallows and Anderson, but Cass insisted on wrestling, though Enzo didn't think that was a good idea. Anderson and Gallows laughed over Cass getting jumped backstage for the second week in a row. Anderson's new gimmick is laughing like he's Muttley the Dog in the old Hannah-Barbara cartoons. For some reason, Cass started the match, which Booker pointed out wasn't very smart of Enzo. Cass sold getting hit in the head the entire time he was in and tagged Amore. Anderson pinned Amore after a Magic Killer. 

Anderson and Gallows set up Enzo for another Magic Killer, put the Big Show came out to send them away. The visual here was excellent. Show helped Amore up while Cass watched on from the apron, looking upset that his friendship with Enzo could be threatened by the Big Show, who he clearly suspected of jumping him. Enzo and Cass argued after Show left. 

Truth cut a promo on Goldust, saying "What we've got here is failure to communicate." Truth said what Goldust did wasn't cool, he doesn't forgive, he doesn't forget. He's mad as hell as he's not going to take it anymore. 

Enzo stopped Show backstage and thanked him. Amore said Cass told him one blow to the back to the head took him out and started to ask if Show he did it. Show lit into Enzo saying two weeks in a row, he's helped Enzo and each time, Enzo has asked him if he jumped Cass. Show said there was only one way to describe Enzo's partner, and he was going to spell it out for him "SAWFT." Show walked off without denying he jumped Enzo. 

Mike Rome interviewed Joe, who said Lesnar is playing into his hands. Joe said this whole dispute with Lesnar has been about actions, not words. Tonight, Lesnar stood him to start the show to let the world now this was his ring. His reaction was to stand up face-to-face. At Great Balls of Face, his reaction will be to take the Universal Championship from him when he locks on the Coquina Clutch. 

Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro fought to a draw against The Hardy Boyz in a best-of-three falls match to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles (14:25) 

Sheamus pinned Jeff in 1:06 to take the first fall when he kicked Jeff off the ropes. Matt evened the match with a Twist of Fate on Cesaro at 8:51. Cesaro landed an uppercut on Matt to build the heat. Sheamus landed a stiff knee for a near fall. Cesaro went for the Gotch Neutralizer, but Matt escaped, only to have Cesaro put on the Sharpshooter. Matt got to the ropes and hit a clothesline for the hot tag to Jeff, who hit a stunner on Sheamus. Later, Sheamus hit a hot shot on Jeff, and Cesaro followed that with an uppercut, but Sheamus hit only two. Sheamus ran into the post and Jeff got the Swanton, but Cesaro pulled Sheamus out of the ring after Jeff covered him. It led to a four-way brawl outside the ring where both teams got counted out. Fans booed the finish. They continued to fight after the bell, with Matt giving Cesaro a backdrop on the floor. Jeff hit Cesaro and Sheamus with a plancha as Graves explained the match ended in a tie.