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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar's cash-in decision

Date: May 27, 2019
Location: Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO

The Big Takeaway --

If you were expecting a different Raw show coming off AEW Double or Nothing, you’d be wrong. This was a relatively normal Raw that featured a lot of talking in the first hour and two good matches in the second half of the show.

Brock Lesnar did not announce when he would be cashing in his contract after teasing it would happen tonight. Lesnar learned he has a full year to cash in and decided he’d rather wait. Seth Rollins’ opponent at SSD will instead be Baron Corbin, who won a four-way “elimination” match.

Sami Zayn mentioned AEW in a promo and there was an AEW chant during a Shane McMahon match before that.

Show Recap --

They aired a video for Memorial Day.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were shown backstage. Lesnar has a new shirt that reads “Brock Party” with the briefcase drawn like a boombox. It’s amazing.

Kofi Kingston came out to start the show. They aired a recap of Dolph Ziggler attacking him on Smackdown. The crowd chanted for Kingston, who is walking around with a limp. Kingston said Ziggler tried to end him, but he didn’t finish the job, because he’s still standing tall. Kingston would address Ziggler when the time was right, but tonight, he was here for Lesnar.

Kingston reiterated that he wanted to be one of the greatest WWE Champions of all-time and could do that by beating Lesnar. He told Lesnar to cash in tonight. Seth Rollins came out instead. Rollins said, “I know I’m not Brock Lesnar -- I’m better.” Rollins didn’t want to wait around for Lesnar to make his decision and called him out.

Lesnar’s music hit, but then his music cut, and upbeat party music started instead. Lesnar waltzed out with his briefcase, which now has speakers on it. Corey Graves called it a “beastbox.” The crowd still booed Lesnar despite how happy he seemed. He even danced upon entering the ring.

I guess the music was being played from the briefcase, or that’s what we’re supposed to think. Lesnar had Kingston’s theme music play, then Rollins’. Lesnar and Heyman danced to the music, but Heyman rocked out a little too hard to Rollins’ music, so Lesnar stopped him.

Rollins was fed up with all of this, so he left. The music stopped and Kingston dared Lesnar to cash in. Heyman said it was very much like Rollins to pee on everyone’s parade. Heyman said they were ready to make the announcement, but Rollins ruined their Brock Party. The crowd booed, so Heyman told them to blame Rollins. They left.

Ziggler ran in from behind and attacked Kingston, then gave him a Zig-Zag on the steel edge of the ramp. Ziggler grabbed a chair but Xavier Woods ran in to make the save. Ziggler bailed through the crowd. 

After a break, officials and Woods helped Kingston toward the back when Ziggler attacked Woods from behind. Woods fought back and they fought in the ring and around ringside. Woods sent him into the crowd and chucked a garbage can at him. They went back to ringside and Ziggler kicked his leg out of his leg.

Ziggler tossed him into the steel steps, then grabbed a chair and nailed him with it a few times in the back. Ziggler choked him with the edge of the chair, then wrapped the chair around his head. Kingston limped back down to the ring with a chair and Ziggler again bailed through the crowd. Ziggler had blood on his face. 

After another break, Ziggler came out through the stage (he was last seen in the crowd) to tell Kingston that he’s been spending too much time focused on Lesnar. Ziggler reminded Kingston that he’s defending his title against him at SSD.

Ziggler said it should have been him as WWE Champion. Since day one, Kingston has had two friends defending him. When people called Kingston a B-plus player, Ziggler defended him, because he knew he was good enough to be champion. Ziggler continued to ramble and repeated that it should have been him to win the title at Mania. “But at Super Showdown, it will be me.”

Ziggler left and the crowd chanted for Kingston. The show is now 32 minutes old and has gone through two commercial breaks.

In the parking, the Usos hosted a Memorial Day party with the low-card wrestlers and a bunch of random people. They wished Natalya a happy birthday. EC3 sat the entire time looking miserable, while everyone else partied. The Usos said everyone was invited, except the Revival. 

Backstage, Shane McMahon told Charly Caruso he would beat down Roman Reigns at SSD, just like he would his opponent tonight. Shane’s music hit, then he and Drew McIntyre walked through the stage. They changed their minds and went to the back. Then, after a break… they were in the ring with Shane’s music playing. They then aired a long video package for Triple H vs. Randy Orton as Shane and McIntyre stood in the ring waiting.

Shane said the McMahon family and the Samoan dynasty have gotten along for a long time, long before he or Reigns were around. There has always been respect between them, and that respect was ingrained in him as a child. But that respect was not ingrained in Reigns, who knocked out Vince McMahon.

Shane ran down some Samoan wrestlers, including Peter Maivia, The Rock, Yokozuna, The Usos and the Wild Samoans. He mentioned Sika being the father of Reigns and went on and on as the crowd chanted “this is boring.” Shane said another Samoan would be his opponent tonight.

They went to break again, about 47 minutes into the show. A match has yet to take place.

Shane was sweating profusely through this segment and was sweating in the back when he was just standing around with Caruso.  

Shane McMahon (w/Drew McIntyre) defeated Lance Anoa’i (1:32)

Lance Anoa'i is Reigns’ cousin. McIntyre beat the crap out of Lance before the match and Shane pretended to admonish him for it. The match finally started, about 52 minutes into the show.

Shane threw fists as the crowd chanted “AEW” and “this is awful.” Lance attempted a comeback but Shane caught him with a Chris Jericho-inspired back elbow, then made him submit with his bad triangle choke.

After the match, Shane applied the move again and mocked the guy, saying he would do the same thing to Sika if he were there. He said the biggest mistake Sika ever made was spawning Roman.

Reigns came out to his music and gave McIntyre a superman punch. Shane tried to run away but Reigns caught him and gave him a superman punch. McIntyre pulled Shane away before Reigns could give him a spear. They cut to the back showing Shane and McIntyre apparently about to leave the building. 

[Second hour]

Lesnar and Heyman came out again. There’s a referee in the ring. Heyman said it was time for Lesnar to make his decision. The crowd was silent. Rollins came out. Rollins said the title was his life. Lesnar was mocking him so Rollins told him to shut his mouth. Lesnar was still filled with glee and told Rollins the briefcase was a “beastbox, bitch” (off the mic).

Rollins threatened to stomp his head in again, then Lesnar got serious. Rollins said Lesnar used to be the most feared man in the business but now he’s just a coward, hiding behind Heyman. Heyman began reading the clause of the contract to the referee about cashing in.

When he got to the part about the contract winner having a year to cash in, Lesnar grabbed the contract and smacked Heyman in the face with it. Lesnar yelled at Heyman because he didn’t know he had a year. Rollins had taken off his shirt thinking the cash in was now, but Lesnar laughed at him, said “screw you,” and left.

The crowd began buzzing and I thought it would be something exciting. Instead, it was R-Truth and Carmella running away from the likes of Drake Maverick, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, EC3, Eric Young and Cedric Alexander. They managed to escape. Renee Young told us how much she loved the 24/7 title. 

Caruso was with AJ Styles in the trainer’s room. She noted that he was supposed to compete in a number one contender’s match, but has been replaced by Baron Corbin. Styles admitted that he was too hurt to compete. He wanted to go, but couldn’t. Styles began explaining his injury when Corbin suddenly appeared unnoticed and smacked Styles. A trainer ran in and Corbin left. 

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross defeated Tag Team Champions The IIconics in a non-title match (9:50)

This was the second match tonight and it started about 75 minutes into the show.

Cross fought back against Billie Kay on her own and sent her out of the ring, then took out Kay and Peyton Royce with a crossbody off the apron. Back from break, Kay was back in control and we have no idea how it happened. Cross tried a roll-up but the referee was distracted by Lynch.

Lynch got the hot tag and hit Royce with a flying forearm, big boot, spinning kick and exploder suplex. Lynch then stomped away at her in the corner as the crowd chanted for Lynch. Lynch hit a diving leg drop off the ropes but Kay broke up the cover.

Kay and Royce did a double team move on Lynch but she kicked out. Cross yanked Kay off the apron, then Lynch gave Royce a Uranage for the pinfall win. They’re calling the move “The Man-handle Slam.” Afterwards, Lacey Evans came out to her music, strutted around and left. The crowd liked Lynch and Cross. 

Back at the block party, Tamina showed up and there was brief tension between her and Naomi. But they were faking it and were all friendly. The Usos were happy to have a family reunion. The Revival showed up and thanked them for having some class and inviting them. Jimmy and Jey said they didn’t invite them. Naomi said she invited them and wanted them to squash their beef. They aggressively shook hands. 

Ricochet defeated Cesaro (9:48)

Ricochet was all over Cesaro and hit a Fosbury flop, leading to a break. After the break, Cesaro was in control and they didn’t bother showing how it happened. Ricochet avoided an uppercut and hit a superkick. Ricochet then hit a springboard clothesline for two, followed by a standing shooting star press for two. Ricochet went to the top but Cesaro cut him off with an uppercut.

Cesaro tried a superplex, but Ricochet used knees and a kick to get out of it. Ricochet missed a 630, then Cesaro killed him with an uppercut, which sent him into the turnbuckle for a close nearfall. Cesaro blocked a hurricanrana, then Ricochet countered into a Code Red for a nearfall.

With Cesaro’s back to the apron, Ricochet did a handstand on the apron and wrapped his legs around Cesaro’s head to hoist himself back in the ring, then spun around into a hurricanrana into a pin for the pinfall win. This was very entertaining. The crowd liked Ricochet.

The announcers said Rey Mysterio would be on Raw next week to relinquish the U.S. title due to a shoulder injury. As they spoke, Samoa Joe interrupted. Joe heard the good news and said he would be there to take back what is rightfully his. 

They plugged a new talk show segment with Sami Zayn called “The Electric Chair.” The graphic made it look like Zayn was getting the chair tonight.

Back at the block party, Dash Wilder and Jimmy Uso played a game of cornhole. Jimmy landed a bean bag right in the hole and everyone at the party went nuts. I thought this was very amusing. 

The Miz cut a pre-taped promo saying it was time to earn the Universal title. He also announced that he and Maryse were having a baby girl, which popped the crowd.

They cut to Braun Strowman at Gorilla position, who cut a ridiculous promo. He yelled through the promo as he always does, issuing warnings to Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin, but in the middle of it, added (while still yelling), “MIZ, I JUST WANT TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON THE REVEAL OF YOUR NEW CHILD.”

[Third hour]

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Baron Corbin defeated The Miz, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley to become number one contender for the Universal Championship at SSD (16:11)

There was a tower of doom spot where Strowman slammed all three of his opponents off the ropes. He followed that with a double dropkick on Corbin and Lashley. Strowman went for a running tackle on the outside but Lashley cut him off with a tackle of his own. Lashley and Corbin ran Miz into the barricade, then gave Strowman a double vertical suplex on the ramp.

After a break, Corbin and Lashley remained in control. Miz made a brief comeback but was cut off by Lashley who gave him a long delayed vertical suplex for two. Miz fought back with fists, kicks, running knees in the corner and a running clothesline. Corbin caught Miz with Deep Six for a nearfall.

Strowman reemerged and handed out running avalanches in the corner to Corbin and Lashley. He slammed Miz on the apron, took out Corbin with a tackle, then sent Lashley into the crowd. Strowman and Lashley fought all the to the back and disappeared through a curtain.

The Miz ran wild on Corbin, again hitting running knee strikes in the corner. The crowd was actually into it, then Corbin caught Miz with an End of Days for the pinfall win.

Corbin was announced the winner, even though this was an elimination match and this was the only fall announced. The commentators had to explain that Lashley and Strowman must’ve been counted out. 

Back at the block party, Scott Dawson cheated in the cornhole game which led to a big argument. R-Truth showed up to tell everyone he wasn’t there. Kalisto tried to pin him but Truth kicked out. Anderson tried a pin but Truth again kicked out. The interested wrestlers got into a brawl, then ran after Truth.

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt had a paper plate held up to his face with a drawing of his mask on it. Bray then dressed as a doctor and diagnosed Abby the Witch as a bully. She said she was sick of being stuck in limbo. The word limbo triggered a game of limbo where Bray did the spider walk under a bar. The kids appeared nonplussed as Bray said “let me in.” 

Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens was announced for Smackdown. 

The Electric Chair with Corey Graves and guest Sami Zayn

Graves introduced the segment saying any superstar in the chair would be forced to tell the truth. (To be clear, they’re not actually hooking anybody up to the chair.) The questions would be provided by fans in the crowd.

Caruso found a fan who asked Zayn when his retirement date would be. Zayn asked the guy if his mother and father were related, which wouldn’t be unreasonable given that they were in Kansas City.

A young girl holding a toy women’s title belt asked if he missed the Ginger Snaps in Mixed Match Challenge. Zayn asked her if she was talking about Becky Lynch, to which the girl said “duh!” in the mic, which popped the crowd. Zayn mocked her and her parents, then asked if she was wondering about Lynch, or if she was really wondering about Seth Rollins. He winked. (The girl tried speaking into the mic again but Caruso pulled it away.)

Another fan asked what it was like getting destroyed by Strowman. Zayn threatened to punch the guy but then realized he would just get tied up in litigation. Zayn didn’t like the questions and said they could ask him anything, like if he’s a good kisser. Zayn assured us that he was a good kisser, and in fact, a great lover.

A fan asked why Zayn hasn’t won the Universal title yet. Zayn again wondered about these questions and said they could ask him anything, including about AEW. The crowd buzzed but it wasn’t an overwhelming reaction. It did lead to an AEW chant. Graves tried to move on, then Rollins interrupted. Zayn bailed from the ring, then Rollins tossed the chair at him. 

Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn in a non-title match (20:06) 

This impromptu match is the main event, which means they went all night without announcing a main event. Lesnar was shown in his dressing room with the briefcase.

After a break, they traded counters until Rollins connected with a superkick. Rollins followed with punches, chops, a slingblade and blockbuster. Zayn rolled out of the ring before Rollins could go for a cover, so Rollins nailed consecutive dives. Rollins landed awkwardly on his knee and sold it as the announcers reminded us about Lesnar.

Zayn went for a buckle bomb but his knee gave out and Zayn hit a DDT for a nearfall. Zayn attacked his knee but Rollins dropped him on the turnbuckle and hit a superkick. Zayn avoided a curb stomp and applied a Figure Four. Rollins reversed the hold and Zayn got a rope break.

Rollins countered a Blue Thunder Bomb and hit an enziguri but Zayn countered a knee strike into the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Zayn tried a superplex but Rollins pushed him off the top. Rollins went for a frog splash but Zayn got his knees up and tried a cover for two.

They traded slaps and fists until Rollins knocked Zayn out of the ring. Zayn slipped back in the ring and Rollins gave him a curb stomp. Rollins hit a second curb stomp for the pinfall win. Really good match.

The show ended with Rollins celebrating. No cash-in from Lesnar.