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WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

The Big Takeaway:  The final hour of this show was among the best in Raw history. It ended with Bayley winning the Raw Women's Championship from Charlotte, despite interference from Dana Brooke. There was a raucous celebration as Bayley achieved her childhood dream. Just as memorable, maybe moreso, was the Festival of Friendship segment with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. It turned into an incredible angle where Owens turned on Jericho, moments after Jericho had called Owens his brother and his best friend. What made the angle special was the setup. Owens presented Jericho with a gift, which was a new List. As Jericho opened it, he uttered words that may go down in WWE lore "Why is my name on it?" He looked on the back of the clipboard, which read "The List of KO," leading to Owens sabotaging his best friend. Earlier in the show (and the announcers didn't mention this later), Owens met with HHH. 

Show Recap: 

Stephanie McMahon came out and said Mick Foley wasn't there tonight because she gave him the week off. She's running things tonight. Reigns came out and said he wanted Strowman right now. Stephanie asked the crowd if they wanted to see Reigns-Strowman tonight. Crowd chanted "Yes," but she pretended that the crowd was ambivalent. Reigns said he didn't care what anyone thinks about him, especially her. Stephanie said Strowman will face Mark Henry tonight, which got a flat reaction. Reigns said maybe he'll watch that match live. Stephanie said if Reigns lays a hand on Strowman, she might take away any opportunity she has against Strowman at Fast Lane and any opportunity he might have a WrestleMania. 

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked out and said they couldn't stand to listen to Reigns disrespect Stephanie anymore. Anderson said he knew Reigns was a guy who wasn't used to being told no. Gallows suggested he and Anderson face Reigns in a handicap match. Stephanie did an impression of Teddy Long, who she mentioned will be the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, saying "I believe we have a match, playa." 

Roman Reigns defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson by DQ in a handicap match (3:08) 

Reigns jumped Anderson and Gallows right after Stephanie made the match. Anderson threw Reigns into the ring steps. Reigns was set to go for the Superman Punch on Anderson, but Gallows reached for Reigns from the apron. Reigns punched Gallows instead. Gallows ran in without a tag and joined Anderson in a double-team, leading to the DQ. Anderson and Gallows tried the magic killer, but Reigns kicked Anderson away and escaped. Reigns gave Gallows a Superman punch. Anderson ran in with a chair, but Reigns punched him, as well. Reigns got cheered more than usual. 

They announced plans for the Andre the Giant documentary set to air on HBO, backed by longtime WWE fan Bill Simmons. 

The New Day came out. Bo Dallas was already in the ring. Kofi Kingston wondered since he was by himself, if Dallas was trying to be some king of a social outcast. Big E. said they've been working on something special. Xavier Woods announced plans for the New Day Ice Cream Machine. Big E. held up a folder labeled "Ice Cream Blueprints." 

Kofi Kingston defeated Bo Dallas (2:16) 

Crowd chanted "We want ice cream." Dallas took the folder out of Big E. hands and ripped it apart. The New Day reacted like he had destroyed the Holy Grail. Kingston hit a flip tope on Dallas, who recovered and got a near fall with a slingshot swinging neckbreaker. Kingston quickly recovered and got the pin with an S.O.S. Postmatch, Big E. poured glitter out of a toy-sized heart into Dallas' mouth, like it was a babyface-version of Ted DiBiase stuffing a $100 bill into a jobber's mouth in the 80s. 

Neville did an interview with Charly Caruso. She wanted to know about Jack Gallagher, but Neville badmouted him. Gallagher popped in. Neville told him to take a long, hard look in the mirror because he's not on his level. Gallagher said Neville thought people didn't like him because of his look and appearance, but maybe it was really because he's a blody pilick. 

Jack Gallagher defeated Noam Dar (3:14) 

Gallagher won with the running dropkick. Postmatch, Neville came out and just stared at Gallagher. They're wrestling on tomorrow night's 205 Live. 

In the back, HHH and Samoa Joe got out of a stretch limousine. 

Finally, Emmalina made her grand appearance. She wore a gold dress coming out to harp music. On the ramp, she said the fans had waited for 17 weeks for the makeover from Emma to Emmalina, and here she was. Now, we would see the makeover from Emmalina to Emma. And she walked to the back. Whole thing lasted 90 seconds, tops. It was the modern-day equivalent of Dustin Runnels' "Seven" character in 1999 WCW, where we got weeks of vignettes, then the whole gimmick was blown off on the debut. 

Bayley did a promo with Caruso, who said it was her first main event match on Raw. Bayley compared herself to Lita and Trish Stratus, and brought up Lita winning her 1st WWE Women's Championship over Stephanie on the main event of a 1999 Raw. Bayley said she was going to hit the jackpot tonight and taking the Raw Women's Championship tonight to achieve her dream. 

Jericho and Owens were in the back. Jericho said their Festival of Friendship would include lots of surprises. HHH walked in and shook hands with both men. HHH wanted to talk to Owens by himself. Jericho was cool with it and all smiles as the two left together. 

Braun Strowman defeated Mark Heny (4:51)

Strowman landed a cheap shot on Henry, which was done to give him a heel edge since he had been getting some cheers lately. They had a big man battle with Henry going for the World's Strongest Slam, but Strowman landed on top of him. Strowman hit a dropkick before getting the pin with a powerslam. 

Reigns came out. The anouncers made sure to emphasize that since the match was over, Stephanie's warnings about Reigns getting involved in Strowman's match were null and void. At first, Strowman kept him from getting in the ring, but Reigns punched Strowman and landed two Superman punches. Reigns went for the spear, but Strowman caught him and delivered the Oklahoma Stampede. He stood over Reigns and yelled "You can't win!" 

Bayley talked with Cesaro and Sheamus backstage when Enzo Amore and Big Cass waked up. Bayley punched Cesaro's hands, but Sheamus hit Cesaro, again teasing a turn between the two. Sheamus was mad about Amore and Cass causing them to get disqualified last week. Cass said he always has his partner's back, unlike another team he can think of. Amore said if they didn't like them interfering in their match last week, they can do someting about it. Cesaro got in Enzo's face, but Cass got in Cesaro's face. 

Michael Cole did a sit-down interview with Joe. Cole brought up using tactics on Seth Rollins that some would say are dishonorable. Joe said they are dishonorable, but the only person whose opinion he cares about is HHH. Cole said some believe the only reason HHH is there is because HHH is afraid of Rollins. Joe said no one who has ever come out of NXT is on his level. Joe said he's a very dangerous man, and the last two weeks have proven that. Joe said Rollins was the crown jewel of Raw the last two years, but he couldn't last two minutes against him. Joe said because of him, Rollins will miss WrestleMania for the second year in a row. Cole said Rollins has claimed that he will come back and he will slay the king. Joe said he will reinjure Rollins again. 

Cole brought up Joe's first win over Reigns last week. Joe said he wasn't a flash in the pan like Sami Zayn who was happy to be on the roster. He said no one on Raw can stand toe-to-toe on him. Cole said there have been others in Joe's position, like Shawn Michaels, Bautista, Rollins and Randy Orton, who had a relationship with HHH that turned sour. Joe said the difference between him and everyone else is they all needed to be proped up to get the job done. He's not those men. He doesn't need to be HHH's heavy. HHH finally has someone he can rely on because he knows what's best for business. For anyone who questions him, they will understand by the creator unleashed the destroyer. Joe walked off and threw down the lavalier microphone as Cole just watched. 

Sami Zayn defeated Rusev (11:00) 

Rusev still has his face protector over his nose, and Zayn was extra careful to stay away from Rusev's nose during a somersault tope. Rusev hit a thrust kick while Zayn was on the apron, then nailed a dropkick during a commercial. Rusev hit a fallaway slam and his mask came off. Rusev wallopped Zayn with a roundhouse kick as Zayn attempted a comeback. Zayn got out of the way of a Rusev charge, and Rusev took a bump to the floor where his nose hit the turnpost. Rusev got a clothesline on Zayn outside the rin. As Rusev got back in the ring, Zayn hit the Helluva Kick out of nowhere for the pin. 

Zayn did a promo with Caruso on the ramp saying how losing to Jericho last week sucked, but tonight was a step in the right direction. It was a huge win against a huge opponent. He talked about how Joe said how he wasn't some Sami Zayn, and he was damn right he wasn't Sami Zayn. Because Zayn doesn't take shortcuts and he doesn't sell out. Joe's music played. As Zayn waited for Joe to come out from the entrance, Joe ran out from the announcer's table and ambused Zayn from behind. Joe ran Zayn into the entrance display, then choked Zayn out with the Kokina Clutch. Joe told Zayn "If you say my name, you put respect on it." 

Teddy Long was officially named the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. They showed his days as a manager in WCW with Doom and the Skyscrapers. Of course, there was his days as GM of SmackDown. These flashback videos are fun because you never know who will pop up in the background. Last week, they had a cameo of Jim Cornette managing the Rock n' Roll Express. This week, there was a brief Palmer Canon sighting. 

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari (3:11) 

Tozawa pinned Ariya Daivari with a German Suplex. Tozawa's barks at the crowd like he's trying to get a chant going. Brian Kendrick was on commentary acting like he was Tozawa's protege, even though Tozawa didn't pay him any attention. 

The Festival of Friendship started with Jericho doing a tapd presentation over the video screens. There was a huge pyrotechnics display and some Las Vegas dancers came out with Jericho dancing to some Tom Jones-style music that he danced to. Jericho, wearing a silver Fedora hat introduced Owens, who looked very reluctant to be a part of this.  Jericho walked arm-in-arm with two of the dancers. They got in the ring where there was a Festival of Friendship display and several gifts hidden by red covering. Jericho said he wanted to give Owens a special piece of art for this occassion, so he consuled with an sculptor named Ralph Guggenheim, a well-known minimalist-maximit artist to design a sculpture that looked like a double-headed dildo interttwined. Then jericho unveiled a painting called "The Creation of Adam," which got a huge pop. It was designed from "The Creation of Adam" by Michaelangelo, except it was Jericho (without pants) touching fingers with Owens (complete with the Universal Championship). Jericho wanted Owens to hang the painting in his home, but Owens didn't want to do that because Jericho wasn't wearing pants in the painting and he has two children.  

Jericho then brought out Friendship the Magician, who pulled out papper from his mouth. His turned fire into a carnation. They could have just brought back Phantasio. Owens said his 9-year-old son could have done the same trick. Jericho agreed and put Friendship the Magician name's on the List. Jericho admitted he found Friendship the Magician on Craig's List. 

Jericho admitted he should have made sure that Goldberg doesn't make it to Fast Lane last week. Since he didn't, he's going to do it here tonight in Las Vegas. He called Goldberg down to the ring  and said Goldberg would get....it. Jericho went to a pose where he pointed his finger at the ramp. They went to a commercal. After the break, Jericho was still in the pose. 

Naturally, Jericho did his 1998 WCW gimmick where instead of Goldberg, we got Gillberg. (Well, Jericho just delivered a mini in WCW since Dwayne Gill was in WWE). Owens had no time for this foolishness and laid out Gillberg quickly. Owens, deadly serious, said he thought the whole point of this was to get Goldberg out to the ring and beat the hell out of him. Fans chanted for "Gillberg." Jericho thought the Gillberg thing was funny, but apologized if it wasn't what Owens wanted. Jericho turned serious and said he's had such a great time being a friend of Owens, the last year has been one of his best and Owens has made his time in the WWE a better place. Crowd popped for that. Jericho guaranteed at Fast Lane, Owens would beat Goldberg because he has Owens' back. Even more, he would have Owens' back because he's his best friend and his brother, which would never change. 

Owens said he was sorry, everything was great and he loved Jericho, too. They hugged. Owens said he knew he was going to walk out of Fast Lane as Universal Champion. Owens said he wanted to give Jericho something, which was nothing compared to what Jericho has given him. A stagehand gave him a box, which Jericho opened. It was a new List. 

Jericho took a closer look and said "How come my name is on this?" Then he looked on the back of the clipboard, which read "The List of KO." 

Owens turned on  Jericho, destroying the painting in the process to a chorus of boos. Owens threw Jericho into the timekeeper's table and tore off his silver robe. Owens power bombed Jericho into the apron. In a modern-day throwback to the Shawn Michaels-Marty Jannety breakup, Owens threw Jericho's head into the JeriTron 5000, leaving glass scattered. Owens got some good heat as he threw down the sculpture. Jericho was bleeding from the forehead, which the referees kept covered with towels. In a wrestling landscape where there are several dozen angles shot every week, this one may stand the test of time. 

Jericho did a stretcher job into an ambulance. They made sure not to shoot his face. The announcers were stunned at Owens' actions and had a monotone voice. They never brought up HHH's meeting with Owens earlier. 

Enzo and Cass came out. Amore compared Cesaro to a Baywatch lifeguard. He said Cesaro could take his best shot, but he would Swiss Miss because he Chokes-a-Lot. (supposed to sound like chocolate). 

Cesaro defeated Enzo Amore (2:40) 

There was one of the biggest botched spots in recent Raw history where Cesaro threw Amore over the top rope. Except Amore didn't go over the rope rope, he ran into them. Then Amore regained his footing. Instead of just running at Cesaro, Amore actually jumped over the top rope, which the crowd openly laughed it. Cesaro looked at Amore like he was from Mars. After Cesaro kicked out of a jumping DDT, Cesaro won with a hoist uppercut forearm. 

Charlotte walked to the ring when Sasha Banks walked up. Charlotte said Banks can talk the talk because it's obvious she can't walk the walk, and told her to sit back and watch her do something Banks couldn't: win. 

Next week, Strowman faces the Big Show. 

Bayley defeated Raw Women's Champion Charlotte to win the Raw Women's Championship (18:01) 

There was a unique heat spot where the two excanged go-behinds, leading to Charlotte scoring a schoolgirl cradle where Bailey's head hit the bottom turnbuckle. Bayley sold her neck the rest of the way. Charlotte used a stepover backbreaker into a kneeling over-the-shoulder neckbreaker as a submission hold. Charlotte used a neckbreaker for a two count, followed by a kneedrop. Charlotte clamped on the dragon sleeper, but Bayley climbed the ropes to reverse it, kicking Charlotte into the corner. But Charlotte kicked Bayley off the apron to the floor. Charlotte landed a stiff kick to Bayley's head, then went off the dasherboards for a moonsault press where her knees landed on Bayley's bad neck. Bayley made her comeback with a series of forearms, leading to a doubledown where they each attempted crossbody blocks. 

Bayley came back with a vertical suplex and an elbow off the second rope for two. Charlotte rolled out of the ring, but Bayley lifted Charlotte into a side suplex. Bayley climbed to the top rope for a Randy Savage elbow for a near fall. Bayley hit a huracanrana off the top rope for another good near fall. Dana Brooke ran out, but Bayley knocked her to the floor. Bayley put Charlotte in the Figure Four, and while the referee checked on Charlotte, Brooke raked Bayley's eyes. Charlotte put Bayley in the Figure Eight. Banks ran out and hit Brooke with a crutch. As Charlotte bridged in the Figure Eight, Banks hit Charlotte with the crutch, again behind the referee's back. Crowd roared after that spot because they knew what was coming. Bayley hit the Bayley-to-belly suplex and scored the pin. 

Bayley and Banks hugged in midring. Banks had as genuine a smile as you'll ever see watching her friend take the title. Bayley hugged several fans in the front row and celebrated in the crowd.