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WWE Raw live results: Clash of Champions go-home show

Date: September 21, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Retribution finally had a match. It ended in a DQ.

Show Recap -- 

Retribution invaded Raw as soon as it started. There were five members all wearing new (ugly) masks. Tom Phillips frantically mentioned that the five core members have been given contracts which means they can do whatever they want to whoever they want. 

Mia Yim spoke first (her mask barely covered her mouth/jaw so it was clearly her). She said the contracts weren’t going to stop them. Another member, likely Dominik Dijakovic, called the WWE wrestlers whores for collecting their paychecks. 

They were interrupted by the Hurt Business who marched to the ring while Retribution escaped to ringside. MVP and Bobby Lashley threatened them. Suddenly, way more masked men appeared and attacked. Two members, likely Dijakovic and Dio Maddin, gave Lashley a double chokeslam as they went to break. 

After a break, everyone was gone. 

Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler are on commentary. Lawler couldn’t believe that Retribution were given contracts. 

Sarah Schrieber asked Rey Mysterio about Dominik getting his first chance at a title shot. Rey said he made his mark in WWE as a tag team and it was an honour that Dominik could follow in his footsteps. 

A couple of other notes about the opening segment: Mercedes Martinez was one of the other Retribution members. Also, the cameras were shaking violently even when they were just standing in the ring doing a promo. 

Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Andrade & Angel Garza defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy and Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo (5:24) 

The Street Profits joined commentary. Zelina Vega was not with Andrade and Garza. 

(Carrillo was last on Raw on August 10 when he lost to Rollins in three minutes. Two weeks before that, he lost to Murphy. More recently, he has consecutive losses to Mustafa Ali and Riddick Moss on Main Event.) 

Dominik and Carrillo each hit dives early in the match and Rollins appeared to be impressed, as were the Street Profits. The Profits said they would love to face Dominik and Carrillo. Dominik gave Andrade a Code Red but Garza broke up the cover. 

Murphy nailed Andrade with a knee strike but as he crawled to make a cover, Rollins left. Rollins said he had better things to do. 

Andrade gave Murphy a back elbow and Garza followed with a Wing Clipper for the pinfall win. Andrade and Garza face the Street Profits. Again. (Dominik and Carrillo were knocked out of the ring earlier and just never covered.) 

Between July 20 and September 7, some combination of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins fought some combination of Andrade and Angel Garza in 8 out of 9 shows. 

Retribution cut a promo backstage. Dijakovic did the talking. He said Hurt Business could have been part of the solution but were instead part of the problem because they bowed to WWE and took their money. Retribution said they would make Hurt Business pay… with retribution. (They teased that there would be a match tonight.) 

The KO Show 

Kevin Owens said it was time to move on from Captain Hot Topic (Aleister Black). He couldn’t believe it, but his guest tonight was Shane McMahon. Shane came out and they played “Shane O’Mac” chants. 

Owens and Shane acknowledged their past. Owens was going to leave it in the past because tonight he had Shane on to plug Raw Underground. Shane talked about Dabba-Kato, who beat up Owens two weeks ago. Shane invited Dabba-Kato to the ring. 

Owens knew this was going to happen which is why he willingly had Shane on as a guest. Owens didn’t forget about what Dabba-Kato did to him. Owens said he and Dabba-Kato would fight one day. Owens slapped him in the face before introducing his other guest — Braun Strowman. 

Strowman entered and faced off with Dabba-Kato but Shane got in between them. Shane said if they wanted to fight, it wouldn’t be on the KO Show, it would be on Underground. 

As Shane spoke, Aleister Black showed up, yanked Owens down and pulled him crotch-first into the ring post three times. (Black wore a covering over his eye even though it appeared to be fine last week.) 

Charly Caruso asked Drew McIntyre about Keith Lee. McIntyre understood it was all business and everyone wanted to be WWE champion or else they wouldn’t be there. He said they would laugh about it over drinks one day, and those drinks would be on him after he beats Lee tonight. 

Retribution beat up Titus O’Neil and Humberto Carrillo backstage. 

Retribution vs. Hurt Business was made official for tonight. 

Keith Lee defeated WWE Champion Drew McIntyre via DQ in a non-title match (11:44) 

Lee drove McIntyre over the top rope using a running body block. McIntyre followed soon later with a backdrop onto the announce table (which didn’t break) and they went to break. 

[Second hour] 

McIntyre briefly stopped Lee’s comeback but Lee clocked him with a forearm to the injured jaw. Lee hesitated before making the cover for two. McIntyre came back with a spinebuster for two, followed by a neckbreaker for two. Lee blocked a DDT and used a slam for two, then hit a clothesline for two. 

Lee set up for a spirit bomb but McIntyre slipped out and hit a Claymore kick. Randy Orton attacked McIntyre from behind with a steel chair for the DQ. (Yet another match Lee was about to lose.) 

Orton drove the edge of the chair into McIntyre’s jaw before punting Lee in the head. Loud booing played as Orton stood tall. 

Orton remained in the ring after a break. The crowd booing was still playing. Orton shamed the fans for doubting that he would make it to Clash of Champions. He was the one constant in WWE in the past 20 years. He has never walked away from a title shot and wasn’t about to. 

He acknowledged that Sunday’s title match wasn’t a normal one and walked over to the ambulance that was parked by the stage (as a prop). As he was being carried away in the ambulance a few weeks ago, Orton realized what everyone must have felt like after being taken out by him. 

He said ambulances meant different things to different people but to him, it represented a 14th world title. He said McIntyre’s title reign would flatline thanks to an RKO. 

Schreiber asked Asuka who was the biggest threat between Mickie James and Zelina Vega. Billie Kay interrupted and mocked her for willingly defending the title against just about anyone. She wondered if even Schreiber would get a shot. 

Peyton Royce showed up and said she should get a shot. Asuka wondered if they were still friends. Kay and Royce said they still had each others’ backs. Asuka said no one would be ready for her at COC and Royce was not ready for her tonight. 

Zelina Vega defeated Mickie James (4:12) 

There was a pre-taped James promo where she said she did not give up last week and would not give up going after the Women’s title. 

Vega applied an octopus hold but James got out of it by ramming her into the corner. James blocked a kick and they exchanged rollups. James hit a series of kicks and a flapjack followed by a Thesz press off the top for a nearfall. 

Vega blocked a DDT, yanked James into the ropes and hit a back cracker for the pinfall win. Vega wins clean and faces Asuka for the title at COC. 

The Hurt Business beat up the secondary members of Retribution backstage. MVP asked Lashley and Shelton Benjamin if they had things handled (because Cedric Alexander has a match next). Benjamin said yes. 

There was a Bianca Belair video. It was just her outworking some guy in the gym. 

There was a dumb segment with R-Truth running from a shark at the beach where maybe Akira Tozawa was eaten by the shark. 

MVP and Alexander were in the ring. MVP said Retribution would be facing them in a six-man match and they would find out why they were called the Hurt Business. He called Hurt Business the executioners. 

Alexander said he found out the hard way how dangerous they were. Alexander let Apollo Crews know that tonight wasn’t about Crews getting revenge, this was about Alexander getting his revenge. Alexander said he didn’t care about Crews or his kids, which was a random line. 

Crews and Ricochet entered. Crews didn’t care why Alexander did what he did and tonight would be a preview of Sunday when he becomes a two-time US Champion. 

Apollo Crews (w/Ricochet) defeated Cedric Alexander (w/MVP) (7:56) 

Crews used a baseball slide and they went to break less than 30 seconds into the match. Alexander was in control after the break. He used a Michinoku Driver for two. Crews came back with an enziguri, flying crossbody, Stinger splash and Samoan drop for two. 

Alexander responded with a suicide dive. Ricochet got in his face so he told Ricochet to back off. Alexander slipped back in the ring and Crews caught him in a rollup for the pinfall win. 

The Hurt Business music distracted Crews so Alexander attacked him from behind. They laid out Crews and Ricochet. Lashley put down Crews with a full nelson before leaving. 

[Third hour] 

Raw Underground 

Dolph Ziggler and Arturo Ruas had a back-and-forth fight that Ziggler won with a sleeper. 

Shane wanted to talk to Strowman but Strowman didn’t want to talk to him. Shane handed the mic to Briana Brandy who happened to be nearby and she asked a question instead. This tricked Strowman into speaking I guess. He threatened to beat everyone up and send them home with a pocket full of teeth and told Shane he should get in the ring if he wanted some. 

Seth Rollins / Mysterio family segment 

Rollins spoke about everything the Mysterio family has put him through. He went to WWE.com and noticed something that’s been bothering him about them. He showed a picture on the big screen and noted the difference between Rey and Dominik (presumably their height). 

Rollins had some people do an investigation and had the results of that investigation in an envelope. He invited the Mysterio family out to hear it for themselves. They entered the stage. Rey threatened to beat him up. 

Rollins tried to calm him down and said he respected them for standing together and overcoming adversity. Rollins said they deserved the truth. 

Rollins had the results of a DNA test. He knew this was done once before but technology has changed so much. He had the truth on whether or not Rey was Dominik’s father. 

Rollins said Rey was not the father. He laughed. Rey said they’ve been down this road before. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. 

Rollins realized he may have made a mistake when he asked the question to his investigator. Perhaps it was Aalyah who was not Rey’s daughter. 

He had more evidence. He showed a replay of Aalyah checking on Murphy’s wellbeing last week. Rollins asked her what the deal was. 

Rey told Rollins not to speak to her. Rey said they already spoke about what happened last week. He raised her to be caring and compassionate. He also noted that she was only 19 years old and didn’t know about this business. 

Aalyah seemed offended by that comment and stormed to the back. Angie followed. Rey and Dominik followed too. Dominik looked back angrily at Rollins before leaving. Rollins acted sorry. 

(Aalyah storming off after that comment felt very forced. Last week’s angle was nice and subtle. This was not.) 

Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya & Lana in a non-title match (1:00) 

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan joined commentary. They stressed being a stronger team than Jax and Baszler despite how dangerous each of them were individually. 

Baszler tapped out Lana quickly with the Kirifuda Clutch. 

The champs went after the challengers after the match. Ruby and Morgan fought Jax until Baszler backed them off. 

Jax saw Lana nearby and gave her Samoan drop through the announce table again. 

Caruso interivewed McIntyre who was icing his jaw in the trainer's room. He said he was going to beat the piss out of Orton on Sunday and was ready to pick a fight tonight. He marched off. (Was he sitting there for the past hour?) 

In the back, Aalyah told Rey that she can speak for herself. Rey was trying to protect her from Rollins. She said she only came to Raw to support Dominik and Rollins has hurt both of them. (She seemed to indicate that he was his fault.) She worried about what Rollins was capable of doing to her or her mom. She left. 

Raw Underground 

Riddick Moss knocked out Erik with a right hand. 

Shane asked Brandy to ask Dabba-Kato a question. She seemed too intimidated by him to do so. Shane asked a question instead. He said Strowman would find out what he was capable of and told Shane to get out of his face. (Dabba-Kato came off well here.) 

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) via DQ in a non-title match (2:22) 

Royce got a few nearfalls. Asuka gave her a roundhouse kick and tried applying the Asuka Lock (I think) but Vega attacked for the DQ. Asuka tried to go after Vega but she bailed. A bad segment. 

Murphy approached Aalyah in the back. She was startled upon seeing him. He sat down next to her and said the stuff with Rollins has gotten out of hand and apologized for anything he might have done to hurt her. 

Raw Underground - Braun Strowman defeated Dabba-Kato 

This went about 90 seconds. Strowman knocked down Dabba-Kato with a right hand, mounted him and hit a few strikes before the referee stopped it. I don’t know what I was expecting but this wasn’t much of a fight. 

I suppose it should be noted that they’re now calling it “Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground” and “Raw Underground with Shane McMahon.” 

6-man tag match: Hurt Business (w/MVP) defeated Retribution via DQ (6:21) 

Each team entered before a break and the match started after the break, which means the chaotic Retribution kindly waited for the commercials. The women members of Retribution were not at ringside. 

The male members of Retribution are named T-Bar (Dijakovic), Mace (Maddin) and Slapjack (Shane Thorne I guess). WWE is stylizing the names in all-caps, but I will not be doing that. 

They added cheering when Hurt Business was on offense. 

The match ended by disqualification when T-Bar (or Mace), who wasn’t the legal man, punched Lashley. Yup. 

The secondary members of Retribution swarmed and attacked Hurt Business. 

McIntyre’s music hit and he sprinted out with the Raw roster to join the brawl. 

McIntyre was somehow the only man in the ring when Orton slipped in and gave him an RKO. 

Raw was awful.